Sat. May 11th, 2024

Episode 9

Written by divine purpose


I stood still watching those two men drag Arianna in a car

They are kidnappers

I watched as she kicked the both of them and ran away

They were about to run after her when I stopped them by blocking their way

“out of our way kid ” one said and I smiled

” are you guys trying to kidnap a high scholar ” I said

Well I was actually buying their time so that Arianna would have gone so far

” should we kidnap you instead? By the way what is a high scholar doing outside by this time? ” the second one asked

” let’s settle this, how much do you need? ” I asked and they looked at each other

” how much can a kid like you offer us? ”

I removed the 200,000 thousands dollars i earned from my part time job and handed it over it to them

” that’s all I have, if you are in need of money so much then work part time like me ” I grinned and patted them be4 walking away

I always end up my money for that girl

My phone started ringing and it was a video call from Tracy


Why Is she calling this time?

It’s already 2:15 Am

I shouldn’t let her know I’m not at home

I stood in front of the wall of a house close to me and picked up the video call

“hi Tracy ” I smiled

” why haven’t you been picking my calls? Are you at home? ”

” I didn’t know you have been calling, I’m at home ” I lied

” what’s that poster behind you? Are you a fan of Lady Gaga? ” she asked then I looked behind me and saw a poster of Lady Gaga

I should have looked be4 staying here

” yep, I’m a fan, you know….. I love her music ” I lied

Lady Gaga is the least singer i ever want to know

” by the way, why are you calling so late at night? ” I asked

” I couldn’t sleep, that’s why ” she said

” I have to go now, see you tomorrow ” I said

” OK, but next time when you want to lie, stop making it so obvious ” she said and I scratch my head

” you caught me? I’m actually coming from the restaurant i work ”

” really? At this time? How much were you given? ”

” let’s talk next time, I need to go home now ” I hanged up

The next day, I was on my way to the hospital when my classroom teacher came

” Kyle, you can come back to school now ” she said

” ugh? I was given three weeks suspension ”

” don’t worry about that and come back ” she left be4 I could utter another word


I sat in the class when the girl sitting behind me told me Kyle was back

I ran out and saw him in front of his locker

” Tracy ” he smiled as hugged me

” thanks for saving me again ” he said

” saving you? ”

I don’t know what he is talking about

” yes, you spoke to the teachers on my behalf ” he said as he disengaged the hug

” I did? ” I pointed to myself

” thanks ” he smiled

I walked back to class and went to Arianna

” I’m sick and tired of your little mind games ” I said

” my little mind games?” she asked

“are you trying to make fun of Kyle by telling the teachers to punish and release him? Arianna, I won’t allow you to mess with Kyle so get that to your skull” I said and walked out of the class


“are you crazy? Why did you cancel Kyle’s suspension ” Eliza yelled as she light her cigarette

” I don’t know too ” I sighed

” you better come to your senses, you are annoying ” Bianca said and walked away angrily

The bell rang and it was time for P. E

I opened my locker and was taking my gym cloth when I overheard Justin and Kyle conversation

Justin is our class president

He is smart too

He and Kyle are the best students in our class and one of the best in the school

“Kyle, I like Tracy ” Justin said and the look on Kyle’s face that moment was scary

” how is that my business? ” he asked

” you two seems so close, you can help me convince her ” Justin said and left

We will see what the jerk, Kyle will do


Tracy and I walked to the rooftop and sat there

” Tracy, I have something to tell you ” I said and she looked at me

” I have something to tell you too ” she said

” what? ”

” I like you ”



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