Sat. May 11th, 2024

Episode 11

Written by divine purpose


I sat on my bed and placed my pillow on my laps

I have lung cancer?

Was it because I smoke?

Then wat of Bianca and Eliza, why are they okay?

My dad dashed into my room with anger

“Arianna, explain to me right now, do you smoke? ” he asked and I looked at him without saying a word

” I asked you a question” he yelled at me

“I do, And so what? ” I asked and he glared with shock

” you witch, I cherished you more than your siblings, I gave you everything you wanted” he yelled

“did i ever ask you to do it? ” I yelled back

” what? ”

” did i told you to cherish me more than my siblings? Did I told you to give me everything I wanted? ” I asked as tears gathered in my eyes

” right now, all I have in my mind is how to treat this lung cancer ” I said and stood up from the bed

My dad just stood starring at me

” you ungrateful child ” he finally said

” no, dad you are the ungrateful one here, you are trying to make Tracy dad surrender all his property to you even after he gave you one of his company ” I yelled and he covered my mouth

” what if someone hears you ” he said and I jerked his hands away

” I don’t care if anyone hears” I walked out of my room


I was on my way to the rooftop when I saw an handkerchief stained with blood on the floor

“what is this? ” I asked myself as I picked it up

Arianna appeared from no where and jerked it away from me

” are you the owner? ” I asked out of curiosity

” no its not, mind your business and go on your way ” she said and left

That doesn’t sound like Arianna

Is she sick?


It’s non of my business

” Kyle ” Tracy ran to me and held my hand

” let’s go and eat ” she said and we both walked to the cafeteria

I saw a wristwatch in her hand

It look exactly like the one Justin had on

” Tracy, where do you get that wristwatch? ” I asked and she smiled

” Justin gave it to me ”

” what? ” I yelled and all eyes were on me

” Justin did what? Wow, that guy is really trying so hard ” I smirked as i removed the wristwatch from her hand

” Kyle, are you ok? ” Tracy asked

” of course, put on my wristwatch instead, I don’t want to see any other guy property with you ” I said and she giggled

” wow, my boyfriend is so cute when he is jealous ” she said and held my cheek

” I’m not jealous ”

Justin came with his food

” can i sit with you guys” he said and Tracy nod

I’m totally against it

“thanks ” he said and sat beside Tracy

” Justin, sit beside me ” I said and he shrugged

” I’m ok this way ” he said and I shot him a deadly look

” Tracy, you are not putting on the wristwatch? ” he asked and Tracy looked at me

” what a jerk ” I scoffed

” me? ” Justin pointed to himself

Of course it’s you

Which other jerk do we have here

” no, a jerk just sat there ” I said and pointed to some seniors

” well, Tracy, I don’t know if you will be busy by weekend? ” Justin said shyly

” Tracy will be busy ” I said and they both looked at me

” Justin, have you forgotten we are both coming to school throughout the weekend, we are going to prepare for the competition ” I said and he scratched his hair

” I guess I won’t see you by weekend, how about after school today? ” he asked

” after school? I…” I cut in be4 Tracy could complete her statement

“she will have to go to the Academy ”


I sat in the edge of the swimming pool and starred at the water as other students got ready for class

We will be having swimming class

I don’t know how to swim so when other students are swimming, I just sit and watch

” Arianna, are you ok? Your face looks so pale? ” Bianca asked and I faked a smile

” wanna go to club after school? ” Eliza asked as I shook my head and stood up

But then, I twisted my leg


I found myself in the pool

I can’t swim

” oh my goodness, Arianna is drowning ” a student said

” help ”

” what should we do? ” Eliza asked

” I don’t know, I just curled my hair this morning ” Bianca said

I closed my eyes when I noticed i was already down the pool

The next thing I noticed was a hand wrapped around my waist

I opened my eyes and was shocked to see the person i wasn’t expecting to save me

” Kyle! ”


Kyle is so nice


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