Sat. May 11th, 2024



Episode 18


Written by divine purpose


(a high school romance story)



(the church going boy )





“Raise your hands higher ” Mr max said using his cane on our heads


He told us to go on our kneels and raise our hands up


do you think the school is a place you can just fight anyhow ” he yelled at us


teacher, please listen to me, Kyle pulled my hair out ” Arianna said and I glared at her


you started it ” I said


what? Was that the reason you made sure you remove some strand ” she half yelled


I had no idea i was gonna pull it out ” I yelled back


take responsibility ”


of what? ”


my pulled out hair ”


are you kidding? ”


do i look like I’m kidding ”


Our argument went on like forever that we didn’t remember Mr max was with us


” SHUT UP!!!!!!!! ” he yelled in a high scary voice



yes sir ” we chorused


the both of you, I’m gonna deal with you, you are going to clean up the rooftop ” he said


Mr max ” the principal called him and he left


hey bitch, I thought you can bully anybody, why can’t you bully Mr max to release us ” I grinned


shut up jerk, I don’t have time for meaningless conversation ” she said and I scoffed


meaningless? ”


shut up ”


you take responsibility” I said and she looked at me


“for what? ”


I’m in this mess because of you ” I yelled at her and she smirked


mess? Because of you jerk, my reputation is ruined”she yelled back


“reputation? What reputation? The witch of diamond high school is getting punished “I smirked


shut up while I’m being nice ” she said


what are you going to do if I keep talking? ” I asked and she pulled my hair again


let go of my hair ” I yelled with pain as i pulled her hair too




We missed class and spent the whole time cleaning up the rooftop


” Gosh, I can’t believe this ” I groaned as i was sweeping


you caused this ” she used the broom to hit my head


how is it my fault, you caused it all ” I rolled my eyes


Gosh, I hate you ”


and I hate you too ”


After cleaning, we collapsed on the floor


” ugh, is that not Justin” she said and pointed down


Justin was sitting under a tree and girls flocked around him “why do girls like flocking around Justin ” I sighed


” what else do you think it’s the reason, he is hot” she said and blush “hot? ”


of course, he is damn hot and caring” she paused and look at me “he is unlike you, the church going guy ” she giggled


what? Church what? ” I scoffed


church going. Justin is sΒ£xy, hot and cute, I guess that’s why Tracy falled for him


she said and hop away




Me? Churchgoing?


Is she kidding me?





I can’t believe Kyle keeps on getting close with that bitch


No matter how hard i try, I can’t like you Arianna


You keep on getting what belongs to me



I walked to the cafeteria and was served


On my way to sit down, I saw Kyle and Arianna eating together When Kyle saw me, he looked away


I saw a table behind them and i sat there


“I heard there is gonna be a festival in the school tomorrow night ” Arianna said ” festival? ”


yea, hey, are you really in this school? How come you are not aware of the news everyone is talking about ” she shook her head








Tracy hi ” Justin sat beside me


hi ”


have you heard there is gonna be a festival tomorrow night? ” he asked


really? ”


yep ”






The next day, the teacher came in to mark the register


She called all our names until she called Kyle but there was no response


Kyle? Where is he? ” she asked again


here he is ” Justin pointed


He walked to the teacher



We all opened our mouth and couldn’t close it


Kyle? What happened to the color of your hair? ” a classmate asked


did you dye your hair?” the teacher asked and he nod


I went to him and drag him outside


“why did you dye your hair? ”


you were the one that called me a church going ” he said and I gasped


I wanted to be a hot guy too ” he said again


what? ”


how do I look? ”


you look awful ”





Kyle dyed his hair because Arianna called him a church going boy


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