Sat. May 11th, 2024

Episode 16

Written by divine purpose

(a high school romance story)


All the organs in my body stopped working when she said that

“why? Did I do something wrong? ” I asked and she shook her head

” no, you did nothing wrong but I’m sorry Kyle but my heart started beating for another man ” she said without looking at me

Tears gathered in my eyes as i tried to control them

” by another man, do you mean Justin? ” I asked and she became quiet

I guess I’m right

” Kyle, let’s just be friends since we are in the same class ” she said and stood up and turned to go

” why didn’t you tell me this earlier? ” I asked and she looked at me

” I wanted to turn my heart to you even though it’s beating for someone else but every time you are always with Arianna ” she said and walked out of the restaurant

I took the box and threw it in my backpack

Someone i love and trusted

I can’t believe you broke my heart

But I won’t give up easily on you

I left the restaurant and walked to a bridge

I tried to control my tears but when I remembered the last thing she said

I burst into tears

I brought out the box from my backpack and starred at the river

“although this cost a lot, I’m going to throw it away ” I sniffed back my tears as I stretch my hand to throw it, someone held my hand

” what do you think you are doing? ”

I turned and it was Arianna

” let go of my hand ” I said but she collect the box

She was drunk

” are you trying to throw this away? This look so expensive ” she said

” give it to me ” I tried to collect it and she slapped me

” come back to your senses, I saw everything, I was watching you guys, if you are heartbroken because a girl broke your heart then wat should I do? ” she yelled

” I have lung cancer and I don’t have much time left ” tears dripped from her eyes

” if you are angry because your girl broke up with you then wat should I, the one with lung cancer do? ” she sniffed back her tears and threw the box at me

” keep it, who knows, it might be useful one day ” she said and staggered away

I felt bad because Tracy broke my heart but Arianna made me feel worse

I hate girls


The next morning, my dad dropped me in the school and when I entered the class, I saw only Kyle sitting down

I walked to my seat without greeting him

“Tracy ” he called from his seat and I looked at him

” can’t we say hi to each other too? ” he asked and I scoffed

” do whatever you want, I’m going to the library “I said and stood up

” I’m sorry ” he said and I turned to him

” I don’t know what I did but I’m really sorry ” he said and I look through the window

” you are making me uncomfortable with those words ” I said and walked out of the class

I guess this is where we will end our relationship

I hate you for getting close with her

” hi ” Justin greeted and I faked a smile

” I was on my way to the library, wat of you?” he asked

“me too “I said and we both walked there

” is something going on between you and Kyle? I saw him at the class, he was completely lost” Justin said

“I don’t know” I said


I drank too much yesterday and now my head is aching

My sickness is getting worse

“Arianna ” Eliza called as she and Bianca approach me

I took a step back from them

” what are you doing here? ” I asked and they giggled

” what do you mean? We are friends ” Bianca said and I smirked

” friends my foot “I said and they looked at each other

” I regret ever knowing you guys, just rot in hell” I yelled and they both looked up

“why is the library flower vase shaking? ” Eliza said and I looked up too

The vase near the window was shaking

” it looks like it’s about to fall, watch out ” they took some steps backward

” Arianna move ” Eliza yelled but the vase fell

However, someone hug me from behind



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