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Episode 22


Written by divine purpose


(a high school romance story)





Mr max was taken to the clinic and after some minutes he woke up


“are you okay sir? ” Arianna asked and the look on his face that moment was so scary


you two are always fighting, this time, you even injured me!! ” he yelled


we are sorry ” Arianna and I chorused


I won’t let you get away with it this time” he said and stood up


“now to the field ” he yelled and we followed him to the field ” run, 20 laps each ”


what? ” I asked to be sure if I heard the right thing


20….laps? ” Arianna stammered


“yes, 20 laps, now get on the field” he said and we staggered to the field “Gosh, I hate this ” I sighed and I turned to see Arianna glaring at me


will you stop glaring, you caused this ” I screamed


if you hadn’t throw the bag we won’t be in the mess ” she yelled back


what the hell are you guys saying there ” Mr max yelled




After running 20 laps we collapsed on the floor


I’m alive ” I said gasping for your air


I think we are done with the punishment, I’m going back to class” Arianna said and stood up



We didn’t know our punishment just started


“where do you think you are going ” Mr max drag Arianna back


sir, we already ran 20 laps ” I said


so? ”


I’m saying we can go back to class now right? ” I smiled


unless you want your parents to be summoned in the school, do as i say ” Mr max smiled evily


No, we don’t want our parents to be summoned, we will do exactly as you say ” I said and Arianna scoffed


hey bitch, you always bully at the wrong time, this is the right time for you to bully ” I whispered to Arianna


do you think so? ” she asked and I nod then she moved closer to mr max


Mr max, you can’t punish us anymore or I’m gonna tell the principal to deduct your salary ” I threatened


He scoffed and use one finger to push me to the back


” then I’m gonna tell the principal you tried to kill me ” he said and walked away


That didn’t work


Somebody save us from Mr max





I sat in the library and tried to read but I wasn’t concentrating


Who the hell do Arianna think she is


I’m not going to take this anymore


hi Tracy ” Justin said with a smile but I look elsewhere “I was about to leave” I said and stood up



“are you ignoring me now because of Kyle?” he asked “I’m not, I just want to be alone ” I said and turned to go


can’t you see? That your love is one sided love ” he smirked


Kyle is just like this because I hurt him that day, he still loves me ” I said


if you claim Kyle loves you then wat of Arianna? Do you think he will leave Arianna and come to you? ” he said


he doesn’t love Arianna ”


how did you know that? ”


stop asking me that, I will get going ” I walked out of the library and dialed my dad’s number


dad, I’m asking this as your daughter, remove him ”






Mr max told us to clean all the classrooms in the school And that is what we have been doing


We were already cleaning the last class and the time is 8:00 pm already


let’s hurry up, my mom will be worried ” Kyle said and I rolled my eyes


I have a dad who will be worried about me too ” I said then my phone started ringing


hello dad, you were worried right? ” I smiled but my dad voice was out of it It’s like he was crying


Arianna, we are done for ” he sobs


” dad, are you okay? ”


the company has been taken from me ” he said and hang up


is everything okay? ” Kyle asked


Tracy father collected his company from my dad ” I said with tears


what? ”


I have to go ”





I ran to the library and saw Tracy there


Tracy, I’m going to ask you once, did you tell your dad to remove Arianna dad from the company? ” I asked and she looked at me


yes, I did ” she said and stood up


I’m going to take everything that belongs to me from her ” she said


I’m going to take you from her ” she added


then, were you the one that burn the building that day? ” I asked


yes ”


My head went blank immediately


Tracy, when I first met you, I thought you were someone who was nice, cool and calm but now you are disgusting me ”




one word for Tracy




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