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[Previously on Audio Boyfriend] “Was she..your first kiss?” J.J asked.

He looked at me.

Huh? Why’s he looking at me that way?

He is leaning closer, why?

Jasmin what are you doing?

No no no don’t come close.

Before I could hid my face, he kissed me.. On my lips.

I felt like I was in a dream.. No, this can’t be reality.

Jasmin is kissing me.

How could he!

He pulled away and looking into my eyes, he said. “Yes. She was.” he said.

(About An hour later)


The drive back to Jasmin’s residence was silent, everyone with his and her own thoughts.

My thoughts were only on the kiss.

He kissed me.

How could he? Even if I’m in love with him now and felt butterflies in my stomache when he kissed me, I’m upset that he kissed me without my permission.

How could he? That was my first kiss.

Isn’t he going to say anything about it? Won’t he apologize to me!

“I’m driving you directly to your house Park Sara.” Williams said.

I raised my brows. “No, you cant. I have my things in that house.” I said and glanced at Jasmin.

He wore tinted glasses, and faced the window.

“Tomorrow, whatever that is yours would be returned to you.” Williams said.

Tch! Really!

“Don’t stop this car until you get to BV.” Jasmin said.


What is BV?

Wait, BanVille, isn’t that his residence?

“What else is she gonna do there? We need to talk Jasmin.” Williams said.

“Just drive on..” Jasmin said.

I looked at him. ‘What is his intention?’

I wanted to yell at him but I couldn’t. A part of me has fallen so much for him.

The rest of the drive was short and soon, the car pulled into the house.

Jasmin got down and leaned on the car.

He removed his tinted glasses and turned to me, the kinda eyes he gave me made me feel hot on my cheeks.

He wasn’t saying anything, he just took a brief stare at me and then looked away.

I cleared my throat and decided to bring it up.

“ can you do that?” I asked.

He turned back to me. “And that’s why you are here. We need to talk.” he said and tried taking a step but groaned and leaned back on the car.

I looked at his leg. “Is it hurting much again?” I asked.

Williams came over and handed him a walk stick then crossed his arm around Jasmin.

“No, I can walk myself,” Jasmin said.

Williams wuthdre his arm and shifted. “Walk slowly.” he said.

Jasmin began walking slowly. Williams walked beside him while I slowly walked behind them.

We got in.

“Get your things and leave,” Williams said to me.

“Follow me Sara, we need to talk.” Jasmin said and slowly began taking the staircase.

Williams and I looked at ourselves and I could see how angered he is.

I exhaled and headed to the staircase.

Jasmin missed step, I got scared but he was fast enough to grab the stair rail.

I rushed over to him. “Are you okay? You shouldn’t walk yourself. I will help you.” I said.

“No, I will do it.” Williams said, running over.

I exhaled and drew back.

“Sara, hold me.” Jasmin said.

Huh? Did he just tell me to hold him?

I swallowed hard.

I looked at Williams who just stared at Jasmin.

“Come on, my leg hurts.” Jasmin said.

I walked over and slide my arm around him. I felt his muscular body and the scent of his exceptional cologne.

“We should walk on now,” I said.

“You can’t hold me that way, it’s too tight.” he said and I quickly relieved my tight hold on him.

Slowly we began walking up the rest of the staircase.

“Ah,” he groaned. “Can’t you hold me well enough?” he said.

“I did but you told me not to hold you tight.” I said.

Williams POV

Looking at the two, I have to confess that they look nice together.

It could have been more nice if all this were real.

Jasmin had to kiss her. What was he thinking.

This has gone far enough to say the truth.

Saying the truth right now will cause him his reputation and everyone of us.

There’s no choice than to go on with this relationship. If not, for at least few months and let the truth never get leaked to the mass.

I have to talk with him.

Again, I’m really scared about the show in three days.

Would he really make it?

Things are getting so complicated.

My phone began ringing.

I checked the caller.

T.A.. I sighed and picked it.

“Hello T.A.”

“Williams you are Jasmin’s manager. How could you allow such scene!” she shouted.

“Come on T.A, how was I supposed to know he would kiss her?” I said.

“Do you or him know that this issue has gone really far than leaking the truth would put us in a bad reputation and the scandal would be much?”

“I know T.A… But ain’t you worried about Jasmin’s incident? He might not perform on Wednesday.” I said.

Where’s he?”

“In his room. He’s with the lady. He said he needed to have a conversation with her.”

“First, that lady needs to continue being Jasmin’s girlfriend.. Secondly, Jasmin have to be in that show. Do everything you can Williams. He can get better in two days if it’s treated perfectly. You should see to that.”

“I will do my best.” I said.

“I will give him a call now.” she said and dropped the call.

I exhaled .



I opened the door he told me to, and it was his bedroom.

We carefully walked in and I helped him sit on the edge of his bed.

I pulled the table closer, knelt down and carried his leg to the table.

“What are you doing?” he asked.

“Your leg should be on the table to relieve the pain a bit. I will go bring hot water to press on it.”

I said and stood up to hurry up.

“Park Sara,” he called. I stopped and turned


“Don’t go anywhere.” he said.

“Why?” I asked.

“I want..I want to apologize for kissing you at the interview.” he said.

I felt shock ran through my spine.

My cheeks flushed.

He really wanted to apologize to me.

