Sat. May 11th, 2024



Episode 4


Written by divine purpose





The next day i went to school and sat on Kyle seat


He is a dead meat


You can’t dare me and get away with it


I told some kids to dumb garbage in his locker


He is so dead today


Well after some minutes of waiting, he entered the class


He was shocked to see me sitting on his seat


“this is my seat ” he said and I burst into laughter ” so? I can sit anywhere i like ” I giggled



I jerked the milk of a girl beside me and spilled it on his clothes


you bastard, all because of you, I and my friends got beaten up and told to wash plates ” I yelled and everyone gasped


how is it my fault? ” he asked




I can’t believe he has some nerves to ask me that question


where did you go yesterday? ” I asked


I was not feeling well so I went home ” he said but it’s so obvious he is lieing


you jerk… ” I lifted my hands to hit him but the teacher entered


let’s meet in the rooftop after class ” I said and went to my seat





What did I do wrong??


I had no money with me yesterday


Yet they expect me to pay for their food


During lunch time, I sat in the rooftop reading my books when Tracy came and sat beside me


are you alright? ” she asked and I nod


Arianna is really going too far, but why aren’t you doing anything? ” she asked


I starred at her for a while be4 speaking up


I’m on a scholarship through her father’s company ” I said


is that why she is treating you that way? Rich people kids are the worst ” she hissed


I’m ok, I can hold it till we graduate “I said


we are just in first year, how can you hold it back till we graduate” she sighed



Suddenly the three witches appeared from nowhere


“Kyle, I told you to meet me in the rooftop but you actually came to chat with your friend ” she smirked


I almost forgot about her


why did you want me here ” I asked and she moved closer to me


Tracy get lost ” she yelled and Tracy left


we are having our test tomorrow, I don’t want to study so help me cheat ” she said and I gasped


ch…ea..t? ” I stammered


yes ”


I don’t want to cheat, why should I do that ” I yelled






you don’t want to? ” Eliza said and handed a scissors to Arianna She tore my uniform with the scissors


Tears gathered in my eyes This is the only pair i have

you will be more ridiculed if you don’t do as i say ” she grinned evily


since you are a smart guy you should know what the question should be, find somewhere good and copy the answers out ” she smiled


we will be expecting you tomorrow ” Bianca said and they walked away Tracy



I was taking my gym cloth from my locker when I saw Kyle going to class His shirt was torn and I could see he was crying


I ran to him


Kyle, are you ok? ” I asked and he wiped his tears


I’m ok ” he said


why is your cloth like this? ” I asked him


But he didn’t say anything


I guess Arianna did this


” I will get you a new shirt ” I said and dragged him to the boutique





The next day, they dragged me to a silent place and I gave them the paper where I wrote the answers


it yours now, it has nothing to do with me ” I said and walked back to class The test started


Suddenly a paper flew beside me


I didn’t notice at first not until the teacher picked it up


who dare cheat in my class? ”


Kyle did ” Arianna said


me? ”








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