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It a very cold evening i sat down at the veranda,

lost in my own thought, everywhere is not just

safe for me and Chris, i was listening to the

music in my phone. Thinking about so many

things, so many questions run through my mind

and i sometimes wonder if i have a family

somewhere else’s or not, i felt a tapped on my

shoulder and was surprise to see Chris, glad he

can be able to walk on his own but still he

needed support, he sat down beside me, i rested

his head on my laps and caress his dark hair.

”so Chris what about your parents? i asked him

but he was quiet for the first time and i asked

him again.

‘i don’t have any parent, i only see them as the

people who raise me, they’re no longer my


”but.. you can’t say that,”

”Angela, can’t you see they don’t like you, the

caused everything that happen to me, my mom

was one of the reason you spent years in prison

i just hate and wish i will never see them

again,”he said.

” Chris,” i called out his name then held his


”you don’t have to abandon your parent just

because of me, they might still thought it was

my plan..

”who cares Ange’, let them say. Let not talk

about them,” he said so pissed off as she sat up.

”okay.. if you insist but remember am an orphan

if only life will give me anyone as my family i will

be much grateful, i wish to see my own family, in

order to have someone i can a mother or anyone

else. You don’t have to punish your parent that

way,” i said calmly because Chris was already

angry i guess he really don’t want to talk about

his parents.

”okay, if you say so,” he quickly said. Well i told

him my ordeal and how i get to meet with Mr.

Matt family, we share our dreams and fears

together but i just hope we’ll be happy at last.






A week later i went out to get something down

the street in the evening when i saw young boy i

guess he must fifteen or sixteen of age, he went

round begging for money and food from the

people passing by, that reminds me of my past,

tears were already clouded up in my eyes i

walked up to him and he quickly rushed to me

and went on his knees.

”please ma’am, i just need some money my mom

is dying, she need to be alive for me. I need your

help,” he pleaded in tears.

”okay then i will help you out, so what your

name? i asked trying to hold back more tears

from my eyes because i don’t want him to see

me cry, and beside i have promise myself not to

cry again.

”am Troy,” he replied back so worried.

”so where’s your mom? i asked

”she’s at home,”

”okay why can’t we go and see her,” i suggested

and the boy agreed to that. He took me to their

small house by the street, his mom was severely

shivering. We took a cab and she was rushed to

the hospital.

”the doctor will take care of your mom, i need to

go home,” i assured Troy and gave them they

little money i had on me.

”i will definitely come to visit you tomorrow,” i

said then left. I know Chris must be worried

about me, i arrived home and meet Chris already

dressed up and was about to go and look for me.

” you don’t need to punish yourself Chris, nothing

bad happen i just helped a poor widow and her

son whom i just meet on the street,” i said then

breathe out.

so what about Tracy have she called you about

any information? he asked.

”no, i don’t think anything bad is happening in

town i know Mr. Matt will be so worried about

me but at the same time Anna will still want to

get back at us,’ i said then sat down.




The following morning i went to visit Troy and

his mother as i have promised, his mom was

doing good i meet Troy talking happily to his

mom, the look on her face could say she was

already doing good, when Troy saw me his face

brighten up and he thank me for everything, his

mom was also glad seeing me but she spent a

while staring at me and i wonder why, did i look

so familiar to her? i asked myself.

”thank you so much,” she said with a smile, her

face also look familiar to me and i kept thinking

where on earth have i ever saw her.

The door was opened and a woman entered they

look so much alike like Troy’s mom.

”am Tessa and this my sister Catherine,” she


”nice meeting you girl,” Catherine said smiling

while i smile back.

”thank you so much for helping my sister,” she


”it nothing, i really need to help her even

because of Troy whom i meet crying bitterly on

the street, then i knew something was wrong and

i needed to help



I have always visited Mrs. Tessa at the hospital,

i eventually become a good friends to them.

When she was discharged home i also went

alone and gave them the small token i have, they

were so glad each time they saw me but then i

was very surprise when i went to their house and

saw something placed on the wall in their small

sitting room. It written: *ANGELA SCOTT* boldly

written in block letters. what my name doing

over here, i stood and kept staring at it, i just

shrugged my shoulder. Maybe is just a different

person bearing the same name as mine.

