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Park Sara is an unfortunate Designer who spends all her day working without her handwork being purchased in the very way she wants.
She became so frustrated and just want to die!
Her father illness was taking all her savings and she had just little or nothing left.
The hospital is threatening to stop his treatment and get him out if payment isn’t completed in time.
Sara have no idea what to do. It seems like it’s her destiny not to be successful in any way.
Life is strongly hard for her in a very ugly and mean way.
The story begins from Love Hospital where Sara’s father is being treated with less attention. Sara walks out of the hospital in tears and on her way, she bumped into someone, that person turned out to be the very hot Jasmin Taylor, (the young business tycoon) who had been away from South korea for fifteen years.
Well, Sara had no idea who the person she had bumped into was but she knew he would certainly be very rich due to his dressing and the securities that followed behind him.
“Biàneyo,” she apologized and walked away but a goung girl rushed over to her and stretched a camera to her. The young girl had taken two pictures of the very moments when she bumped into the hot Jasmin.
Those two pictures became a help and a trouble to Park Sara in this novel.
“It feel really silly, but I will do it, it’s just for a little while and I’ll be able to get so many customers. I will make a lot of money in no time and pay father’s hospital bill so those doctors won’t have the guts to talk so mannerless. Once I’ve done that, I will stop whatever it is that I started,” she assured herself, calmed her nerves with a chilled glass of water and then got to work.
On her blog, her instagram page, her twitter page, her Youtube page and her Facebook page, she proceeded to type.
Awwwwn… After fifteen years of missing my bestfriend, He’s finally back not as my best friend anymore but as my boyfriend. I missed you so much Jasmin . Thank you for coming back to Seoul and to me. I thought you would have forgotten about me and all the moments we shared as friends fifteen years ago but you didn’t and you came back to me. I love you with the deepest part of my heart #Jasmin #Sara#Oneheart
Then she added the pictures and posted.
And it went Viral.



Sara pov

“Doctor please, give me a little more chance, I promise to bring the money before the month end. Please don’t leave my dad this way. Please treat him and make him live. Please I beg you.” I cried, holding his hands.

“Excuse me madam. This is what you’ve been saying for five months now. You are not helping matters. I’m sorry to say this, but if you don’t get the complete money in Two weeks, then, we would have no other option than to drop him out of this hospital.” Dr Redd said.

“No you can’t do this. Please bear with me.” I cried.

“The help we can render is when the bill is paid. Well, we will still be giving him a little checkups. Excuse me now,” he said and with that, walked out.

I rushed to dad and took his hand. “I’m sorry dad, everything will be alright OK?, your daughter is a really strong lady and will do her best in these two weeks to get the money. I promise. Please live for me OK, I have no one else dad.” I wiped my tears.

“Dad, I have to go now. I will come back in the night to stay with you, I promise.”

I kissed his hand. “See you soon dad.” I said and with that, I stood up and headed out.

‘My name is park Sara, I call myself an unfortunate human being. I’ve always been unfortunate since I was born.” I wiped my tears.

‘My mom died few hours after she delivered me and I grew up with my dad. I was hated by so many because they thought I was the reason for my mom’s death. I shouldn’t have been born, then my mother would have lived. I would crawl into a hole and cry till my dar finds me and try making me believe that it is his fault. I never understood.’

‘I loved my dad so much and always had big dreams of becoming so rich and giving him the best things in the world but even at age twenty five, I’ve never fulfilled any of that, instead I caused this for my dad. If only I haven’t told him to come to my shop because I had a little suprise for him. I wanted to wish him well on his new job. Whatever I do never turns out good. He ran into an accident on his way all because of me. I accept that I killed my mom but I can’t kill my dad too. I have to do something. The money.. I have to find it.. No matter how. I can’t loose my dad, if I do then I’m going with him. He’s all that I g-‘

I bumped into someone, tripped and staggered but he caught me with his hands around my waist.

I looked up at the face of the person. He had tinted glasses on with white tuxedo suit.

He quickly withdrew his hands. “Are you okay?” he asked.

“Yes yes am. Biàneyo.” I said, bowed and walked away.

