Sat. May 11th, 2024



Episode 28


Written by divine purpose


(a high school romance story)





“Kyle, quick and tell her you are going to get back together ,don’t let her jump down ” Martins pleaded



“Tracy, don’t jump ” I said and she scoffed


“why are you telling me not to jump? I already told you, let’s get back together ” she said and this time she was already standing on her toe which means she will fall any time


“I can’t believe Tracy is risking her life all in the name of love ” a classmate said behind me


“I know, Kyle is too handsome for her to ignore ” another classmate said


I sighed and clenched my fist as i looked at her


“Tracy, you want to jump down? ” I asked and everyone looked at me


fine, then jump, but I don’t know why you are trying to commit suicide, is it to ruin my name ‘This was the guy Tracy killed herself because of ‘ you know that is Wat people are going to say ” I said and looked at Ariana


“or are you trying to threaten me? ” I asked and we both starred directly at each others eyes


“Yes, I’m Trying to threaten you ” she said and everyone started murmuring among themselves


“if you are trying to threaten me then you loose” I said and walked away as Ariana ran after me





I came down from the edge of the rooftop and squat on the floor as i burst into real tears


“Tracy, why were you threatening a guy to love you, like who does that ” Martins said and he and his friends giggled away


Kyle just rejected me



“Tracy, are you okay? ” Justin said as he squat beside me


“yes, I’m okay ” I wiped my tears and he wanted to touch me but I moved back


“I will get going ” I said and stood up as i turned to go


“are you that clueless or what? ” he asked and I stopped


“are you that clueless for you to notice that Kyle has no interest in you, he even told you to jump down when you were going to kill yourself, Tracy, when are you going to have the clue?” he asked and I sighed


“you are right, I’m clueless but I won’t give up ” I walked back to the class angrily


Kyle, told me to jump down





“hey, Kyle wait for me ” I said as i continue to run after me until he stopped on the way to the class and hit his hand angrily on the wall His hand started to bleed and I ran to him


“Kyle, are you okay? ” I asked and tears gathered in his eyes


“why did you say those words to her when you don’t even mean it ” I said as i wrapped my handkerchief round around the bleeding spot


“I don’t know ” he said as tears dripped from his eyes


“Kyle, you looked so confused” I said and he shook his head


“no, I’m not confused, I just felt sorry for her, the words i said must have hurt her so much ” he said as he wiped his tears


“I understand, you couldn’t hold those words back because you were angry ” I said and he nod


“thanks Ariana ” he said and I smiled


“that’s right, you should thank me ” I said and he gave me a warm hug He disengaged the hug and brought out a box from his pocket


“what is this? ” I asked


“Necklace ” he opened the box and he brought out two necklaces


One had the tip of heart and the other had the tip of key


He wore the one with the key tip for me


“can you put this on for me ” he gave me the one with the tip of heart and I wore it for him


“but…why am I with the key and you are with the heart ” I asked and he used his finger to brush my hair to the back


“because you are the key to my heart ” he said and I smiled


Then I looked at the box, it looks so familiar


“where did you get this?” I asked


“this was the necklace i bought for Tracy on her birthday, I wanted to put it on for her just like i did for you. ….” his voice trailed away


“it’s okay, I understand” I said and he smiled


“oh my goodness, who gave you such a beautiful necklace ” he Teased and I grinned


“Justin gave it to me ” I said and his smile faded away


“I’m going to get back with Tracy ” he said and turned to go and i drag him back


“I was just joking ” I said and he pecked me


“Kyle,when did you Start to like me ” I asked and he shrugged


“well, I’m not sure, was it…. ” my phone started ringing and I picked it up


“yes, this is Ariana ” I said


“what?” I yelled out in shock





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