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Pastor then turned to the man who came with him and said, ‘Officer, please do your job.’ The man in turn, introduced himself as a Police Officer and said to Badmus, ‘Mr Badmus, you are under arrest!’ He started pleading for mercy but no one listened to him, not even his wife.

Badmus was arrested and was charged to court for Rape, Child Abuse and Violence. He was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment.

Pastor and his wife adopted me temporarily, they were just like my real parents. They shouldered every of my responsibilities . They catered for Aunty Tope’s needs too because since her husband had been to jail, she had not been too healthy so Doctor advised her to stop going to the market till she would have her baby.

Six months later, Aunty Tope delivered a bouncing baby boy through Cesarean Section.

We were all filled with joy. Pastor paid for the hospital bills while Pastor’s wife took very good care of my Aunt. I left campus hastily the next day in eagerness to see my darling cousin, my joy was unspeakable…


A year later, I graduated with a First Class! And for the first time since I parted with my Mum, I felt so fulfilled. Mummy was present at my convocation, Aunty Tope and little Henry alongside Pastor and his wife were there too.

They all cheered wildly as I went to the podium to receive an award for coming first both in my Department and Faculty.

‘Go Beauty! Go Beauty! ‘ Wuraola and Becky shouted continuously. They were all happy for me. Tears of joy clouded my eyes as I received the award amidst applauds and loud cheers from the crowd…

Five years later, I became a Chartered Accountant and also got married to Pastor’s first son, Joseph that same year. Joseph was the man of my dreams. Gentle, God fearing and kindhearted, just like my Dad.

Our wedding was a glorious one. I remembered the dream I had the first night I spent in Jos, it actually came to pass.

Now, I have a lovely husband, a happy home, a good job and I am blessed with beautiful children. The Lord has indeed given me Beauty for Ashes, The Oil of Joy for Mourning and The Garment of Praise for the spirit of Heaviness… I did not speak out on time but thank God I later did. God gave me the courage and boldness I needed to SPEAK OUT the day I came across that scripture that says: *’God has not given us the spirit of fear but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.’*

Only God knows where I would be by now if I refused to Speak Out.

It really pays to serve Jesus!


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