“You shouldn’t be upset at all about it. Rather you should count yourself lucky, that kiss was my first.” he said.

My eyes went wide open. ‘What?’

“Don’t stare at me that way.” he said.

I blinked and touched my lips as my cheeks flushed more.

‘You were my first too.’ I said within I wish I can tell him that.

Yes I will, I will have to act annoyed.

“You stole my first kiss that was supposed to be from someone special. It was my first kiss!!” I said, acting like I was greatly annoyed but deep within, I felt special.

I saw his eyes go wide then he groaned. “Ah, my leg hurts.”

“I.. I will be back” I said and rushed out.


Once she left, I stopped the pretence groan.

“Did she just say the truth? Was that her first kiss?”

My phone began ringing, I checked it and it’s T.A

I ignored it..

It stopped.

I lay on the bed with my injured leg on the table.

“Argh, how I’m I going to tell her this?”

The door opened and William walked in, with Min ah and Sara.

“Are you okay Jasmin?” William asked.

I sat up and looked at Sara who held a bowl and towel.

“I should do this,” Min ah said, trying to take the bowl from Sara.

“No, let her do it. – No, let her do it.” Williams and I said at the same time.

Everywhere became silent but Min ah broke it. “Okay sir.” she said, turned and left.

“I will leave you two then, Sara treat it with care OK.” Williams said to Sara surprising me with his new manners towards Sara. I can see how shocked Sara was as well.

He smiled. “I will come back soon. I have called the doctor. He will be here soon.” he said.

He got to the door then turned back. “Have T.A called you?” he asked.

“Yeah. I can’t answer her calls now. I will reach her later.” I said.

“Alright.” he said and walked out, closing the door behind him.

Sara walked closer and dropped the bowl on the table.

She knelt down and began loosing the bandage.

I looked at only her face as she did it.

She is pretty.

“Do that with ease,” I said.

“I will.” she answered without looking up. Her eyes were focused on what she was doing.

“Are you a doctor?” I asked.

“This has no business with being a doctor,” she said.

She pressed the towel on my feet.

“Ahh, that hurt,” I said.

“Sorry, you have a show in three days. You need to get better before that day.” She said.

“That shouldn’t make you apply such pressure.” I said.

“You wanted me to do it.” she said.

“Me? You wanted to do it.” I said.

That was when she looked at me.

“Really?” she said.

“Yes, why would I want you to do this, it’s because you were so desperate about doing it.” I said.



She dropped the towel and stood up. “Fine then. I’m leaving and just know this, tonight, I’m going to tell the whole world that it’s my fault. I lied about you being my boyfriend and the rest.” she said and was storming towards the door when I called her. “Sara.”

She turned. “What?”

“I want you to continuing being my girlfriend.” I said.

She raised her brows. “Huh?”

“Are you going to say no?” I asked.

She went silence for awhile before breaking it. “Yes, I’m saying no! I can’t be your girlfriend because I can’t date someone who doesn’t feel anything for me. It was all my fault. I was really in need of money for my father’s bill. If I wasn’t, then we would never have crossed part. You wouldn’t have kissed me without my permission and I wouldn’t have been here right now!” she said then brought down her voice. “Wait, are you really telling me to continue as your fake girlfriend, why?

“Because my reputation and my freedom depends on this now.” I said.

“What do you mean?” she asked.

“Right now, Everyone knows that we are dating. I confirmed that at the interview today and you saying the truth would get me in a mess and my work as well. And I’m not asking you to be my fake girlfriend but my girlfriend.” I said.



I couldn’t believe it.

“I’m not getting this.. I think I should leave.” I said..

This was too good to be true and I can’t stand here and try to believe this beautiful request.

“I’m asking you Sara, be my girlfriend because I need you to be my girlfriend.” I said.

“Are you joking with me Jasmin? We can’t date. How can you even think of that?” I said.

“Arghhhh my leg, my leg!” he suddenly began groaning.

I rushed over to him.

“Does it hurt much?” I asked and tried grabbing the towel but he grabbed my hand and I fell on top him.

Our face so close.

My eyes wide open.

“Because I..I want to fall in love with someone else.” he said.

I gasped.

“Wh what?”

He stared into my eyes.

“I want to fall in love with you. I want to try my best to fall in love with you and this was what I meant by ‘my freedom. Can you help me achieve it. I want to be free from one-sided love.”

This felt like I’m in a dream. A dream far from becoming a reality in the next thirty years.

The door suddenly opened and I swiftly rolled off his body and sprang up from the bed.

It’s Mr Williams.

He cleared his throat. “I’m so sorry about that” he apologized and walked out, closing the door.

I turned to Jasmin and he sat up.

I looked away, feeling so shy to look at him again.

I can’t believe what is happening to me.

“I’ve paid your father’s hospital bills. Don’t worry about him, he’ll be out of the hospital in no time.” he said.

“What?” I exclaimed in shock.

“Are you going to say no to me?” he asked.

His phone began ringing.




I called him the second time, he didn’t pick up.

I called the third time, he didn’t answer.

I called the fourth and fifth time, no answer.

I smashed the phone angrily on the table.

“How could he do this to me! How could Jasmin do this to me.”

He isn’t in his right senses.

I have to tell him that ‘I love him.

That I want him now.

I grabbed the phone and called him again but he didn’t pick up.



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