Wed. May 29th, 2024



Episode 6


Written by divine purpose





“what? ” she asked with surprise


I said this is the reason why i hate you ” I repeated and I could see her glaring at me


you are proud and arrogant because your father is rich, you bully people because you think you av the whole world in your hands” I yelled at her


“shut up ” she yelled back


you never smiled or laugh, all we can see on your face is an evil smile, from now on….. I’m no more the Kyle you think I am ” I said and helped Tracy stand on her feet


if you ever lay your hands on Tracy, I will make you regret it ” I said and kicked her out of the way with my shoulder


are you ok? ” I asked Tracy as i gave her a towel to dry herself


“I’m ok, the beating didn’t last long” she said as she dried herself with the towel


“thanks Kyle, you saved me ” she said and smiled


Her smile is so angelic that I lost it for a while


I will get going now, I have to go for my part time job ” I said and carried my school bag






” Gosh, I’m going crazy” I yelled as i scattered my hair


“Arianna, why didn’t you do anything about it, he disgraced us in front of the whole school ” Bianca said and I clenched my fist


” Kyle, you keep messing with me, this time i won’t forgive you” I smirked



“why are you getting mad here? You couldn’t even say a single word when you were in the rain ” Eliza scoffed


this time, I will make life miserable for you jerk ” I threw a stone and it met the car of a teacher making the windscreen to break


We ran away


The next day i was on my way to class when i met Kyle on the way and I stopped him


move out of my way ” he said and I grinned


why don’t you move instead ” I said and move closer to him with a glare He glared back


He really changed just like he said


The Kyle of be4 will be shivering when I glare at him


He used one hand to push me to one side and I fell


Has Kyle been so strong?





After class i was trying to do my assignment when my phone started ringing and it was a call from my dad


So strange


He never called when I’m in school


“Kyle, I don’t know what is wrong with your mom but can you come home now ” he said panting heavily


I hanged up and carry my backpack but Arianna and her friends stopped me


“get out of my way” I yelled and they started laughing


“I ordered the school to be closed up so you can’t go anywhere ” Arianna smirked


you bitch, my mom is in a critical condition ” I yelled


well, I don’t care ”


what? ”




this Arianna is so wicked



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