Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

It already getting late and i have no place in

specific to sleep my heart began to tremble, life

in street is not that easy, what if am rape? or

something bad

happens? i asked myself i was so scared but

was determined to do something.

I was so hungry for the past three years i

haven’t eat anything reasonable, but all that

matters now is that am out of jail for good, at

least am free, seeing

people around seems like new thing to me

especially when i heard a music been played loud

at the bar. How am i going to survive, i cried. I

kept walking to nowhere

until i reached to a nearby shop i pleaded for a

simple food to eat but i was chase out like a

thief, that same night i still went to restaurant

still nothing good

happen. I began to wonder if am really cursed

why did everyone hate me, some even thought

am a mad person because of my dirty dress and

i also look so unhealthy, my

once beautiful long dark hair is now so rough

and dirty, everything about me is dirty. I just have

to sleep on an empty stomach again, i looked for

a safe place to lay

my head on, i slept at the store of an unknown

person but thank goodness it a save place where

no one can see me.




IT BEEN FOUR DAYS, am still homeless, so weak

and sick i hardly eat, i was gradually losing more

weight. I checked on Elsa’s mother to see if she

will be of help to me

but i was told she has travel out of the state for

a very long time now, i know the death of her

only daughter really hurt her but it also hurt me

too, i really felt

bad not seeing Elsa again, remembering all the

good moment we had with her made me cry

afresh i felt so cheated in this life. Later in the

evening i settled down in a

nearby shop that was already close to rest, the

sky was already filled with clouds and in no time

it began to rain so heavily, everywhere became

so cold, i felt like

giving up i felt like dying but their’s still much to

achieve in life i thought. Angela Scott can never

be a loser, i can never die this way, i said boldly

to myself,

that was how the heavy rain poured on me, on

my dirty dress, my body began to itch me and i

scratch them so badly i just needed a good

shelter and good food that what

i never had for the past three years. Immediately

after the rain everywhere was very quiet and i

was shivering in cool. God where are you? i

questioned feeling so

angry with everything. I still thought about Chris

each day which make tears flow from my eyes.

I heard a footstep behind me and quickly turned i

saw two huge men standing right in front of me i

quickly take a step back, i was so weak and was

shivering but

these men quickly came quickly dragged him and

pushed me to the floor. Now i know for sure i

will be raped because i have no strength to

struggle with them , i cried

out my eyes as they undress and moved closer

to me, suddenly a car stopped by and a man

quickly came out with a gun and scare them

which they quickly ran away, i felt

so glad and also grateful for that person. The

person helped me stood up, the man was cute

but not as cute as my Chris.

”thank you so much,” i said in tears, they man

moved closer to hug me but i quickly take a step


‘look at my dress is already dirty and drenched,”

i said, he held my hands and lead me to his car,

i just hope he’s a good person and will be of help

to me.


He drove in silence without saying anything and

finally the stopped in a front of hotel, i wonder

what we’ll be doing in a hotel.

He quickly came down first from the car and

opened the door for me, i was surprise by his

kind gesture i guess the man is in his late

thirties ot early forties i

thought. We went in and he took me to a room.

”am sorry for that happen to you, well you need

to take your bath and eat, from the look of your

face you seems to have gone through a lot,” he


”thank you sir,” i said.

”am Toby you can call me that,” he said with a

smile. But i quickly picked up a towel and rushed

to the bathroom, i took some time to make sure i

freshen up, i washed my hair so well after like

some minutes i was done i came out with a

towel on my body i meet the man still sitting on

the bed busy with his phone.

”well, here are your clothes and your food is also

ready,” he smiled.


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thanks a lot,” i faint a smile while the man stood

up and left i guess he left so that i can dress, i

quickly apply some cream to my skin and wear

the blue jeans

trouser and pink top, it fitted me so well and i

look so good in it. I opened the food brought to

me and quickly ate it hungrily. I drank the whole

juice brought for

me. After three years am eating such a delicious

and expensive food like this, it such a great

opportunity. After eating everything on the plate i

drank a little water

and i think i needed some rest, to have a good

sleep, i lie down on the huge soft bed and smile

to myself After three years of sleeping on a bare

floor, i said to

myself. I slowly close my eyes thinking of Chris

then i felt someone holding my waist i quickly

sat up and saw the man. what did he want

again? i was so worried.

”i actually save you from that men just to have

you for myself, i did that to have you,” he said,

but i pushed him aside and he quickly grabbed

me tight kissing

me and trying to unzip my trouser, i hit him again

and again but he was too strong. I kicked him so

hard in between his legs and he loose his

balance on me, he was too

heavy on me and i pushed him down, he still

stood up and was moving closer, what else

would i do, i quickly carried his gun on the table

beside and shot him with it.

What! did i just did i was so scared i can’t afford

to go back to jail again, i quickly carried some

huge money in his trouser pocket and ran out of

the hotel room

without talking to anyone even the receptionist

try to stop me but i push her aside and ran as

far as my legs could carry me. I know they must

have heard of the gun

shot and if am caught i might go to jail again, i

ran so fast and look for a better place to sleep.

The next day i quickly left the state because i

was scared i don’t know if the man was death or

not but i guess he’s alive because it was his leg

i shot. I went to

Montreal to start a new life their. But life in

Montreal is not as easy as i thought, i was so

difficult, all thank to that man money i rented a

small place alone the

street and wanted to start up a small business.

Few weeks later, a tragedy arose, the small

house am living in, actually has leaking roof, and

their came a heavy rain that evening and blew it

down. I have to be

homeless again, but thanks to my good neighbor

who allow me to sleep on her corridor.

I sometimes go the bar and dance been back to

old life i actually became a bar dancer again in

Montreal, life has been so tough, i lost everything

and a friend of

mine whom i meet at the bar and decided to

help me, i followed her home and she showed

me her friends, they decided to introduce me to

one of their richest costumer i

guess they’re all prostitute, i was so badly

indeed of money at that time, i need a shelter, a

place to call my home so i have agreed with all

the said. One evening

Loveth their leader took me to one of their rich

customer house, it was very large and beautiful,

we walked in and she took me to his room.

”now freshen up and wait for him, he’ll be right

here, believe me he only gives you what you ask

for, he will give you an empty cheque and you’ll

write the amount

you want,” she explained then left me their.

I have my shower and packed my hair, i sat on

the bed still with my towel waiting for the man to

come, i felt so bad doing this, but i think if i

should tell the man

how much i want i will be rich all my life. Once i

get the money i need then that’s all, i won’t

continue with it again.

Suddenly the door was opened and someone

entered which i was surprise to see the person.

gosh i just f**k up! i hate this person all i my

life. Guess who the person

is, it Greg, he was also surprise to see me.

”Angela, i can’t believe you can do this, what a

coincidence we meet again i my own room. Well

the long awaited time has come,” he smile

devilishly and moved closer to me..



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