Sat. May 11th, 2024



Episode 24


Written by divine purpose


(a high school romance story)






I went to the rooftop and saw Tracy and Arianna glaring at each other It’s like they were gonna bite themselves in some minutes


“what are you girls doing ” I said and they both looked at me Arianna shot Tracy a glare again be4 leaving the rooftop I turned to go when Tracy stopped me Again


are you leaving me again? ” she asked and I looked at her


why…..are you always leaving me? Do I look that invisible? ” she said as tears gathered in her eyes and I looked elsewhere


nobody said you were invisible” I said and she moved closer to me


“do you still have any feelings for me Kyle? ” she asked but I didn’t say anything That’s a question i keep asking myself too, do I still have any feelings for you


since you ask us to break up then let’s move on and continue to be friends, I won’t think of you as my ex girlfriend ” I said and walked away


I went to the music class and sat there


My heart keeps on pounding but I’m not sure if it is for Tracy or……



I shook my head


No way, my heart can’t pound for someone like her


what are you doing here? ” I heard her voice and I quickly carry a guitar


what can I be doing in a music class? ” I coughed


were you singing? ” she asked and sat opposite me


yeah ”


really? Then sing for me ” she smiled and I scoffed


do you think I will use my precious voice to sing for you ” I said and she glared at me


alright, I’m gonna sing but promise to thank me after ” I said but she continued glaring


you have promised right ” I said and played some keys in the guitar



where is the moment that you needed the most you kick up the least and the magic is lost


they tell me your blue skies fade to Grey, they tell me your passion gone away



but I don’t need to carry on



cause you had my bad day


you take it all down, you put on a smile and you go for a ride you had a bad day, a camera can’t lie


you had a bad day and wasn’t in the mood, you had a bad day, cos you had a bad


I completed the song with a smile and I could see her starring directly into my eyes as my heart started beating



“aren’t you gonna thank me ” I said and she jerked away from her seat


why should I thank you? ” she asked


you promised ”


well, I didn’t know you are going to sing a boring song ” she said and I scoffed


boring song?? ”


I can’t believe a lady is dieing over a wimp like you ” she fanned herself


wimp? Hey you promised to thank me why are you changing the topic all of a sudden” I stood up


She turned to go but I blocked her way


(Join Group)


“out of my way ” she said but I ran outside the music class and locked her inside


Kyle, open this door ” she twisted the knob and I smiled to myself


that’s a punishment for not keeping your promise ” I dusted my hands


Kyle, open this door while I’m nice or I’m going to kill if I get out myself ” she yelled on top of her lungs and I grinned


you should at least come out be4 killing me” I said and left but I could still hear her voice even though I was far away







After shouting for hours, someone came to my rescue


You are so dead today Kyle



It was already 7:00 pm and not everyone will be in school


I walked to the class and saw him reading


Other students were reading too


You locked me up and even have some joy to read


You are really dead




I took a drink out of my backpack and put in some sleeping pills “Kyle, have this drink ” I said and he collected it


” thanks, I was actually thirsty ” he said and opened it


It was after he drank it that he noticed it was I, Arianna that was be4 him


Oh my goodness, how did you come out of the music room ” he asked and I grinned


after shouting on top of my lungs someone saved me ” I said and i noticed he was already feeling dizzy


did you put something in this drink? ” he managed to say and I carried my bag “have a good sleep” I said as he closed his eyes


“you are spending your night in the classroom ” I gave myself a thumb up I took the cab to his house since that is where I stay for now


I twisted the knob but it didn’t open



That’s when I remember, his father will be staying with his mother in the hospital throughout the night



The house key is with Kyle


And to worsen the matter, the school will be closed in the next 5 minutes







Which kind of stupidity is Arianna’s own






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