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Episode 20


“Calm down jare. I own the hospital,


remember?” He boasted cockily.


“How can I ever forget? You never fail to remind me every time something like this comes up.” She said, with a hint of sarcasm.



“Anyway.” He rolled his eyes at her and continued. “We moved it to one p.m. So get ready and come and have breakfast. I got the cook to come in and make us akara and ogi. I’ll be waiting.” He said before standing up and walking out of her room.



Abena walked down the stairs, her stomach grumbling at the sight of the akara. She could smell the aroma from her room.


“Are you ogling me or the food?” Tobi said, breaking her thoughts.


Both, she wanted to say, but instead, she


rolled her eyes and walked towards the


table, stuffing her mouth with one.


“Good to know you observe table manners.”


Tobi said sarcastically, his nose scrunched in irritation.


“Whatever.” She said while eating another one and then she added sugar and milk to her ogi. She sat down and continued eating. “What happened to you this morning?” He asked.


Abena’s mind went to the dream she had, and the butterflies returned. Trying not to appear nervous, she lifted an eyebrow at him with the best poker face she could manage. “What are you talking about?” “You woke up late. You never wake up late.”


He pointed out, obviously oblivious to her nervousness.



“Oh.” Memories of last night flooded her mind. The sounds they made in the other room. She had cried until she couldn’t cry anymore, then she slept off, hugging her pillow and whimpering.


“You were too loud.” She snapped, suddenly angry at him, and that lucky model he brought home the previous night.


“Who?” He gave an amused smirk, he obviously knew what she was referring to. “You and that bimbo of yours. You guys were too loud.” She looked down at her food, trying to control the anger that burned in her.


Why was she angry anyway? They weren’t together, he didn’t mean anything to her. At least that was what she told herself. “Sorry. I should have taken it to another room far from yours.” He said, his expression softening a little.


“You think? I mean, this house is huge. And you own hotels everywhere. Why did you have to do it right beside my room?” She said, raising her voice.


“I apologized, gosh. Besides, it’s my house. I’ll do what I want to do with it. If I want to throw a d–n party, then I’ll do it.” He snapped, his patience quickly running thin. “Well then let me leave somewhere else. You control a large part of real estate. Get me another place. I never said I wanted to live with you.” She complained.



“Abena. I’m not letting you out of my sight.” He said.


“Why?” She screamed. “You could hardly stand me, yet now you won’t let me go anywhere else. Why? So you could keep me awake while you bring girls over and f–k them loud, not bothering about the fact that I’m in the room beside you.”


He winced at her words and decided to choose his words carefully. She was already so angry, although that didn’t stop her from angrily chomping on the akara.


“I’m just trying to look out for you. I don’t want anything to happen to you.” He said slowly.


“No. You don’t want anything to happen to your baby.” She hissed, her tone was ice cold.


“Well the baby is part of you, isn’t it? So looking out for you is the same thing as looking out for my baby.” He said softly. His words felt like a blow to her heart. She always knew that every iota of care he showered on her was because of the baby, but a small part of her hoped he cared about her too.


“Whatever. Take your s£x life far away from me, or else next time, I would walk in and totally embarrass you. Maybe act like your wife or something.” She threatened, although he could hear a hint of humor in her tone.



“Hm. So you’re jealous ehn? Thats why you now vexed like that. You want to be the one in that room.” He teased, smirking confidently at her.


Her heartbeat increased, hammering against


her chest and she suddenly had to leave the


room. If she didn’t leave, she had a feeling


she might just grab him and start kissing the


life out of him.


Stupid hormones.


She let out a nervous laugh and rolled her




“In your wildest dreams.”


She stood up and took her plate to the sink, washing it so she could start going to the hospital.


She felt him come beside her, and


dangerously close too. “What are you


doing?” She asked in a shaky voice.


He was standing behind her, his hands on the sink at both sides of her body. His lips were right in front of her ear.


“I heard you, when you were sleeping. You whispered my name.” …




After her doctors appointment, Abena couldn’t get Tobi’s words out of her head. She would have to start locking her room door.


She decided to get a job to do. Something


simple that would take her mind off Tobi


and all the feelings that was annoyingly


developing in her.


She walked down a a street for a while,


trying to clear her head while walking


towards the taxi park.


That was when she saw the vacancy in front of a large building. It was a modelling Agency. She looked down at her big belly and laughed to herself. She decided to walk in front of it and see. Then she saw the sign clearly.


They needed a pregnant woman!


With a broad smile on her face, she walked into the building, happy for the first time about her pregnancy.



“You know, every time you come to visit me, you always start talking about Abena. As entertaining as the stories are…” Joseph started with a laugh. “I’m beginning to think the invisible Tobi Ademi is falling.”


“Why do always do this thing? I talk to you about something and then you’ll start saying


rubbish about what me liking her. Did I tell you I like her. Abeg, free me.” Tobi said, annoyed at his friend.


Joseph was sitting down on his hospital bed, his injured leg was propped on a cushion, and he was eating Maltesers that Tobi snuck in for him.


Dera had forbade chocolates. Said it wasn’t good for his ‘age.’


“I’m just saying. You always talk about her. And you give her ‘the look’.” Joseph teased.


“Which look?” Tobi glared at him.


“You know, ‘the look’.”



“You think this is one American movie shay. That’s why you’re saying rubbish.” Tobi huffed out with made Joseph laugh harder.


“But seriously. You had s£x with Aisha while Abena was in the next room?” Joseph asked.


Tobi nodded. “I wasn’t thinking.”













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