”how was my design was it good? Troy asked



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“she’s my sister, my mom has been so worried

about her, she made a great mistake of her life

by giving her daughter out. My mom has been a

sadist for such a very long time now but i will do

everything to find this *ANGELA SCOTT* to

make mom happy again,” said Troy.

“but who is she, i mean this also my exact name

am also Angela Scott,” i said looking so


”you are? his mouth was wide open and he

quickly left, in the next few minutes he came

with his mom and aunt.

What actually going on? which i don’t know, i felt

so attached to this family. Troy came in with his

mom and aunt.

”are you Angela Scott? his mom asked me and

her nodded my head still confused.

”how did it happen, could you really be my

Angela Scott,” she said and burst out in tears.

Catherine quickly opened a drawer beside me

and picked up an old photo album.

”do you know this woman? she asked pointing at

the woman in the photo album, i was very quiet

for some time then i nodded my head, i could not

vividly remember the woman but she they one

that raise me up before she later died, i still have

her picture back then at Ottawa when i was just

eight years and ever since then my life in the

street began, i explained that to Catherine.

”did she give you any necklace back then? she

asked me again but i said no because i couldn’t

remember any of this but i guess i wasn’t given

any necklace i told her before i could finish

saying that Tessa was already collapsed to the

floor and We quickly rushed her to the hospital.

Just some few hours later i went to check on

her and meet her already crying, Troy and his

aunt sat beside her.

“Angela, you need to forgive me,” she said crying

and i moved closer to her.

”what going on here? i asked my heart was

beating faster.

”could this people be my family, could she be my

mom? Troy my brother and Catherine my aunt?

lots of questions keep runing through my mind.

”i suggest you do DNA test,” i heard Catherine

saying that and i wonder what she actually mean

by that. Where they not sure about who am i??.

Well i didn’t oppose that we call the doctor and

the DNA test was conducted, we all sat down

waiting for the result, while Mrs. Tessa told me

her story.

“”Angela Scott was born out of wedlock, well i

name her that even before she was born after

her birth. I felt been a useless mother because i

gave her to Mrs. Maria, with a necklace which

her name was written on it, and ever since then i

left and never return to see my baby again, i

thought they child is of no use to me because

she was born out of wedlock and beside life

itself has not been easy for me, i couldn’t take

good care of myself talk more of the baby i

thought it better i dashed her out to someone i

have never known. The only thing i would be

able to the my child with the name i gave her

and i believe that was the name Maria gave her.

I felt so guilty all these years because i have

always hear a voice crying from a lonely place i

was really tormented for leaving my own child to

someone i don’t even know,” she said still in

tears, they doctor walked in and told us the

result and according to the result she is my


What a life! i ran to her arms and cried.

“am sorry child,” she pleaded. I felt so hurt but

at same time happy to have meet my family in

this village now i know everything happens for a

reason if only i haven’t come here i really don’t

know how i will be able to meet them all through

my life. At least i have found my real family who

were also searching for me, destiny has brought

us back to each others arms, i forgave my mom

to make everything move on well and turn to

Troy who was also in tears and hug him, i guess

we are not from the same father but he’s still

my brother because it still my mom who gave

birth to him. Aunt Catherine was also happy, i

can’t wait to tell Chris about this, i know he’ll be

so happy for this reunion after a very long time.



i arrived home that evening to Chris and i told

him all that happen, he couldn’t hide the

happiness in his face.

”thank goodness, we never knew your family was

in this village all this years. What a life, it just

like a dream, finally at last,” he hugged me and i

plan to take him to them so we all can get to

know each other.



Aunt Catherine and Troy has already set the

table, i and Chris arrived and we were greatly

welcome, i feel so happy having my family back

not once in my life have i ever thought of seeing

my family, i thought i was all alone but neither

did i knew their’s a pen in the hand of a great

writer that still write my story, i know the reason

why i have to pass through all these, maybe to

be able to meet with my family at last, if only

Anna was planning something against us we

wouldn’t have come here and maybe i wouldn’t

have ever get to meet with my family. This is all

i ever asked for a very simple life. We all settled

on round wooden table and had dinner together.

This time i couldn’t describe how i felt…

Just then my phone rang and i went out to

receive the call, it was Tracy. At last she called

and told me something which shocked me the

most that: Anna murdered her husband Edward

just yesterday night, but glad she was arrested

by the police, ……





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