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Previously on Audio Boyfriend] Teetee

I called him the second time, he didn’t pick up.

I called the third time, he didn’t answer.

I called the fourth and fifth time, no answer.

I smashed the phone angrily on the table.

“How could he do this to me! How could Jasmin do this to me.”

He isn’t in his right senses.

I have to tell him that ‘I love him.

That I want him now.

I grabbed the phone and called him again but he didn’t pick up.

(About two hours later)


I dropped my bag and fell on a couch.

“What did I do? I said yes to Jasmin! Do I even love him? I don’t think so. I don’t think. Or maybe I do. I’m not even sure.” I lamented.

‘How can two people who doesn’t love each other, date? Is that even possible? This feels like a contract date. But I had no choice. I cursed this. I started this myself. I have to bear the cross. I’m happy that my dad is going to be out of the hospital soon. Everything I wanted happened but why I’m I so mad about it! Arghh!!’

My phone began ringing, I picked it and it’s Ha nah.

I picked the call.

“Hello Ha nah.”

“Sara, did he really kiss you or was I in some dream?”

I sighed. “He did Ha nah. Im going crazy!”

“oh my God.. This is awesome!” she said, sounding very excited.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Jasmin kissed you. You both looked great together. I wish this was really true, then oh gracious.”

“He asked me to be his girlfriend.” I threw the bombshell and she screamed.

“What!!” “And what did you say?”

“I had no choice, I had to say ‘yes’ it’s like a contract dating Ha nah.”

“Wait wait, this must be a dream. Can this really be true? Come on Sara.. This is really a good luck. We should be celebrating.”

“I told you it’s like a contract marriage. He wants to use me to forget someone.” I said.

“Come on girl, whatever it is, it’s really awesome.” she said.

“It’s okay. Goodnight. See you tomorrow at work.” I said and ended the call before she will continue.

‘Arghhhh.. I’m really going nuts!’

That night, I visited my dad in Love hospital and assured him that he would be up in no time.

I also met doctor Ji wook who kept smiling at me.

I came back home and had a shower, I had dinner and went to bed with my thoughts all on the yes I said to Jasmin.

I’m really going crazy.

How is this fake relationship going to be anyways.

I sighed and pulled the duvet over my head.


(Jasmin’s Residence)


Coning out from the bathroom with the help of the walk stick., I heard my phone nuzzle. A message.

I walked over, picked the phone and saw it’s a message from Teetee. I decided to read it.

Jasmin, are you going to keep ignoring my calls. Do you know how much I miss you right now. I have something to tell you, please pick up.

I exhaled and dropped the phone, just then it began ringing. I’m sure it’s her calling.

I decided to pick it up and I did and sat down on the bed.

“Hello J, I’m so sorry.” she said.

“About what?” I asked.

“I’m sorry that I took your love for granted all this years.

“What…what are you talking about Tee?” I asked, not believing this.

“Actually J, I want you now. I want us to date. I want to be your girlfriend.” she said, causing me a cough.

I began coughing.

“Jasmin, are you okay? Jasmin? Jasmin?”

I finally stopped and cleared my throat. “What did you say, can you repeat it?”

“I said I want to be with you now. Please let’s date. I’m ready for you now.” she said.

I scoffed. “What about King? What happened to him and your love for him?” I asked.

“King and I can’t be together. I don’t want to love him again. It’s you that deserve my love Jasmin.” she said.

I smiled. “I’m sorry Teetee, I can’t love you anymore. Recently, I found out that you don’t deserve my love but only my friendship.”

“What are you talking about Jasmin,?” She asked.

“What I’m telling you now, is that.. I can’t date you Tee. There were times I was dying to be your boyfriend but not anymore. You should keep on waiting for King, I’m sure he will come to love you soon. Bye Tee,” I said.

“wait Jasmin.”

“I’m sorry, I have to sleep. ” I said and dropped the call. I switched the phone to silence and dropped it far away.

‘Tee tee told me to date her?

Really? What happened?

King must have finally became sincere to her. He told her the truth.

Then she thought she can just come back to me and I will accept?

It’s impossible.

