Sat. May 11th, 2024



Episode 19


Written by divine purpose


(a high school romance Story)






We were in the rooftop together and I couldn’t help but laugh at him “stop laughing, it’s not funny ” he said out of embarrassment



Kyle, you are crazy, must you dye your hair to look hot ” I laughed


I wanted to look good too, I thought that’s the reason why Tracy broke up with me ” he said looking at the ground


there were things i wanted to do for her but I couldn’t, I wanted to play basketball with her, I wanted to go on a date with her and….. ” he paused and sighed


I wanted to play guitar and sing for her ” he said


Somehow, I felt sorry for him


you can still sing for her ” I said and he looked at me


she won’t even want to listen to me, there is no way I can sing for her ” he said


we are having the festival tonight, sing for her in front of the whole school ” I said and he kept quiet for a while


who knows, you guys may come back together ” I said


thanks, I guess you can be useful sometimes ” he said and I scoffed


what? What did you just say ” I half yelled


are you trying to pick up a fight with me? ” he yelled back


shut up ”


who do you think you are to tell me that ” he smirked


I said shut up ”


no, you shut up first ”


Gosh, I hate you ”


I hate you too ”


We glared at each other in frustration



anyways, I won’t be in the festival, I will be in that building ” I said and pointed to a building near the cafeteria


why? ”


I want to study ” she said and I grinned


the witch wants to study? Unbelievable! ”


shut up” I said and he starred at me for a while


“what? Is there something on my face?” I asked and he looked away


“no, I’m just curious about this, do you really…..have lung cancer ” he asked and


my expression change


I starred at the ground be4 answering him


yes, and I don’t have much time left ” I sniffed back my tears


that’s why, I want to try to study be4 I die ” I added






don’t look at me like that, I still have a chance, if my operation is successful, I can still live ” I faked a smile




I sat in the library trying to read my books but I couldn’t concentrate


I recalled how Arianna held Kyle’s hand and drag him out


That annoys me a lot


He even dyed his hair because of her


” Tracy ” Justin tapped me


hi Justin ” I smiled


I’ve been standing here for like 7 minutes but you look completely lost, are you ok? ” he asked as he sat beside me


I’m ok ”


but did you break up with Kyle? I haven’t seen you guys together for some days


he said but I couldn’t say a word


you are coming for the festival right? ” he asked and I nod


see you tonight ” he said and left


I looked through the window and saw Kyle and Arianna walking together


Why is Kyle trying to be friends with that girl?


Has he forgotten how she treated him?





Soon, it was time for the festival


I went to the music class and took a guitar


On my way, I saw Arianna with a lot of books


“wow, you are really going to study ” I smiled


yep, sing with a sweet voice ” she winked at me me be4 going I walked to the hall and walked to the stage


hi, my name is Kyle and i am a freshman, I will like to sing a song today about my first love ” I look through the crowd and saw Tracy sitted


The tears won’t stop you were my first love


The reason our break up was so clumsy


Is because you were my first love



the unforgettable places and promises we made


I can’t see you there anymore


I know, I know, I know


I know that this love hurts


Even if I’m young i know what pain feel like I’m unfamiliar with this idea of breaking up


You were my first love


I was clumsy with you


The love I’m grateful for




After singing, I was on my way to return the guitar when I saw smoke far away


It’s the building beside the cafeteria and it was burning


Then I remembered


Arianna……. Is inside the building






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