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Written by divine purpose


Episode 26


(a high school romance story)





I jumped into the water and brought Arianna out


I was glad she was okay when I brought her out then I looked at Tracy


“why are you like this? ” I asked and she starred at the ground


“Tracy, I have had enough of this, why are you acting weird, first you made your dad to fire her father and now…..” I paused and looked at Ariana


“you even pushed her into the water, are you trying to kill her ” I yelled and Ariana stood up


“it’s not that….. I’m not trying to kill her ” she said as tears gathered in her eyes



“then explain all this, the fact that you set the building on fire……” my voice trailed away


“set building on fire? Which building? ” Ariana asked and I kept quiet


“don’t tell me you set that building on fire the day of the festival? ” she asked looking at Tracy and I sighed


“you are really unbelievable, and you Kyle… ” she turned to me


“you knew she burnt that building but you refused to say anything” she said and I bowed my head


“you guys are really unbelievable ” she said and walked away angrily


I started to cough and sneeze and Tracy moved to me


“Kyle, are you cold? ” she asked as she tried touching me but I jerked her hands away


“you are really the worst ” I said


“Kyle, you have really changed toward me, you never insult me not until that girl came in between us ” she said and I scoffed


“Tracy, since you asked us to break up in the first place, I’m going to give up on You” I said and I could feel she was disappointed


“let’s go on our separate ways, I tried to give you a second chance but you ruined it all with your jealousy” I said as i coughed again


“you need to go to the hospital, we can talk about this later ” she said and I jerked her hands away again


“why do you care about me? It’s non of your concern even if I Die” I half yelled


“it concerns me a lot because I like you ” she said and I moved closer to her



“if you really like me then you won’t try to be hurting me all the time ” I said and I could feel tears dripping from my eyes


“I didn’t hurt you “she said


“once you hurt the things I cherish then you are hurting me ” I said


“things you cherish? ” she asked


“by hurting Ariana, you are hurting me ” I said and wiped my tears


“are you saying you cherish Ariana? ” she asked but I didn’t reply her as i walked away from her






I walked back to school with all the words Kyle said ringing on my head I guess I was at fault, I shouldn’t have break up with Kyle


Now, I feel guilty for everything I have done to Kyle but I don’t regret any single thing i did to Ariana


The more I think about it, the more I have a serious headache


I don’t want to go to class, I don’t want to eat, I don’t want to see both Ariana and Kyle


All I want to do now is to go home and have a good and peaceful cry


Ariana really had her way, she made Kyle insult me but I won’t give up


Kyle belongs to me not you Ariana


“Tracy, have you seen Justin? ” Martins asked and I shook my head



“you are not with him? I thought he followed you when you left the school earlier ” he said and I arched my brow


“Justin followed me? Why? ” I asked him


I don’t know, I thought he said he doesn’t want you to get hurt, anyways be good to him ugh, he is really crushing on you” Martins said and giggled away


“Tracy ” I heard Justin voice then I saw him running towards me


“Justin, did you really follow me to the beach?” I asked and he nod


“why did you do that? ” I asked and he starred at the floor


“I was afraid you might get hurt, you left the school in a hurry, I thought something happened not until I saw you Kyle and Ariana in the beach ” he said and I sighed


“you are really making me feel worse Justin, why were you spying on me? ” I yelled


“No, I didn’t spy on you” he said


“u had better stop cos I’m not interested in you ” I said and turned to go but he stopped me


“then do you wish to get treated anyhow because of Kyle, he was insulting and yelling at you but you just stood without Saying anything “he said and I stopped


“let me be treated that way as long as I can have Kyle back then I don’t mind being treated that way ” I said and walked away from him





I sat in the class after everyone had gone for basketball class


The fact that Tracy tried to kill me was still unbelievable and that sly looking Kyle knew about it



“what are you doing alone in the class ” I heard his voice but I didn’t look at him “it’s non of your business ” I said as he sat beside me and I faced another direction “I’m sorry “he said then I looked at him


“for what? Why are you apologizing when you don’t deserve my forgiveness ” I said and he shook his head


“I wasn’t talking to you ” he said


“pardon? ”


“I wasn’t apologizing to you, I was apologizing to martins ” he said then I turned to see Martins behind Kyle


“what are you here? ” I asked and he took his gym Clothe


“I came to take my gym cloth ” he said and walked out of the class I thought the jerk was apologizing to me “apologize ” I said and he scoffed


“I did nothing wrong so why should I apologize” he said “you did nothing wrong? ” I half yelled


“I think you should apologize to me instead” he said and I smirked “I’m never going to apologize ” I said and I stood up


“then don’t apologize, you don’t even know how to say the word ‘thank you and ok ‘” he said and I scoffed


“I’m going to the basketball court, see ya” he said and turned to leave “thank you ” I said and he turned to me



“of course, you should be grateful most to……” he paused and gasped


“wait, did you just say thank you ” he said and I smiled


“thank you Kyle and I’m sorry ” I said and moved closer to him


“wait, I didn’t hear you, repeat it ” he said and I grinned


“Thank you Kyle and I’m sorry ” I said and he pecked me as I looked at him with shock


He looked elsewhere


“I’m sorry for that ” he said and I smiled as I took one more step toward him and placed my lips on his


He removed his lips and looked at him


“I like you Ariana ” he said and I blushed


He pulled me by my waist to himself and kissed me again


Suddenly the door opened and……………………




No vex but I have to stop here for today






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