Sat. May 11th, 2024


Episode 23


Written by divine purpose


(a high school romance story)








I wiped my tears and look at him


“I’m disgusting you? Then what of that witch? Why didn’t she disgust you when she collected your money and tore your clothes ” I yelled as tears gathered in my eyes again


you are right, she collected my money, lied against me, she ridiculed the hell out of me, but…..she didn’t go to the extent of killing anyone ” he yelled back at me and I burst into tears


that girl needs a lot of help right now but all you could do was to add more to her problems” he said panting heavily


“I need help too, I need you by my side ” I said


why do you need me by your side? Didn’t you say your heart was pounding for another man, just why in the world are you doing this to me ” he said and broke into tears like a baby


I said that out of anger” I said and he scoff


“anger?, I can’t believe you Tracy, you are the worst ” he said then his phone started ringing


” Arianna? ” he said as he picked the phone and walked out


Arianna again


Every time it’s always Arianna



What am I to you Kyle






dad, why did he remove you? “I asked


I don’t know, he just called and told me to leave, he will be collecting our house too” he said and my eyes widened


“what? Our house too ” I asked and he nod


dad, where do you want us to stay now? Dad i told you to start your business and leave his own but you refused now look at the outcome, what will i do now? Because of your greed to have the company to yourself we are in this mess ” I yelled out in tears and he grab me by my shoulder


give me 3 days, just 3 days, I will clear everything till then have this money and stay in an hotel ” he said and stretch out some amount of money to me but I took a step backward


No, I don’t want your money, I am not going to collect that money, invest your own business then I will collect your money ” I said with tears


Arianna, do you realize what you are doing? I promise your mom to take care of you ” he yelled at me


I’m sure mom doesn’t like what you are doing too” I said carried my backpack as i ran away


I ran to my mom’s cemetery and sat there with tears


“mom, I miss you, I wish you were alive ” I said as tears dripped from my eyes


my life is ruined mom, what should I do? ” I added


what are you doing here ” I heard kyle’s voice



what of you? ” I asked as he walked to where I was and sat beside me


I came to have some time with my mom ” I said and wipe my tears


you use to call me a crybaby but now you are the real crybaby ” he said and I smiled


it’s so sad ”


what? ”


I don’t have much time left but there are things i want to do ” I said


what of the operation? Aren’t you gonna do it?” he asked


“what if I don’t survive? I’m afraid I can’t survive ” I said and burst into tears again


are you going to sleep here ” he teased


stop kidding I’m not in the mood ”


are you not going home? ” he asked


I don’t have a home right now ” I said and he stood up


let’s go, I will allow you to use my room ” he said but I starred at him


you are not coming? Good night then ” he said and was going


hey, wait for me ” I yelled as i ran after him










I’m giving you my room for free ” I said as i open the windows


whatever ” she said as she opened my closet



geez, can you at least be thankful for a day ” I said and she shook her head I feel sorry for her


It’s like she is in this mess because of me


Arianna, can you at least thank me ” I said and pouted


are you a child? Stop pouting ”


Gosh, you have never say that word be4 have you? ” I shook my head and move closer to her


repeat after me, THANK YOU KYLE ”


th…th..tha.. ” she stammered


forget it ” I said and walked out










you succeeded didn’t you ” I smirked


what do you mean? ” she asked


because of you, Kyle yelled at me for the first time ” I yelled at her


you did all this because of Kyle? ” she asked and move closer to me


yes, I did so what? ” I clenched my fist


interesting ” she grinned


this time, I’m gonna steal Kyle from you ” she added



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