‘Who is he? He smell of a lot of money and fame.’

Oh my! Isn’t that King J? someone said.

Yes, it look like him. The Thailand star from korea…wow he’s super hot.

Pictures please. What is he doing here?

King J! king J!

I blinked when he walked to the patients on a wheel chair and touched their hands one after the other.

oh my! It’s really him. Is he back to south Korea.

Gosh.. He’s so handsome and s£xy

“Hey unni” a voice which sounded like a kid’s own called behind me. I turned and I was right.

It’s a little kid.

She held a camera.

“Kid, you called me?” I asked.

“Yes, I did.. You wanna see?” she asked and stretched the camera to me.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“A picture of you,” she said.

“Huh? A picture of me, what?” I grabbed the camera and blinked my eyes twice when I saw the two pictures.

The pictures of the very moments I bumped into him and he caught me.

“Hey kid why did you do something like this,” I asked.

“My name is Elizabeth but please call me Eli and I saw when you were coming. You saw him but pretended like you didn’t. I wasn’t surprised. You must be really crushing on him. Are you his number one fan?”

“Fan? Who is he?” I asked.

She chuckled. “Why are you pretending? Here. I will send it to you. My sister is a big fan of Jasmin Taylor. She’s always talking about him. I know you are just like my sister.” she said.

“I’m serious, I don’t know him. Did you say Jasmin Taylor, who is he?”

“Oh really, then I just wasted my time taking that two shoots. I will leave then, research about him. I don’t have to waste my time talking to you.” she said and turned to leave.

Jasmin Taylor.. Pictures of me and him.

Picture, picture. Wait! Pictures!

“Elizabeth, wait. Wait,” I called and hurried to her.

“What, I told you to call me Eli instead.” she said.

“I’m sorry Eli, can I have the pictures?” I said.

“Really? Sure.” she said.

I smiled. “Thank you.”


(Later, at Saara designs.)

‘Who is Jasmin Taylor?’ I typed on the google search and clicked search.

His biography appeared with his pictures.


Jasmin Taylor is a Thailand superstar model, dancer and the director of Cremé mode modeling company, One of the most successful modeling companies in Thailand.

Jasmin Taylor is from Seoul, south Korean but his mother is a Thai.

At the age of twelve, Jasmin left to Thailand with his mother due to his parents divorce and had not visited Korea since then despite being a superstar model and a business tycoon.

South Koreans think he despise his country because of his father though he had not admitted that.

But in an interview with the ‘CBA news’ he said that, he has no hate for his birth country and might visit soon.

Real Name: Moon Jae min

Date of birth: 25 April, 1992

Born country: Seoul, south Korea.

Current country: Thailand. //

I exhaled. “Really?”

I went through other websites and saw similiar talks about him.

I clicked on the two pictures again.

“What do I do with this pictures.. It don’t even look like he caught me because I tripped, it appeared like he was really holding me and we were looking at each other and wait, is that a tear on my face.”

I zoomed it. “That’s right, I was even in tears then.”

I exhaled and shut down my laptop.

“I have only two weeks to find five hundred thousand won. How do I begin.

Ah I’m going crazy.

Why’s life so hard on me.




I stared at Mr Moon Sung’s bedridden self helplessly laying on the bed and breathing through a coma.

I exhaled and slide my hands into my trouser pockets.

“How could you do this to yourself Mr Moon sung? How could you try driving by yourself when you know that you have a bad eyesight. I hope you get up soon Mr Moon Sung.. Now I’m feeling bad seeing you this way..” I said to him.

Someone I knew already came and stood beside me.

“I thought you were the good woman. Why didn’t you take good care of him enough?” I asked without turning.

“I was the good woman and still is. I have no idea why he had to do this while everyone was out.” she said.

“Everyone you say? (Scoffs) how possible is it that everyone wasn’t around when he got into the car and drove out huh?”

“You can’t ask me that. You know nothing about this family and how everything comes and goes.” she said.

I chuckled. “You think so?” Then I turned to face her.

“Why do I feel like this wasn’t about him driving and getting into an accident?” I said.

