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Chris stood outside still lost in his own thought

when he saw Christie was taken to the mortuary.

”what about her? he quickly stopped the nurse.

”sorry she couldn’t just make it,” the nurse said

then left.

”Christie, you should have just listen to me, you

were too stubborn then,” he yelled to himself.

Her family immediately came and couldn’t

believe they lost

Christie, that was a very shocked news for them.

Immediately after Christie burial he sympathize

with her family members and the next week he

travel out.



Chris arrived home with so much sad and he

asked about Angela, his parent was shocked to

hear that, it almost been five years back since he

lost his memory and was now able to regain it

after this years.

”and what business did we have with her,” his

mother asked.

”Christie is death!, he told them.

”what! how did it happen? his dad asked.

”she died in a ghastly motor accident and i

blame you for everything,” he yelled at them.

‘how does her death has do with us”, his mom


”i hate you all, you’ve never want me and Angela

together, even thou you all knew what happen to

me, how could you be so wicked,” he said in


”Christie parents has told me everything, just

know that Chris has disown you from now

henceforth, am no longer your son, even if i get

to find Angela i will forever come back to this

family,” he yelled and rushed out of the house.

His parents couldn’t believe what he just said

they needed to go after him, his dad suggested.



Chris sat on a bench at the park feeling so sad

about how things turn around, he wonder how

Angela survive, although he hasn’t seen her yet,

he felt so stupid for losing his memory for such a

very long time although he knew it wasn’t his

fault, all he wanted to see was Angela at that


”how could God allow such thing to happen, why

most it be Angela, why most it have to take so

long before i’ll get to remember her,” he said to







I walked in to check the children in their room,

Lynn was already asleep while Anton was still


”hey handsome i said and sat down close to him.

”why aren’t you asleep? i asked.

”nothing, am just glad having a good mother like

you, if it was my mom back then she wouldn’t

even visit us in our room, i sometimes wonder if

she’s my real mother,” he said.

”come Anton she is, i wish she’s still alive maybe

she can make it up to you,” i said.

”she will never do so, she’s so wicked you know,”

he said, i said nothing but just gaze at him.



Lynn was seated on her dressing chair and i

combed her hair then oil it, we were all are

dressed, I, Edward, and they two kids, we had a

simple family celebration which was sponsored

by Mr. Matt, it was so much fun. That reminds

me of my life i have always wanted to know and

see my own biological family, my mom, dad and

siblings if i have any, i don’t know why i have to

be alone in this world but then am so grateful for

the new found family i had.




I sat down in my room jotting something down

in my diary. Tomorrow am gonna start a new life

with Edward, this will gonna be for better for

worse till death do us part. Am i really ready for

this marriage? i asked myself, i suddenly felt bad

about everything, i felt like i have betrayed Chris

but i still made up my mind never to leave

Edward and those kids, they are so special to

me. I remembered about Elsa and that make me

to shade tears, i wish she’s still alive to share in

my joy, maybe if she’s still alive things would

have not been this way,” i thought to myself, but

then i just have to accept my fate, let see how

tomorrow event unfold….









I felt so great already because i was

already in my white gown, Edward suggested we

did a church wedding. Everything was perfectly

well, i saw Anton and Lynn so happy, i guess

their happiness knew no bounds, i walked to the

altar, they large church was already filled up with

so much people, i could see Edward already

waiting for me smiling, Edward do love me so

much, tears were streaming down to my cheeks,

i can’t believe i will actually live to witness such

a great day, i walked and stood right beside

Edward, i can see much happiness all over him.

The officiating minister get on with it.

”do anyone have anything against the two… the

priest started and before he could finish saying

that, a voice from the main door spoke.

”Angela! Angela!! Angela!!! I heard a familiar

voice echoed and i was surprise to see Chris.

After FIVE years.

”did he actually came because he heard i was

getting married,’ my heart was beating so fast,

he walked up to me, Chris has changed a lot he

look more handsome, i mean so cute and of

course looking so fresh. I miss him every

moment, when i saw him i still fall in love with

him for the second time again,” .

”Angela,” he called my name with teary eyes.

The church was silent and at the same surprise

even Edward wasn’t happy when he saw him

came him.

”My heart’s is restless, my heart’s stuck on you,

the dreams in my eyes keep shattering, out heart

has been hurt, my parched life.. want to get

drenched in your love again,”

”Chris, all too late you’ve left me just because of

Christie you don’t know what i went through, you

just left for no good reason,” i yelled at him.

”am not here to destroy your marriage,” he said

calmly, i miss those voice of his, i miss those

sweet soft lips and those amazing and firm chest

to rest on.

”then you should leave, i need to get married to

Edward,” i yelled pushing him with my hands.

”Angela, without you in my life am incomplete

but if you getting married to him will make you

happy then so be it, i will forever be a sadist but

believe me your happiness is all that matters to

me,” he said this time and tears drop from his

eyes, seeing the tears in his eyes make me feel

so hurt i know he must be hurt also.

”but why did you ever leave? i asked.

