Sat. May 11th, 2024



Episode 25


Written by divine purpose


(a high school romance story)





I woke up in front of the house early the next morning as I opened the door


His dad was already at home


Like seriously, he couldn’t even tell me to come inside the house


“good morning ” I greeted as i gulped down a cup of water


“oh, Ariana,why didn’t you sleep inside the house and where in the world is Kyle? ” he asked and I sighed


“all thanks to your son, I had to spend the night outside your house ” I said and walked to the room




I took the bus back to school and I went to the class


But when I got to school, I felt like kids were whispering about me



I saw Kyle still sleeping and I cracked my knuckles


“did Kyle fall asleep in the school yesterday? ” a student asked and they woke him up


He yawned and stretched his body as i grinned


But I still noticed other kids whispering to themselves


Bianca and Eliza ran to me and drag me outside


“Ariana, is it true? ” Eliza asked and I arched my brow


“what? ”


“people are saying your dad got fired for fraud ” Bianca said and I stumbled back a bit


“fraud? ” I said and they nod






I took the books I borrowed from the library and walked out of the class to return them when I noticed kids were busy gossiping


I wonder what they are talking about


Martins, a classmate and his friends were passing Beside me but I had to stop them to ask Wat was going on


“Martins, what’s wrong with everyone? ” I asked


“we heard Ariana father is a fraudster ” he said and I arched my brow


“yeah, that’s what everyone is saying, I wonder why he would do something like that, Ariana must be so screwed ” he shook his head



“she is in no place to deserve pity, remember hoe she collected money from everyone even though her father was rich, right now she’s gonna beg us for money on her kneels ” a friend of Martin said and they walked away


I went back to class and drag Tracy outside


“let go of me ” she said and jerked her hands away


“I know you faked that news ” I said and she looked elsewhere


“she wanted a war ” she said and I tried to control my anger


“Tracy listen, even if you want to start a war or whatever, let it be between yourself, why are you ruining her father’s reputation ” I yelled at her


“I can only ruin her through her father, stay out of this Kyle! ” she yelled back


“I’m not going to stay out of it, why are you like this Tracy” I said as tears gathered in my eyes


“haven’t i told you before, or do you want me to repeat myself, I will do anything to get you back ” she said and left


I’m going crazy right now


I’m really going crazy


I wonder where Ariana is right now





I want to die


I just want to die


Was firing my dad not enough


My chest started to ache and I started coughing



I covered my mouth with my handkerchief and when I removed it, it was full of blood stain


My phone started ringing, I checked the id caller and it turned out to be Kyle I off the phone and threw it in my bag as i took a cab to a bar




I sat in the cafeteria with my food but I couldn’t eat


I recalled how Kyle wanted to cry when I was talking to him


It makes my heart aches


I am only trying to bring us together, not to make you cry


I looked around and couldn’t find him in the cafeteria


He skipped class too


“Tracy, hi ” Justin greeted and I sighed


“I can sit here right? ” he asked and sat opposite me


“I’ve not seen both Kyle and Ariana in school today ” he said as he put a spoon of food in his mouth


“Justin, why are you trying to get close to me? ” I asked and he stopped eating “because I want to win your heart ” he said and I scoffed


“what’s the use of trying to win the heart of someone who doesn’t care about you ?” I asked and he kept quiet for a while


“what about you? ” he asked and I arched my brow


“you are trying your best to win Kyle’s heart but he has no interest in you ” he added



“who said Kyle doesn’t have interest in me? ” I asked and he smirked


“isn’t it obvious ” he said and I stood up


“you are such a nuisance ” I said and walked out of the cafeteria angrily


I went to the rooftop then I saw Kyle leaving the school as i ran out of the rooftop and secretly followed him




I went around searching for that stone head


She even offed her phone


I walked to a bar so faraway cos I think she loves going To the bar when she is in a bad mood


“excuse me, have you seen this girl ” I asked a woman as i showed her Ariana’s picture


“yes ,I think she went to the beach ” she said and I ran to the beach


Fortunately i saw her sitting there alone


“is this fun to you ” I said as i walked to her


“you made me search for you like forever ” I said panting heavily


“I guess you are the only one that care about me, you found me ” she sniffed back her tears and stood up as i moved closer to her


“Kyle, My father have been arrested for fraud” she said and I gasped


“arrested? ”


“now, I have no one ” she said and burst into tears



I wanted to talk some sense into her head before but now all I can do is to comfort her


“Ariana ” I called and she looked at me then I move closer and hug her


“don’t say you have no one, you have me so cry as much as you want in my arms ” I said


“Kyle ” I heard Tracy Voice then I looked up and saw Tracy glaring


She pulled Ariana away from me and pushed her inside the water




Well Wat do you guys have to say cos me I’m speechless





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