“Then what do you think? Do you think you can come back after fifteen years to talk about what has to do with my husband?”

I scoffed. “Your husband?”

“I have to remind you that you were forgotten in the Moon’s family fifteen years ago. Oh and you changed your surname and everything about you in the family. I should be asking you what you are doing here. After fifteen years you finally decided to visit south Korea and come here to see him?”

“This him was my dad before you betrayed his wife, my mom.” I said.

She smiled. “She wasn’t strong enough and I overpowered her. That doesn’t make me a betrayer.” she said with a smile.

I clenched my fist, but then released them, turned and walked out.

“I don’t wanna be noticed by people. Do something about it.” I said to Williams.

“We would do something about that,” he said and we headed to the elevator.

(In the elevator)

“Here’s your mask.” he said and brought it out. I took it and wore.

“People in the hospital already noticed it was you and that lady that bumped into you.. It’s crazy tho.” he said.



(Two days later)


I stared at my laptop, feeling uneasy about what I’m about to do.

“This is crazy. I can’t do it,” I said and closed my laptop.

I took my phone and called Ha nah. “Hello Ha nah?”

“Sara, did you call because of that?”

“Yes, did she like the designs?”

“I’m sorry Sara, she said really annoying things about your dress designs.”

I sighed. “That’s okay. Thank you. Is there anyone else who wants a dress design?”

“no one yet.” she said.

I exhaled. “It’s okay. Are you done sewing Mrs Boram dress?”

“Almost. I would bring it in few hours.” she said.

“Okay, bye for now.”


The call dropped.

I sighed. “I don’t have much time.”



(Jasmin’s residence)


The door opened and Williams walked in.

“J, someone is here to see you.” he said.

“Who?” I asked.

“Your your.. No, Moon Young.” he said.

I narrowed my brows, “Moon Young?”


“Why is he here?”

“He said he wants to meet you for the first time and he added brother.” Williams said.

I chuckled, sat up and wore my slippers.

We walked out and there he was, sitting crossed legs with headphone on his head.

He saw me and smiled.

“Wow.. I’m actually seeing a Thailand superstar for the first time. I’m so excited.” he said, stood up and removed the headphone.

“Can I hug you hyung?” he asked.

“No, you can’t. Sit down. How did you find where I am?” I asked and sat down on the opposite couch and crossed my legs.

He sat back down.

“Oh my.. Hyung you look so handsome. I wish I had your look too. Wait, did you undergo the knife?” he asked.

“What?” That was Williams.

“I mean, plastic surgery? I wanna do that too but there’s no need anyways, since I’m not an idol like you are. It’s common for you superstars to undergo plastic surgeries to look more handsome.” he said.

I chuckled.

“I didn’t undergo that.” I said.

“I understand. They don’t admit to it.” he said.

I chuckled.

“How is your studies?” I asked him.

“Cool, high school is fun.” he said and stood up.

“Wow, here’s so nice. You are indeed wealthy. I’m your role model and a top fan. Many times I get bullied by my mom for that but I don’t Care. Sometimes I wish that woman never existed.” he said and walked over to a wall frame.

I raised my brow. “Why would you say that about your mother?”

“Right from when I turned one, I found out she was a betrayer. She isn’t fit to be a mother. And father? Well, that man is an idiot. A real idiot.” he said.

William and I glanced at eachother.

“She’s always talking about taking positions of father’s company until I would feel like vomiting. I would never do business administration. Being a pilot is my greatest dream and no one can stop me from achieving it not even her.” he smiled.

“So what do you mean by that? You are the son of Moon Sung. You are the one to take over his company,” I said.

“Who said so?” he asked and walked over. “You are his first son.” he said.

“Not anymore. I stopped being his son fifteen years ago. I’m a son to another man.” I said.

“Yes, that’s right. I wish you aren’t. It would have been easier for me.” he sighed and sat beside me.

“When are you going back to Thailand, can I go with you?” he asked.