I have something more to deal with, and it’s getting back on my two feet.

I would make her regret ever taking my love for granted.

I made a mistake by pouring my feelings to her.

I should have kept it a secret.


(Sara’s residence)


The continuous ringing of my phone woke me up from my sleep.

I rubbed my eyes open, rolled twice on the bed before taking the phone.

It’s an unknown number. I picked it up, still sleepy.

“Hello, who is this?” I asked.

“You didn’t save your boyfriend’s number? Come to Banville in the next hour.”

Jasmin? Wait, I should come.. Come and do what?

“What? It’s too early, what do you want me to come and do?” I asked.

“ain’t you my girlfriend? Come and do whatever I tell you to do.” he said.

“Ah what, what are you talking about?”

“Ahh my leg hurts. It hurts badly.” he groaned.

I gasped. “Okay okay, I’m coming. But I have to go to the shop today.” I lamented.

“ah it really hurts bad.” he cried.

I hesitated.

“If it hurts, you should call your doctor, not me.” I said.

“Of course I wanted to call my doctor, I just ended up dialing the wrong number.” he said.

“Great then. Bye.” I said

“Wait! Are you going to come now or you want to get arrested?”

“Tch.. Are you threatening me? What about you, your reputation. You kissed me and told the world that I’m your girlfriend. What do you think?” I asked, feeling like I’ve won.

“Even at that, you are going to spend a lot of years I’m jail! I would make sure you do! Do you want me to start now?” he said.

I flinch.

“No! I’m coming.. Tch.” I said.

“good.” he said and dropped the call.

I flung the phone away.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!” I cried out in agony.

I’m really going nuts.

I grabbed my phone and called Ha nah.

“Hello Ha nah, I won’t be coming to shop early.” I said.

“Why?” she asked.

“Jasmin wants me to come over. That guy is a weirdo!” I said.

“shh don’t say that. Come on, you should go.. Why not help me say hello to ‘Mr Williams’ he look handsome tho.” she said.

“What? What I’m I thinking?” I said.

“Come on Sara. Just do what I told you to. Get going before you go late. I will take care of the shop. You don’t need to worry.” She said, giggling.

“Alright. I will be at the shop in no time. I’m not spending more than two hours there.” I said.

“you should spend all day if he wants you to.” she said.

I sighed. “I’m dropping the call now. Bye, see you soon.” I said and dropped the call.

Ha nah, won’t seize to amaze me.

Say hello to Mr Williams?

Tch.. Let it not be what I’m thinking.

And that guy!

What right do he have to order me around….

Ah.. I’m just doing this for two things.

One, I caused this.

Two, my father.

If this is the only way to repay him, then I don’t mind doing it.

I got up and headed to the bathroom.

_____________________ ____________________

(Jasmin residence)

I got to Jasmin’s house and used the doorbell.

Few minuted later, the gate automatically shifted and I opened it and walked in, closing it back.

I used the walkway, passing the fountain and finally got to the house.

I opened the door and walked in to see Min ah, standing in front of me.

“Welcome ma’am.” she said with a little bow.


“Uh..” I mumbled confusedly.

“He’s upstairs, practising. He wouldn’t let anyone in. He has fallen so many times but still didn’t let me or Mr Williams in.” she said.

“Really?” I asked.


“But he call- never mind.” I said and headed upstairs.

I got to his practice room and exhaled, before opening the door a little to see him on the floor.

“You are late.” he said and stood up and limbed closer to the mirror.

I walked in and closed the door.

“I’m not an aeroplane. Didn’t you think I would meet traffic on the way. This is morning when everyone goes to work.” I said, angered a bit.

He wore a black tracksuit trouser and white polo shirt.

“I didn’t think about that. Thanks for reminding me. ” he said and replayed the music again.

I stood and watched him start dancing all over again.

He was being careful with his steps.

He danced so well even with his injured leg.

I stood amazed.

Then, he tried turning and fell.

“Ahh,” he groaned and grabbed the leg.

I dropped my bag and rushed to him.

“It keep hurting whenever I try turning.” He said.

“I think you should stop for now. Come, I will help you to your bedroom.” I said and offered my arms to help pull him to his feet.

