Sat. May 11th, 2024


Episode 5


Written by divine purpose






I was so shocked to death when she mentioned my name


“Kyle, follow me” the teacher yelled and took me to the teachers room


“Kyle, how dare you try to cheat in my class, I can’t believe a smart guy like you will actually do that ” the teacher said angrily and other teachers surrounded us


I didn’t cheat, it wasn’t me ” I tried defending my self but no one was willing to listen to me


“how dare you lie, it has all the proof, this is your handwriting and the paper was found beside you” the teacher said and hit me with his cane


“Kyle, what you did is so bad, be ready to face the consequences ” another teacher said


I didn’t cheat ” I repeated and this time got slapped


you are to be arrested for cheating ” another teacher yelled


I sighed as i walked out


The news had spread so kids were whispering to themselves anywhere i go


I walked to the rooftop and sat there


Well the place is always silent


oh, Kyle, are you ok? ” Arianna and her friends mocked me


did you followed me ” I asked


yes we did, we wanted to see tears roll down kyle’s eyes ” Arianna giggled


I will leave this place for you guys ” I stood up and was about to go but they pushed me back


where do you think you are going, you jerk ” Eliza kicked me


I think I’ve had enough from you guys, all thanks to you the whole school thinks I’m a criminal ” I glared at them


you son of a bitch ” Arianna punched me In the face


how dare you talk back at us ” she yelled and I stood up


enough! I don’t want to get bullied by you guys again ” I dusted my clothes and left the rooftop


I walked to the basketball field and sat there


what are you doing here ” Tracy asked as she sat beside me


nothing, I came here to relax ” I said and she sighed


I know it wasn’t you who cheated ” she said and I looked at her


I knew it was Arianna but why are you not saying the truth to the teachers?” she asked with great concern


“I don’t have any proof, my handwritings are on the paper ” I said


Kyle, I understand how you feel, I understand your situation right now but…. ” I placed my index finger on her mouth


We starred at each other for a while be4 I removed my finger


“don’t worry about me, no one cares about a low born like me so in no time everything will be over” I smiled



“you are not a low born Kyle, to me you are….. ” she didn’t complete her statement


when her phone started ringing


” I have to go, my dad is here to pick me up ” she waved at me before leaving





The next day……


I’m still praising myself for what I did


He messed with me first


But now he is getting more bold to talk back when I’m talking


I’ve to deal with him



But how


I saw Tracy on her way to the basketball field



Good idea


I ran to her and tapped her on the shoulder “why are you here? ” she asked and I smirked


follow me ” I dragged her outside to an open place where everyone can see us


let go of me ” she said trying to release herself


I will make sure Kyle regret what he did a thousand times


I dragged her outside and threw her away as she fell down and groaned in pain


I took my phone and dialed Kyle’s number


He didn’t pick it up


Then I left a message



‘come outside or your lovely friend get beaten up ‘ Eliza and Bianca joined me with broom and mop We started beating Tracy and laughing


“what do you think you are doing ” Kyle appeared from nowhere and pushed the three of us making us to fall


wow ” the students chorused and started taking pictures and videos


are you OK? ” he asked Tracy and turned to us


have you guys gone crazy ” he said and every one gasped


No one ever said that to us


It started to rain all of a sudden


Bianca and Eliza ran for a shade leaving me, Kyle and Tracy in the rain


Arianna, I think you are crossing the line ” he said and I smirked


crossing which line? ” I asked and he move closer to me


this is why I hate you ” he said and everyone gasped again




who loves Kyle new attitude




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