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The nurses came around, Chris was on a

stretcher and was rushed to the operation room.

”you need to survive this for, please i have to kill

myself if you’ll also have to leave me,” i cried.

”allow me go in, you need to allow me to be with

my Chris,”i yelled while the nurses held me, i

remembered five years back when he was the

one struggling with

the police just to see me in the cell but was not

allow to go in.

”doctor, is he still alive? will he survive this?” i

asked in tears.

”he has lose so much blood, but let see what we

can do,” the doctor said then they all left me

alone, the door was closed. My white dress was

still stained with

blood i sat down on the floor still in tears, if Chris

if death then i couldn’t bear the news i guess am

just waiting for my fate because i might also die.

I wonder if

his parents might have known this and at the

same time i felt so angry with Edward, how could

he be so selfish, if Chris is death i will blame him

for this, because if

only he told me earlier he’s wife was alive

maybe this wouldn’t have happen, i can’t get

married to someone’s husband while the wife is

still alive maybe he should

reconcile with his wife.





”where are my kids? Edward asked looking so

angry he felt everything has been ruined.”not

when am about to get my happiness, you ruined

everything,” he yelled at her.

”shut up Edward you started it all, you ran away

with my kids for almost a year, do you know how

much i have spent in coming over here to

Montreal to see you and

also to publish that newspapers, do you think i

ANNA will let you get married to that good for

nothing young girl and happily live with my kids.

Not even in my dream

will i ever allow that girl to touch nor even see

my kids again. Now is either you leave or live

with us as a family,” Anna yelled at him.

”Anna you’ve never been a good wife and a good

mother to the kids, aren’t you ashame of yourself

even your own children hate you this much,”

”you made them hate me, but believe me it time

to make them hate you,” she yelled.

”where are they kids,” he yelled. Lynn, Anton…

he shouted looking round the large sitting room.

”you’ll never find them, and mind you i will still

have to teach that girl a great lesson of her. I

will teach her how to stay clear away from


husband,” Anna concluded then left.





………ANNA’s POV:

How could that good for nothing small girl just

snatch away Edward from me. Edward will never

have those kids they’re my children and i will

make sure that good for

nothing girl he loves is death, i stood up and

moved to my drawer then carried my gun. Angela

or whatever you call yourself stay away from that

useless husband of mine

or else i kill you, i smile to myself and wear a

black gown with black heels and my glasses. I

picked up my hands gloves and left the house.

Now let see how the event

will gonna unfold…







I was still at the hospital, my heart was beating

faster i don’t know if he’ll survive then i saw the

doctor coming out of the operation room he

moved closer to me.

”are you actually the only person around him

here? he asked.

”yes doctor, what happen? i asked.

”he has lose so much blood and need more blood

which is O positive, but sorry you need to look

for a donor the blood group is rare and it just got

finish in our

blood bank,” the doctor explained.

”doctor, i have no one and i don’t know how to

reach his parents,’ i said in a teary eyes.

”he need this blood urgently,” the doctor said


”then take my blood am also O positive, just do

this fast, please do everything to save my Chris,”i

insisted and i guess the doctor has no other

choice than allow

me do that.

”the nurse will take a sample of your blood for

screening,” the doctor said as he called one of

the nurse and directed me to follow her.

My blood was fetched and was immediately

taken to Chris at the ward.

”doctor what about now, will he survive this? i

asked again.

”sure, he has lose so much blood but now i he

might regain back,” the doctor said and that

make me feel relief. I moved closer to the door

and peeped through the

transparent glass, i saw Chris lying with my blood

connected to his hands, tears flow down my



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”this the only way i can repay whatever he has

ever done to me, to appreciates him for

everything, i now definitely know if something

bad should happen to Chris

i won’t be able to take the news of him being

death because this will only gonna mark the end

of my love story, i would just kill myself. I

needed to go home quick and

change my dress, today is such a very sad day in

my entire life, i can’t believe what i have got

myself into. Why would Edward do this to me,

now am paint black

everywhere, some point fingers at me insulting

me for destroying another woman’s home by

getting married to her husband, i felt so ashame

of myself, i thought i was

doing Edward a favor by getting married to him, i

have to forget about Chris by then just to marry

him but he turn out to be this selfish, i hate all

selfish person!.

I quickly went home, glad no one was their i was

also worried about Lynn and Anton but i guess

they’re with their mother i have no control over

that. I just hope

Edward and his wife will reconcile and make it up

to each other so that their children will be happy.

I quickly took my bath and changed into a

sleeveless gown and my jacket on it, i was ready

to leave when i bumped into Mr. Matt at the


”Angela am sorry by what Edward did, even me

knew nothing about this, i can’t believe Edward

could be this foolish and have to lie against his

own wife that she’s

death just to have you”.

”Everything is over now, i need to hurry up and

see Chris,” i said and quickly left without waiting

to hear what he will say. I rushed back to the

hospital and i

was allow to see Chris although he wasn’t

awake, i sat down close to his bed and cried

afresh. ”i can’t imagine losing you,” i whisper to

him and cried silently, if

only Edward has told me his wife was not death i

would have stay clear from him right on the first

day and his wife wouldn’t have come or even try

to shoot me then

Chris couldn’t be struggling like this between life

and death. I held his hand gently and stared at


”Chris you don’t have to keep your Angela so

lonely and waiting all the time because i can’t

just sit and watch my Chris dying. I felt so happy

denoting my blood for

you, for you to survive again, at least i have

given you the strength to move again, i smile still

looking at him, i then heard a voice outside and i

went out and was

surprise to see Edward.

”what else did you want? i asked him then make

a straight face.

”please forgive me,” he pleaded.

”it all your fault Edward and if anything bad

should happen to Chris believe me you’ll gonna

pay for this, i will blame you for every single

thing that will happen

to Chris,” i yelled at him.

”am sorry Angela, i know i did the wrong thing

by telling you my wife was death, i was just so

desperate to have you, i don’t want to loose you

for anyone, only you

make me happy and only you can take care of

my kids even for the sake of those kids, please

Angela accept be back because i still love you,”

Edward pleaded he was already on his knees

with teary eyes.

”did you realise what you’ve just did, how your

wife even publish my name on the newspaper

making me look as a bad person to everyone, i

felt so ashamed of

myself, people go about pointing fingers at me,

you should have me told me everything earlier,

please Edward you need to reconcile with your

wife, i want to stay away

from your family, i don’t need much troubles you.

Your wife might come back to hurt me and my

Chris again, but this time she have to kill me

first,” i said to him,

but Edward was still o his knees pleading i don’t

like the way he was kneeing down in front of me,

i helped him stood up and he kept pleading with


”everyone need a second chance, my love for

you hasn’t change, i still love you, i will do

everything to get you back, please Angela you

can’t just leave me

because of any other person, consider my kids

and also my happiness” he pleaded, then hugged

me so tight. I was really confuse, so confuse i

don’t know what to do or




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