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Episode 12



Tobi ran out of the house faster than the speed of light. Abena had insisted to follow him, and since he was in a hurry, he had no time to argue with her.


There was only one person on his mind, his best friend.



Abena walked into the car as quickly as she could, wearing a pair of shorts, an oversized shirt and flip flops. She fastened her seatbelt and frowned at Tobi when he began driving without strapping his seatbelt on. “Tobi. Your seatbelt.” She said cautiously. He ignored her, fire burning in his eyes, as he gripped on the steering and continued to drive, passing a red light.


“I know you’re upset, but can you please


fasten your seatbelt.” She said again.


“Can you please, shut the hell up.” He






“I have no time for seatbelts right now Abena. If you’re going to keep talking, I’m not going to hesitate to drop you right here, by the side of the road.” He spat out, anger and fear flowing with each word.


“I understand that you’re upset, but if we have an accident right now, with your reckless driving, you would probably suffer the most, because you have no seatbelt on, and if you don’t care about me or yourself, can you at least care about your baby!” She shouted and he abruptly stopped the car. Regret visible in his eyes, he strapped his seatbelt slowly, ignoring the insults and glares he got from other drivers.


He started the car again, driving more


carefully. Fast, but carefully.


Abena’s breath became even and she stared out of the window, because she couldn’t bear to stare at him



“I’m sorry. I just-. Joseph is like-.” He


attempted to say something but his voice


broke and his eyes flickered towards her


and back to the road.


“You don’t have to tell me anything. Just drive. Let’s go see how he’s doing.” She reassured him, touching his hand lightly. He visibly relaxed and she smiled.


They drove in near silence, while Tobi struggled to fight back the tears that threatened to fall, while Abena reassured him continually that everything would be alright, although she had no idea if it would be.


She knew however, that she understood his pain.


The fear of losing someone you love.


Especially when it was unexpected.



Abena followed Tobi into the hospital, as


fast as she could. She pushed back the


memories she had of such a place,


reminding her self that she was there for


Tobi, not to reminisce on her unattractive




She slump wearily on one of the uncomfortable chairs in the waiting area, trying to ignore her stomachs request for food. It would be odd for her to ask for food while he was worried about his best friend.



Tobi walked to Dera and immediately she saw him, she started crying again.


He engulfed her into a hug, assuring her that it was going to be okay, when he wasn’t even sure.


“Where are the children?” He whispered as though they were sharing a secret.


“With Joseph’s mum. I couldn’t bring them, I just couldn’t.” Her voice broke and she started to cry again.


They waited for what seemed like hours. Abena dozing on the chair, Tobi pacing like a madman, not noticing that Abena’s sleeping position was likely to give her a back ache; and Dera, occasionally calling her mother-in-law to make sure her children were doing fine.


After a while, the doctor came out, with a calm expression on his face that already comforted Tobi.


“How are you related to the patient?” He


asked cautiously.


“I’m his wife.” Dera said quickly.


“Best friend.” Tobi added.


Abena’s eyes fluttered open at the sound of the doctor’s voice. She strained her voice to hear what he had to say, ignoring the pain in her back.

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“Well he’s very lucky, he didn’t hit his head



during impact, its his leg that I’m most worried about. We have operated on his leg, and from what I see, he would walk again. After six months of healing and therapy, he would be fine.” The doctor said and Dera breathed a sign of relief.


“Well can we go see him?” Tobi asked with a smile.


“Yes. Family members only.” The doctor


said before walking past them.


Tobi followed Dera, completely forgetting Abena who sat painfully on the totally uncomfortable chair.


They rushed towards Joseph who was sleeping. His leg was hoisted up and there was a cast around it. On hearing them come in, he woke up and stared at them, confusion visible in his expression.


“Who are you guys?” He asked slowly.


Dera and Tobi looked at each other with




“I thought the doctor said he didn’t hit his head?” Dera said in a panicky voice. “I’ll go get him.” Tobi said and rushed


towards the door.


Joseph burst out laughing, much to their surprise. “You should have seen your faces. Oh my God!” He said, still laughing. Dera’s mouth hung open and she slapped him across the cheek twice. He stopped laughing immediately but still had a small smile tugging at his lips. She pulled him into a hug, while sobbing and he patted her




“I’m okay love. I’m fine.” He said.


“Of course yes you are. If you died, I would have resurrected you myself.” She said still crying.


“You scared the life out of me man!” Tobi said giving him a friendly slap on the shoulder.


“Don’t hit a sick man!” He said, feigning




“Dera just slapped you, twice.” Tobi pointed out.


“Abeg, she’s my wife. It’s allowed.” Joseph smiled and Dera planted a kiss on his lips. “Another reason why I can’t get married.” Tobi joked.


“Oh! You left Abena at home?” Joseph




“Oh my God. She came. I totally forgot her in the waiting area.” He panicked.


“Who’s Abena?” Dera asked. “Isn’t that your baby mama?”


Tobi shot Joseph a look. “I can’t keep stuff from her. That’s not the problem right now. You left her on those deadly chairs. She’s probably aching all over.”


“I’ll be right back.” He said hurrying out of the room.



“Does he like her?” He heard Dera ask




“No!” He shouted and made his way to the waiting area, ignoring the looks he got from the nurses.


Abena had fallen asleep on the chair, her neck was placed in the worst way, and she shifted uncomfortably.


“Abena?” He tapped her shoulder gently. “Huh?” She woke up and sat up. Rubbing her eyes, she asked. “Is it time to leave?”














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