(Next day)


“It feel really silly, but I will do it, it’s just for a little while and I’ll be able to get so many customers. I will make a lot of money in no time and pay father’s hospital bill so those doctors won’t have the guts to talk so mannerless. Once I’ve done that, I will stop whatever it is that I started,” I assured myself, calmed my nerves with a chilled glass of water and then got to work.

On my blog, my instagram page, m twitter, my Youtube and Facebook page, I typed;

Awwwwn… After fifteen years of missing my bestfriend, He’s finally back not as my best friend anymore but as my boyfriend. I missed you so much Jasmin . Thank you for coming back to Seoul and to me. I thought you would have forgotten about me and all the moments we shared as friends fifteen years ago but you didn’t and you came back to me. I love you with the deepest part of my heart

#Jasmin #Sara #Oneheart

I posted and my heart beat raised.

What have I done?

God, I hope this goes as I plan.

I gulped down the remaining water.



(Hours later)


“hello Jasmin, is it true, do you know that lady? Was she your best friend years back. Did you ask her to be your girlfriend?”

“No, I didn’t. I don’t even know her. She bumped into me at the hospital. That picture isn’t what it seem.” I said and dropped the call.

“What do we do? This is devastating.” William said.

I sighed and rubbed my forehead.

“Get me a glass of water.” I said to him.

“Alright,” he said and walked away to get it.

Another phone rang.

Mrs T.A.

I sighed and picked up.

“Hello T.A.”

“J, how come? Is it true? It’s all over the internet. Is she your girlfriend?”

“I don’t know her T.A. I don’t know how those pictures got taken but it was when she bumped into me.”

“how will fans believe that. You held her like that?”

“She tripped and I had no choice than hold her from doing so.” I said.

“Oh my goodness… It’s gone too viral.”

“Bye T.A..” I said and dropped the call.

Another phone began ringing. I picked it up.

William came back with a glass of water.

“hello Jasmin.. What’s this on the internet. How could you propose to your best friend without letting me know.”

“Tally, oh my God. Im going crazy. That lady. I don’t know her one bit.” I said.

“what? The pictures?”

“That lady knew what she did.. She bumped into me at the hospital and tripped and I had no choice than to hold her from doing so.”

Another phone began ringing.

I dropped the Tally’s call.

“Switch off every phone.” I said to William.

“It’s your mom.” he said.

I exhaled and took it.

“Hello mom,”

“Son, what happened? Did you really had such a bestfriend then and never let me know about her?”

“Mom, I don’t know that lady. She bumped into me at the hospital and tripped, I had to catch her. I have no idea how those pictures got taken. I think that lady knew what she did.”

“oh my God!”

“Mom, I will call you later. Bye.” I dropped the call

All the phones were ringing.

“Switch them off I say!” I half yelled.

“Yes I will,” he said and switched off all the phones.

“That lady, why did she do something like that?” I said. “Oh.. how could she!”

“We should think of what to do to stop this scandal.” William said.

“What do you think we should do?”

“What else than announcing that it is false.” he said.

I sighed and dropped my head on the headrest of the sofa.


“Yes. You can do that right away.” he said.

I sat up and clicked on the pictures again. Something got my eyes.

I zoomed the pictures and there on her eyes were dripping tears.

“Tears, she was in tears.” I said.

“Tears?” William said and came over. “Do you have to worry about her tears or the fact that this con artist just did a scandalous act. The tears are presence J.”

“I don’t think. I think she was coming out of one of the wards.” I said.

“That is none of our business. We need to announce this false news, catch this idiot and make her pay dearly for this unspeakable act.” he said.


“Yes, really.”



(Next day)


I woke up, and the first thing I checked was my phone and got shocked when I saw 214 missed calls with 50 messages.


That was when I heard noises outside.

“What’s the noise?” I came out from the bed, wore my slippers and headed out to the door. Once I opened the door, I flinched at the number of mics and phones that were stretched to my mouth.

Miss Park Sara, is it true that you are datimg Jasmin Taylor?

Did he really propose to you the day he arrived to south Korea?

As a poor girl, How does it feel being a girlfriend to the superstar?

You both were bestfriends, how did it feel when you both got separated?



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