”because when you were in jail, i thought of

everything to do, to save you out of jail, i felt so

useless for not being able to help you out, i had

an accident and everything happen so fast, i lose

my memory all this years, i never knew who you

were!! he said, i was shocked to hear that my

eyes was already filled with tears suddenly i

received a heavy slapped on my cheeks and

raise my head to see who was that i was

surprise to see a tall woman standing in front of

me, she hand over a new paper to me and before

i could realise i saw all the congregation with

the newspapers, they was noise everywhere and

i saw people moving out, everything is just

ruined. Edward was so shocked. I can’t believe

what i read on the newspaper, with my photos

and i was referred to as gold-digger, husband

snatcher, family destroyer.

”well am Anna, Edward wedded and lawful wife,”

she said facing me.

”I looked at the children who were at the front

seat and they kid quickly hurried to us.

”mom, i thought you’re death? Lynn asked so

surprise looking at her father.

”what’s the meaning of this? i asked in tears.

”am..sorry.. Angela.. i don’t know how to

explain,” he stammered

”explain what? i yelled at him.

”i actually took the kids away from their wicked

mother, i did the wrong thing by lying to you that

my wife was death, i did that because i love you,

i don’t want to loose you, i know if i’ve told you

my wife is still alive you’ll never agree to marry

me,” he said but i landed a heavy slap on his

face. ”this for lying to me, i yelled then slapped

him again, ”this for making me trust you this

much, just look at what your wife she have gone

to far in publishing a newspaper about me being

a bad person, calling me all sort of names in

public”. i said already crying, Chris was still

standing so quiet watching the drama unfold,

with a sad look on his face.

”dad, how could you even lie to us telling us

mom was death at first,” Lynn said aloud so


”my little ones get ready mommy will gonna pick

you home,” i heard Edward wife saying that she

was smiling.

”you’re just a small girl, and can’t ruin the family

i have worked so hard to build for ten years, you

don’t know anything about marriage then i need

my children back and my husband,” she yelled at

me which make me cry the more.

”no Anna, you’re not taking those kids with you

to maltreat them again, i hate you and i believe i

will find so much Joy with Angela and they kids,”

Edward boldly said but she slapped him so hard


”that can never be, and you’ll also pay for taking

away my children from me, lying to them am

death and also to everyone and your so call new

prostitute wife,” she yelled but Chris gave her a

heavy punch on her face, which make it swollen


”don’t ever call Angela such names,” he held her

neck so tight then pushed her down. Chris never

change i have always knew him as my fighter,

my hero, he never want to hear anyone call me

bad names he still cares, i thought. Things was

already getting out of hand. I heard Chris shout

my name so loud and he pushed me down to the

floor the next thing i heard was a gun shot and

everyone was out of the church. Anna (Edward

wife) just shot Chris, the bullet penetrated

through him, he spent a while standing before he

fall down to the ground in a pool of blood. Anna

quickly held Lynn and Anton so tight and ran out

with them while Edward quickly followed her to

have back his kids.

”you will never gonna have those kids, is either

you come back home to me or i sue you to court

about this,” she yelled and ran out with the

helpless kids while he ran after her.

Right in my own eyes i saw Chris dying the

people around came to help, my white gown was

stained with his blood as i held him so tight to

me, my tears trickle down to his face. He was

struggling to tell me something perhaps for the

last time.

”i… you,” he stammered.

”please forgive me Chris, i never knew what

exactly happen to you when i was in jail, i stayed

in jail for three years and when i was realise i

was told you left, no one explain to me how it all

happens, no one tell me everything, no one was

their to tell me anything about you, please Chris

you shouldn’t have take this bullet for me, i

suppose to be the one to died, you should have

let me die,” i cried still on his body. He held my

hand so tight, i know he still have a lot to say, he

still have so much to tell me, i hope time will

permit that, if only am given a sand of time i will

make things right again,” i cried.



Deep within me i know i won’t survive, i know

Angela still love me no matter what, am dying

slowly, my eyes are closing slowly, Angela was

right beside me, her dress drenched in my blood

if only am given the sand of time i will bring

myself back to life and live happily ever after

with Angela again. Now i know i will be so far

away from her, till the day we meet again i will

be somewhere and i will always watch over her.

Angela has always been residing in the innermost

part of my being. I have use my last opportunity

of my last dying breathe to ask Angela a very

important question.

”will.. you marry me?.. i stammered and she

quickly answered me saying yes with tears in her

eyes, at least even am death i know i and Angela

have been couples for just two seconds and i

love that. I have to do this to safe her from

receiving those bullet my Angela have suffered

enough i can’t stand and watch her shoot to

death i have to push her down and died first, that

was my promise to her, before anyone would get

her that person have to pass through me. My

breathe stop, my eyes closed and everywhere

was dark.



Chris was no longer breathing i felt it because

my head was on his chest, i cried out my eyes,

but at least i and Chris have been couples for

just some seconds, i wish Chris is still alive i

cried, why would life has to be this wicked and

took him away from me, i refuse to let him go i

hugged him so tight and so wet in his blood…

I then remembered what CHRIS once told me

# FATE is a fickle mistress and could turn tables






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