Sat. May 11th, 2024



Episode 21


Written by divine purpose


(a high school romance story)





“come closer why are you moving back? ” I asked as i move close to her


what……are you trying to take off ” she asked and I smiled


flower ”


sorry? ”


there is a flower on your head ” I removed the flower and showed her


you should have just remove it without acting like that ” she said looking elsewhere


what do you think i wanted to take off? Your clothes? ” I scoffed


wh….at do…you mean? Why will i think like that ” she said embarrassingly and went to the class






Kyle ” I turned and saw Justin coming to me I sighed and look elsewhere


what are you doing now ” he asked and I put my hands in my pocket


I’m going to class” I said and turned to leave



“did you break up with Tracy? ” he asked


I turned back and look at him


are you asking because you don’t know or are you asking because you are here to mock me? ” I smirked


when she told me you guys are dating, I knew you wouldn’t be able to get her close ” he glared at me


what? ”


Tracy is always thinking about you every time, when she sees you with Arianna tears drip from her eyes” he said and I became dumbfounded


“I must say, she is the fool for liking you and even at the end, you broke her heart ” he said and I clench my fist


did Tracy told you…I broke her heart? ” I asked


does she need to tell me be4 I know, anyway let go of her ” he said and walk away


I walk to the rooftop and saw Tracy there


I was about to leave when she called my name


” Kyle ”


I turned and looked at her


” it’s been long since we’ve been to the rooftop together” she smiled and I scoffed


“you are smiling again” I smirked


“pardon? ”


I have things to do so excuse me ” I turned to go


Kyle, let’s get back together ” she said and I starred at her


She move closer to me


let’s get back together” she said and I smirked again “just what do you think I am? ” I glared at her


“I am also guilty for what I did, I shouldn’t have said those words that day” she starred at the ground


“was that why you went around making some people think I broke your heart ” I yelled


the reason I asked us to break up was because of Arianna ” she said


what? ”


you were always with her, I don’t like it the way you are so close to her ” she wiped her tears


really? You are really something else ” I grinned


you said all those hurtful words because of Arianna, it not like there was anything between” I sob


“I tried to make you happy, if only you knew how i got to buy you that necklace ” I used my fingers to wipe my tears


We heard someone cough and it turned out to be Arianna


” well, I have been here for some while ” she said and I left the rooftop angrily





I squat on the floor with tears


you are really unbelievable Tracy ” she squat beside me


get out of my sight ” I yelled at her



instead of hurting him that day, you could have just asked him : Kyle do you really have interest in me? Kyle is there anything between you and Arianna? ” she said


who are you to tell me what I could have done” I glared at her and she stood up “right, I’m nobody ” she said and left


I stood up and wipe my tears


Kyle, I will make us get back no matter what


And i will get rid of anyone who tries to get on my way Arianna


I walked to Kyle’s seat and sat on his table He was still crying


you are always a crybaby” I grinned


“get lost ”


” you are always telling me to get lost when you are crying, are you embarrassed ” I smiled


just go ” he yelled and everyone looked at us


I’m not going anywhere ” I said and he pushed me away from his table making me to fall


The class snickered


what an aggressive soul ” I said and pushed him too Everyone burst into laughter again



He stood up and glared at me


what? Do you wanna fight? ” I smirked


you are dead today ” he said









what the hell are you guys doing? ” Justin yelled at us


Kyle, Arianna ” Mr max called


The bag that Kyle tried to throw at me….met Mr max on his head and he collapsed


on the floor





this two are in trouble



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