“Do you think you can help me up. Tch.” he said.

“Come on, are you daring me. Watch me then.” I said and tried pulling him up but we unfortunately fell and because I was behind him, he fell on top me and his head landed on my boobs.

I gasped and pushed his head out.

He sat up and grabbed his leg.

“You this lazy girl. I told you that you can’t help me up.”

“Ahh, why did your head have to land there. I feel like my left chest is splitting.” I mumbled as I shifted and stood up.

“Where’s your walk stick?” I asked.

“I don’t need that.” he said.

“Fine, I will help you up this time. I’m serious.” I said, offering my hand.

He grabbed it and dragged me down to sit beside him.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“Just sit here.. I need to ask you something.”

“What’s that?” I asked.

He looked at me. “Do you think I Can fall in love with you?”

I shifted back in surprise. “What what kind of question is that? How I’m I supposed to know?” I said.

He looked away. “Oh I thought you might have a clue.” he said.

I tucked my hair behind my hair and cleared my throat. “Well it might be possible.” I said.

He looked at me again. “How, tell me?” he seem eager to know.

I flinch.

“Stop that, you are scaring me.” I said.

He sighed and looked away. “Yes that’s right. This time I have to fall in love with someone who loves me, not falling for her and waiting on her to love me back. She has to love me first.” he said.

I blinked twice.

“Why did you have to say it out. What if.. If I fake the feeling of love for you?” I asked.

He chuckled. “I will know. So don’t even try.” he said

I sneered. “Who said I’m going to try such thing? Tch.”

“You just said ‘what if you try’” he said.

I rolled my eyes. “It was just an example!” I said.

“I guess.” he said.

I sighed.

This guy is totally no fun.

He only knows how to be nice.. Why do I feel he’s a bit annoying too?

And I’ve always wondered what he came to Love hospital to do.

“Can I ask you something?” I asked.

“What’s that?” he said.

“That first time and second time At love Hospital, what did you went to do?” I asked.

“What do you think I went to do” he asked.

“Uhmm.. See the doctor.” I said.

He chuckled. “I went to see a man who is bed ridden.” he said.

“A man?” I asked.

“Yes,” he said. “I think we should stroll around the compound.” He added.

“Your leg,” I said.

He looked at it and exhaled.

“Have you treated it this morning?” I asked.

“That’s why I called you.” he said.


“You called me?” I asked.

“Yes, go on and get the treatment box. I will call Minah to get water.” he said.

I sighed and stood up. “I will be back.” I said and ran off.

I ran to his room.

“Ahh this room smell like paradise.” I said and grabbed the treatment box.”

I walked out and rushed back into the practice room.

I dropped on my keeps in his front and opened the treatment box.

I opened the box and got out all the necessary things then I changed my position by sitting with my legs straight. I carried his injured leg and placed it on my thighs then began unfolding the bandage.

When I looked up, our eyes met and I looked away, back to his leg.

“You shouldn’t look at me. Focus on what you are doing. My leg is too precious to me.” he said.

“Do I look like your doctor huh?” I sneered.

The door opened and Min ah walked in with the warm water and towel.

She dropped it beside me. “Thank you Minah.” I said.

She smiled and walked out.

I finished unrolling the bandage the leg, soaked

the towel on the warm water and began pressing it on his ankle and feet.

“Ahh, take it easy,” he said.

“Of course I am.” I said.

“Be more easier.” he said.

“Not again! I have to add little pressure so it can work. I’m not caressing the leg!!” I said, almost shouting.

“Fine.. You don’t have to shout.” he said.




Walking to and fro in my room with my thoughts on Jasmin.

My phone rang, I glanced at it and I picked up.

“Hello ma’m, are you not coming to work today?” Kate, one of my employee asked.

“I am, I’m on my way.” I said.

“okay ma.” she said and dropped the call.

I exhaled.

‘Jasmin, what suddenly changed your mind. Could it be that girl?

Can she be the reason?

Nothing can change your feeling for me Jasmin.

I want you now and I have to get you or else I’m really going to go nuts.’

I grabbed my car keys and bag, And stormed out.



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