Sat. May 11th, 2024

Episode 2


Written by divine purpose





I turned to him and faked a smile


“I’m coming from school ” I lied and he narrowed his eyes at him ” do you think I’m a fool, I’m sure you were out there bullying other kids ” he glared at me and I grinned


” dad, good night, see you tomorrow ” I ran to my room




The next morning my dad dropped me at the school gate and the first person I met was kyle


hey, boy ” I made signal with my finger and he walked up to me trembling I threw my bag at him


follow me ” I said and we both walked to class


Arianna ” Eliza waved at me and I went to her


what’s up, did he bring the 200 dollars? ” she asked


I almost forgot


hey Kyle ” I called and he walked to me


are you kidding me, where is the 200 dollars i told you to bring? ” I asked using my finger to push his head


Other kids burst into laughter


I only av 100 dollars with me, it’s the salary for my part time job ” he said looking at the ground


I smirked.


are you crazy, I told you to be ready to face the consequences if you are not with the money ” I pulled him by his collar toward me


since you are not with the money, be my errand boy ” his eyes widened


I could see he was glaring at me


” will you stop glaring ” I slapped him



Everyone gasped


buy me some milk, you av only 5 minutes ” I said and he walked out Eliza and I giggled and she gave me an high five




I wanted to be a simple guy in the school


I didn’t want to get into trouble but right now, my life is hell


Those three witches turned me to their puppet


They use me anyhow they want


My parents are not rich and i do give those witches the money i get from my part time work instead of giving it to my parents


My life is so frustrated right now


I just want to quit school


I gave them their milk and Ariana was the first to drink it but she spilled it out


“kyle, av you lost your sight, the milk has expired ” Eliza said


I’m in trouble


Arianna threw the milk at me making it to spill on my clothes


Everyone burst into laughter again


Is this funny to them


I didn’t know the milk has expired ” I said and Bianca kicked me making me to go on my kneels


are you lieing right now? How dare you try to harm us ” Arianna used her finger to push my head



” everyone, after class kyle will be the only one to do the class cleaning” she said


“but I’m not on duty ” I said and she slapped me again


how dare you try to talk back at us ” Bianca yelled and I wiped my tears I’m like this because I’m on a scholarship


After school i stayed behind to do the cleaning just like she instructed


should I help ” I heard someone voice from behind


It was Tracy


The most beautiful girl in our class


She has an angelic smile that can melt your heart away


thanks ” I said and she took the broom


how dare you try to help him ” Arianna appeared from no where She collected the broom from Tracy and hit it on her head


leave Tracy out of this, it’s my fault ” I yelled and she smirked


what did you say? ”




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