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Episode 20


Written by divine purpose


(a high school romance story)



(he’s a pervert )






I ran as fast as I could to the building as i opened the door And saw her lying under a table


She was unconscious


The place was really burning and I managed to carry her out Or should I say we both managed to survive


I carried her in a bridal style to the classroom and I lay her on the floor “Arianna, wake up now” I said as i wiped the blood stain in her mouth

“are you not going to wake up?!! ” I yelled and check if she was still breathing


Of course


She’s alive


wake up now ” I slapped her and she coughed as I breathe a sigh of relief


what happened? ” she asked in a weak voice


I should ask you that, why was the building on fire? ” I asked


I don’t know, it just suddenly caught fire ” she said and I sighed


are you ok? Where are your drugs? I will get it for you ” I said and she sat up I was about to leave when she suddenly drag my leg


let go of me ” I said trying to release myself


you, where did you touch? ” she asked and I look at her like she’s crazy


what do you mean? ”


where did you touch be4 I woke up ” she asked and I smirked



I touched everywhere” I said and she gasped “wh…at? ” she hid behind a table


I shook my head and was about to leave when she pulled me to the floor and twisted my hands to the back


let go of me now ” I groaned in pain


you pervert, how can you do something like that to me ” she said hitting me on my back


I didn’t touch anywhere bitch ” I yelled at her and the door opened


what are you guys doing? ” Tracy said and Arianna released me


Tracy? What are you doing here? ” I asked and she glared at Arianna


The look on her face was really scary


Tracy are you ok? ” I asked but she ignored me


Arianna, let’s talk ” she said and walk outside


what do your girlfriend has to say to me ”


how am I supposed to know that ” I said





I walked to the library while she followed me


what do you have to say? ” she asked and I slapped her


what did you just do? ” she asked and I scoffed


I hate you ” I said and she grinned


you hate me? ”



why are you always taking wat belongs to me, your father succeeded in having my father’s company and you are also trying to get Kyle’s attention, I won’t allow you to succeed in that ” she fumed and I smirked


your jealousy keeps on getting you on the wrong side, I’m saying for the last time, I have no interest in Kyle ” she said and turn to go


stay away from Kyle or i will make your family go back to how you started ” I said and she looked at me


how we started? Are you saying you will make us poor again? ” she asked


yes, I will make you guys poor and suffer a lot ” I said and she smiled


you are very interesting Tracy, you are very interesting especially when you are jealous ” she said and walked out


I broke down in tears


Arianna is annoying





The next day, I sat on my seat minding my own business


I couldn’t sleep a wink last night so when I was yawning someone dropped a big sausage in my mouth


what now ” I said as i ate the sausage


your mouth was so big when you were yawning ” he giggled




“wanna go for a walk, I’m also sleepy ” he said I looked at Tracy then I looked at him again I looked at Tracy again


” let’s go ” I said and we both walked out of the class



yesterday, what made the building to catch fire? ” Kyle asked and I looked at him


how am I supposed to know ” I rolled my eyes


We went to the garden and wet the flowers


this flowers are beautiful ” I said and he smiled


yes, beautiful just like someone i know ” he said


your girlfriend? ”


no, just someone ” he said


We left the garden and was going back to the class


Kyle, are you a pervert” “what? ”


I mean yesterday, you said you touch everywhere ”


I was joking ” he said


Suddenly, he stopped and started moving closer to me


” what….are you doing?” I said moving backward


“come closer let me take it off ” he said still moving to me


I knew it, you are a pervert ” I moved back


come closer let me take it off ”




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wat do you think Kyle want to take off?


We shall know in the next episode



Love you guys



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