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Episode 3






She just hoped she would get the job after all the trouble she went through just to get to Mr. Ademi’s office.


She was still nervous about seeing him again. She had to admit, he was very attractive. She had no idea who he was and she was very rude, but still, he offered her a job; so he was nice too. She shook her head trying to get rid of her thoughts. Who cared if he was handsome or nice? She just needed the job. She had a bill to pay.


She walked up to the reception where a man was sitting there clicking away on


a laptop. She mustered enough courage and walked up to him with a polite smile.


“I’m here to see Mr. Ademi.” She said with a strained smile. He looked at her with


suspicion. He gave her a curt nod and asked, “Do you have an appointment?”


“He gave me his card?” She said unsure and then placed her purse on the table. She


started rummaging through it, obviously frustrated and the man rolled his eyes at


her. After bringing out her lip gloss, phone, a gum wrapper, her C.V, and some


scraps of paper, she brought out the rumpled card.


“Here it is.” She smiled triumphantly and he grunted in response while eyeing the card.


“31st floor. Meet his secretary.” He grunted rudely and looked back at his laptop without waiting for her reply.


She looked at him in surprise. Weren’t receptionists supposed to be friendly? He obviously hated his job.


Ignoring his attitude, she walked towards the elevators. She passed the one that read, ‘Private’, and went to the other one. When she got to the 31st floor, she assessed her surroundings.


The secretary’s desk was by the window blinds and a comfy couch was opposite her. There was a chandelier in the middle and the room had a homely look. He obviously didn’t bother with extravagant designs.


She walked up to the secretary, with a polite smile. If she could get past the rude receptionist, she could get past the woman.



Besides she looked nice enough. She was a robust woman who looked like she was in her late thirties. She had a pair of glasses on, and her hair was braided and pulled into a bun.


She looked up at Abena as she saw her walk in. With a raised eyebrow, she asked,


“Do you have an appointment?” Abena drew in a breath.


“Not exactly, but Mr. Ademi gave me his card, said I should come on Monday morning for a job interview.” She explained sheepishly. “Your name?” The woman asked with a straight face.


“Abena Omotosho… ma’am.” She said trying not to show that she was intimidated.


“He didn’t mention anything like that.” The woman said narrowing her eyes at Abena suspiciously.


“He didn’t even ask for my name.” She gave a forced laugh.


“So…” The woman looked up from her laptop.


“Please, I really need this interview. It’s very important. He said he’ll see me.” Abena pleaded and the woman’s expression softened.


“Okay. I’ll send you in when he’s finally free. But that’ll take a very long time.” The woman warned.


“No problem. Thanks. I’ll wait.” Abena let out a breath she didn’t know she was holding. She slumped wearily on the couch and before she knew it, she fell asleep. “Miss, Miss, Mr. Ademi would see you now.”


Abena opened her eyes and blinked.


Suddenly she remembered that she slept off while waiting for him. She rubbed her eyes and nodded at the secretary. She checked the time, 2pm! How long did she wait for this appointment?


As she straightened her clothes and hair, she reminded herself that the wait was worth it because she would get a well paying job.


She strode into the office with the little confidence left in her. “Good morn-afternoon sir.” She smiled politely and he gestured for her to sit down.


His office was huge. The room had a cool look. His table was in the middle with two chairs in front of it and his own chair at the other side. She saw the door to the bathroom at one side, and a kitchen at the other side. The blinds were closed and the air from the A.C hit her unexpectedly.Recommend you to download Topster Stories App for Exclusive Access To Erotic and Romantic stories


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She sat down opposite him and handed him her C.V. He gave it a cursory look before looking at her. “Abena? That’s-”


“Ghanian.” She cut in confidently. He nodded before looking back at the C.V.


“You finished university on part time?” He asked.


“Yes. I had to.” She shifted uncomfortably in her seat and rubbed her sweaty palms against her trousers.


He dropped the C.V on the table and stood up. He sat down on the table just in front of her.


“How old are you?” He asked.


“22.” She replied with confusion. Wasn’t that included in her C.V, and why was he


seating so close to her? She was already nervous and he was making it worse.


“You look 19.” He muttered.


“What?” She asked looking up at him.


“I said you don’t look a day over 20.” He quickly said.


“Oh.” She looked down.


“How’s your health?” He asked. “Good. I haven’t gotten sick in the past six months.” She replied.


“Miss. Omotosho, or Abena, can I call you Abena?” He started and she gestured for him to continue. “The job I have for you isn’t at the office.” He finished.


“If it’s at home, I don’t mind. I can clean, cook, I’m very neat and organized-” He held up a hand to stop her. “I don’t need a cook or cleaner. I already have



“Then what type of job is it?” She asked curiously.


“Don’t overreact. Just hear me out.” He said cautiously and she replied with a nod. “See, I want you to get pregnant for me.” He stated. Her jaw dropped and she stared at him in disbelief.


“What do you take me for? A w—e? I’m not going to sleep with you for money?” She exclaimed but he still looked calm and collected.


“I didn’t ask you to sleep with me. Trust me, I don’t ask women to sleep with me, they offer. I dont want you to sleep with me.” He said eyeing her with disapproval.


She suddenly felt self conscious but refused to make it obvious. “Why? I’m not pretty enough?” She spat out obviously offended.


“You are. That’s why I chose you, I want my daughter to be like you… but more sophisticated. You’re not the type of woman I would sleep with.” He shrugged ignoring the glare she shot him.


“Back to what I was saying, I’m asking you to get pregnant for me. Have my baby for 40 million naira.”


“40 million?” Her jaw dropped.


“Yes. It’s very reasonable, isn’t it?” He smirked.



She realised the kind of offer he was giving her and came back to reality. After all the trouble she went through just to get to him, and then he asks her to get pregnant for him! What did he take her for? A baby producing machine?


Burning with anger, she stood up and her palm cracked against his cheek. He


stared at her in surprise, but she ignored him while muttering some Yoruba


profanities before slamming the door.






The question now is, what will be Abena’s next move ?


What do you think ?

















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