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Episode 27


Written by divine purpose


(a high school romance story)






“what the hell are you guys doing? ” we heard the voice and we turned to see Martins starring at us with his arms folded


“ma… rtins ” I swallowed hard


“so you guys were dating, unbelievable ” he said and moved closer to us


“ugh, martins can you keep this a secret,please don’t tell anyone ” I said and he nod


“OK, I promise to keep it a secret ” he said and I sighed


“but why are you back in the class? ” Ariana asked


“I came to get you guys, Mr Max said he won’t come to class until we all assemble in the basketball court ” he said and I took my gym cloth from the table


“sorry for interrupting you guys, I will get going ” he winked at me before going out


“what are we going to do now? ” Ariana asked and he smiled


“don’t worry, he promised to keep it a secret ” I said


“don’t you know martins? He doesn’t know how to keep a secret ” Ariana said





Everyone had assembled in the court except Ariana and Kyle so I told martins to help me look for them


“Martins, have you seen them? ” I asked and he smiled


“of course ”


“where are they? ”


“they are both in the classroom, kissing ” he said and I gasped


“ki…i..I..ssing ” I stammered


“yep, it looks like they are both dating ” he said and walked away


I ran to the classroom and met only Kyle there “let’s talk ” I said and he looked away


“I have nothing to say to you ” he said and I grab his shoulder


“but I have a lot to say” I said and he jerked my hands away


“what do you have to say? ” he asked


“is it true that you are dating Ariana? ” I asked and he sighed


“gosh, that jerk named Martins ” he murmured to himself


“if you are dating Ariana does that mean you have no feelings for Tracy anymore? ” I asked and he looked through the window


“yes, I don’t have any feelings for her anymore, my heart keeps on pondering when I’m with Ariana ” he said and I scoffed


“then can you do me a favor? ” I asked and he looked at me


“can you help me with Tracy ” I asked and he kept quiet for a while


“why can’t you do it yourself? ” he asked


“Tracy still thinks you have feelings for her, thus, all my words are meaningless in her ear ” I said


“OK, I will help you, if that will stop her from hating Ariana ” he said and I smiled


“thanks ”





I smiled to myself as I recalled how Kyle kissed me


I can’t believe Kyle will do that



But I don’t have much time left anymore, how will Kyle feel if I tell him that


“what are you doing here? ” I heard someone voice then I turned to see Tracy starring, I mean glaring at me


“how is that your business? I can stay anywhere i want in this school ” I said and she had that evil smirk on her face


“what’s with that smirk on your face? ” I asked


“I will tell my dad to help your father out of the prison and I will tell him to hire him back ” she said and I found myself smirking this time


“why? ” I asked


“on return, you have to stop seeing Kyle ” she said and I burst into laughter


“is that a threat or what” I asked


“let’s just say I’m threatening you ” she said and I moved closer to her


“keep your company to yourself, my dad is ten times wiser than You, he is going to help himself out of the prison ” I said and I could see her clenching her fist


“when I said I was going to steal Kyle, do you think i was joking, I mean it, I Really mean it ” I said and turned to go


“then, let’s wait and see” she said and I smiled





I sat in the classroom when Martins and his friends ran inside the class


“Kyle ” he yelled as he ran to me


“Kyle, Tracy is trying to commit suicide in the rooftop and she said she wants to talk to you ” he said panting heavily and I ran to the rooftop


I saw her standing on the edge


“Tracy, what are you doing? ” I asked as other students ran in too including Ariana


“Kyle, do you remember how I asked you to be my boyfriend in the rooftop? ” she asked as students took out there phones and started videoing


“let’s talk about that later, please come down ” I said


“Kyle, you are the only one i like, I don’t want other girls near you ” she said


“what are you saying Tracy? Just come down ” I was panting


“Kyle, you have to options, let’s get back together or I will jump down ” she said and everyone gasped


“what did you just say you are going to do? ”








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