Sat. May 11th, 2024

Episode 13

Written by divine purpose


I sat beside my mom in the hospital and held hands

“mom, I’m sorry for not taking care of you ” I said and she smiled

” don’t worry, once the operation is over, I will be okay ” she said and used her finger to wipe my tears

” Kyle, promise me that no matter what, you won’t quit school ” she said and I smiled

” I promise mom, I won’t quit school “I said and Tracy entered

” who is she? ” my mom asked

” her name is Tracy, she is my girlfriend ” I said and we both walked out of the ward

” Kyle, why were you mad at Arianna be4? ” she asked

” she is just so annoying, I can’t stand her attitude anymore ” I said

” but I saw her crying ”

” what? Arianna cried? That’s strange ” I said and Tracy stood and looked at me

” I guess you made her cry, you are awesome Kyle ” she gave me a thumb up

” what? I made her cry? ” I asked and Tracy nod

” Kyle, my birthday is coming soon so what are you gonna give me?” she wrapped her hands around my neck

“I’m not sure, what do you want? ” I asked as i also wrapped my hands around her waist

” but I should keep it a secret from you ” I kissed her forehead

” what are you guys doing? ” Arianna said as she approach us and we released each other

” don’t tell me you guys are dating? ” she smirked

” why? Can’t we date? ” I said and held Tracy hand

” do whatever you want” she said and left

She’s really strange

Is she sick?


The next day during basketball class, I sat down watching other kids when Justin came to sit beside me

“why are you not playing? ” he asked and I sighed

” you are gonna be punished if the teacher catches you sitting here” he said and was about to leave when he stopped again

“by the way, do Tracy have a boyfriend? ” he asked as i starred at him without saying a word

The look on his face shows he knows the truth already

” why are you asking when you already know? ” I asked and he glared at me

” is that why you always prevent me from meeting her? ” he asked and I stood up and was about to leave when he stop me

” I’m not going to turn back, Tracy will end up leaving you ” he said and I took a step closer to him

” I trust Tracy, she won’t do something like that ”


We were playing basketball when I saw Justin and Kyle glaring at each other

I bet they are fighting because of Tracy

I look sideway and saw the girl so happy with the basketball she was playing

” boys are so crazy ” I said and shook my head

” what do you mean? ” Bianca asked

” ugh? Nothing, I mean nothing ” I said and continue what I was doing


After school, I sat in the bus stop when my phone started ringing

” hello, dad ”

” can you come to the company, I’m less busy, let’s hang out ” he said and hanged up

I stood up from the bus stop and started walking to the company

It’s not so far from where I was

I got to the middle of the market when I heard people shouting

” fire! Fire! ”

I ran there and was surprised to see everything burnt

There was smoke everywhere

I started to cough and my chest was hurting

I covered my nose and wanted to run but everywhere was crowded

” excuse me ” I said but no one was listening

I started to cough out blood as I knelt holding my chest

I’m going to die today

Help me

I don’t want to die



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