Sat. May 11th, 2024



Episode 8


Written by divine purpose





I held back my tears as i walked out of the teachers room and headed to the class


I was given a three weeks suspension


I knew it was Arianna’s handiwork


Cos when I got to class she was looking at me with that smirk on her face


I took my backpack and took all my books and gym cloth that was in my locker


“Kyle ” Tracy ran to me


I heard you were given three weeks suspension? ” she asked and I nod


I’m ok, it’s only three weeks suspension ” I said trying to hold back my tears Actually I’m not okay


I wish I could just strangle that girl called Arianna


let me apologize to the teachers, they may listen to me ” Tracy said


no, I’m really ok, apologizing on my behalf may lead to another problem ” I said as i put my gym cloth in my bag


Kyle, you can’t…… ” her voice trailed away as she blinked back her tears


I will be ok ”






I walked up to Arianna angrily in the class


are you behind it? ” I asked and she arched her brow


behind what? ” she said innocently


you told the principal to suspend Kyle, didn’t you? ” I said and she and her friends burst into laughter as they gave each other high five


yes, I did, so what? ” she smiled


is this fun to you” I yelled and everyone turned their attentions to us


“yep, it’s very fun, seeing tears roll down people’s eyes is my hobby ” she scoffed


I bet, a day is coming when you will shed a lot of tears ” I said angrily


I’m going to expose everything ” I said and she smirked


follow me ” she stood up and walk out of the class and I followed her She took a mop and hit it on my head


you want to reveal it to the school that my father works for your dad? Go on” she moved her mouth to my ear


“and I will tell everyone your mom is a concubine ” when she said that, I became dumbfounded


She’s right


My mom is a concubine and that is a secret I’ve been longing to keep


She smirked and glared at me


“I guess you are willing to expose your secret because of a lowly born named Kyle” she said and sashayed away




I can’t believe a bitch almost revealed my secret


Well if she do, it can’t be more embarrassing than her own secret


“Arianna, let’s go to the club after school ” Eliza said and I nod


I looked through the window and saw Kyle going home


He looks so pitiable


Well next time, he won’t mess with me


After school, we went to the club and had so much fun


We smoked and drank



Arianna, it’s 1:57 Am already, your dad will be worried ” Eliza said and I checked my wristwatch


I took a cab and it dropped me in a place far from home


Suddenly, I saw two men following me


The faster i walk, the faster they walk too


Suddenly, they blocked my way


who are you guys ” I asked and they smirked They started to drag me inside a car


help” I screamed but no one came to my rescue


I looked sideway and saw Kyle from afar


He stood without doing anything


“you jerk, I’m being kidnapped ” I yelled but he just stood still






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