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Episode 7


Written by divine purpose





“you don’t care? ” I asked to be sure if I heard the right thing she said


yes, I don’t, anyways no one is leaving this school until I order them to open the gates” she smirked


“Kyle ” Tracy called as she ran to us


beautiful girl, you can see I’m speaking with Kyle, why don’t you get lost ” she said to Tracy


my dad is here to pick me, Kyle, let’s go, I will drop you off ” Tracy said and held my hand


that’s not possible, I ordered them to close the school gates ” Arianna said and Tracy smiled


didn’t you bully the security man? Well, I bribed him with a lot of money ” Tracy giggled and Arianna glared at her



” who do you think you are” she said angrily


“of course, I’m a nobody like you but don’t forget your father works for my father ” Tracy said and we both ran outside


What does she mean by that


Tracy ” I called as we stopped running


what do you mean by Arianna’s father works for your father? ” I asked


well…. My dad is the owner of Arianna’s dad company ” she said and I gasped


what? ”


well she bullied me not to tell anyone ” Tracy said as she held my hand again


let’s go ”




I ran home and saw my mom laying on the couch and my dad beside her


Kyle what took you so long? ” my dad asked


what happened to mom? ” I asked as i knelt beside her


I don’t know ”


we have to take her to the hospital ” I said and piggyback my mom


what if we can’t afford the bill ” my dad said


we should at least take her to the hospital, I will look for the money by all means


I said





Eliza, Bianca and I went to a club and ordered a lot of alcohol


Arianna, what are you going to do about Kyle?” Eliza asked as she light a cigarette



Bianca also did the same


“when did you guys smoking? ” I asked as they opened the alcohol and poured it in a cup


smoking is so fun ” Bianca giggled


really? ” I asked and they nod


but I don’t know how to smoke ” I said and Eliza gave me one cigarette


do it like I’m doing mine ” she said and I copied her








what are you going to do about Kyle? ” Bianca asked


you guys should wait till tomorrow ” I grinned evily


















Kyle ” I called when I saw him standing in the hospital corridor


Tracy? ” he called with surprise


Kyle, I was worried about you ” I said as i hugged him


I’m ok ” he said as he disengaged the hug but it’s seems like he has been crying



are you OK? ” I asked


well, my mom is said to be suffering from malnutrition and the doctor said since we brought her to the hospital so late, she will have to undergo some treatment ” he said as he wiped his tears


he requested for 400, 000 dollats” he added


“don’t worry, I will settle the bill” I said and hugged him again






The next day, on my way to the cafeteria, I was called to the teachers room by a senior


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“Kyle, your punishment for cheating as been discussed ” the teacher said and I sighed


you will be suspended” he said and my eyes widened “suspended? ”







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