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I quickly disengaged from the hug, they look on

Edward face was of sadness.

”everything is over now Edward you’ve always

been a good person and i appreciates every

single thing you did to me, but you’ve been so

selfish all you care was your own happiness and

that of your kids and that means you don’t

actually care about my own happiness, i have

had enough in this life you still have a family and

they need

you back, i can only accept you as a friend and

nothing else,” i said then turn to leave but

Edward quickly grabbed me, he looked so angry i

have never seen him

react that way.

”are you leaving me because of your ex lover,’ he

yelled at me and i kept quiet.

”someone who left you to suffer when you were

in jail, he left for the past five years, how sure

are you he even lose his memory, how sure are

you he’s telling

you the truth? he asked and i quickly freed

myself from his grip.

”Chris never lie to me right from the day i

became his girlfriend, and even he’s saying the

wrong thing i will still believe him because he

never lie to me, not like you i can’t believe you

were this desperate to have me and you have to

lie, ” i said so angry and left him still standing




I felt my world shattered as i heard her call me a

liar, i thought i did the right thing, i can’t lose

Angela not now and not ever, everything was

going on well between the two of us until Chris

came and ruin everything with his fake love and

lies, how do i get Angela back. I guess i need to

get the kids first from Anna only them can help

me plead with Angela i know she’ll definitely

come back to me and we’ll have that happy

family i once wanted.






I was still beside Chris waiting for him to be

awake, i know he’ll gonna survive this, it already

getting late and i decided to sleep on a chair

right beside Chris, but i still feel danger, i just

hope Edward’s wife won’t come to harm any one

of us, i was so scared so i have to stay close to

him. I just thought of Lynn and Anton and i just

hope their in good hands. I have always wish

Edward to be so happy so i just hope he

reconcile with his wife. I stood up to use the

toilet but i felt so dizzy and my eyes were heavy,

and the next thing that happen i was already on

the floor..


The next morning i saw myself on the hospital

bed and they nurse came in.

”what happen to me? i asked in a small voice.

”you fainted yesterday, and according to what

doctor just told me you’ve lose so much blood

because you denoted it to one of your Chris,” she


”what did you mean Nurse,’ i asked again.

”you need some rest for the main time and also

good diet, you don’t eat, so you have to force

yourself to eat good food in order to get more

strength so that it won’t affect you so badly.

Well it just a fever and also you stress yourself

too much,” the nurse explain.

”who’ll take care of Chris, am the only person he

have left, i really need him to survive,” i said.

”he also need you to survive so you need to help

yourself also, well am Tracy am gonna take care

of you,” she said smiling the left.

. My body was shivering and i felt a very strong

headache but i still have to managed and walked

to Chris ward. I sat down on a chair beside him

and held his hand, his eyes were opened slowly

and he whisper my name, i felt so much

happiness in my heart and smile a bit, i stood up

to go and call the doctor but i still fall down to

the ground.




I opened my eyes and feel a bit relief, the doctor

came to check on me, i and Chris are still on

treatment but thanks to one of the Tracy one of

the nurse who took good care of us, i have to

force myself to eat so i can get much strength.

This time i was severly sick and drip was

connected to my body.

”so how’s Chris doing? i asked her.

”of course he’s doing so well, he’s actually

recovering,” she said smiling.

”please tell him i miss him so much,” i said while

she smile then left.

Tracy walked to Chris ward and gave him the

needed injections.

”what about Angela, how is she doing? will she

be fine, i don’t want to lose her because she

denote her blood for me to be alive for her again,

tell her she’s a strong woman, my super woman

and i love her more,” he smiled.

”lover birds, even in sick bed you still guys are

still in love well she said she miss you too and i

will exactly tell her yours,” said Tracy as she

went to Angela and told her that.

”well, remember you need to rest more,” she said

to her then left. Angela smiled and wished she

could go to Chris herself but she was still feeling

dizzy and weak.





Anna paced up and down in her room, she felt so

angry with herself and also with Edward she has

swore never to give Edward their kids and each

time Edward ask her about those kids she will

threaten to sue him to court. Her thought was

cut short when she heard Anton shouting in the

room as she quickly went to their room.

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”what the hell are you kids doing? why are you

shouting my name! she yelled at them.

”mom am hungry,” Anton said in a low tone.

”’your father caused it, he was so useless to the

extent of lying to everyone that am death, he

always wish me death but believe me he will die

before me,” she


”why are we always in this room are we

kidnapped by our own mother, you pay no

attention to us and you starve us each day, i

want to go back to my daddy and my new mom,”

said Lynn in tears.

”new mom! oh i see so Angela has also

succeded in making me look as a bad mother to

my own kids, well am your mother,” she yelled at


”then give us food,” said Anton in tears.

”Angela is far much better than you, you’re not

my mother,” Lynn spat at her while Anna grabbed

her by the neck.

”don’t compare me with that girl, or else i kill

you,” she pushed Lynn down.

Anton quickly helped his sister up.

”are you okay Lynn? he asked.

Lynn said nothing but coughed.

”this your punishment you’ll not gonna eat till

tomorrow,” she yelled then locked the door and

left them.

Lynn checked the time it was just 2pm, and she

was so hungry and wonder how she has to sleep

on an empty stomach because of her own






I was quite recovering and also Chris he was

recuperating so fast from the injury, well i went

out to get some fruits that evening outside and

was surprise to see Anna, but was glad she

hasn’t seen me, she was talking to one of the

male nurse i have seen him several times at the

hospital, i saw her giving him something which i

don’t know i only thing i had her say was Chris.

why was she calling Chris name in her evil work,

i quickly get the fruits and went in straight to


”Chris, we need to leave here immediately this

night,” i said so scared.

”Ange, but we’ve not even pay the bills, and you

know the doctor won’t allow that,” he said.

”please Chris i don’t want to lose you, i saw

Anna giving one of the nurse something, i

perceive something bad, we need to leave here i

will call Tracy to help us out.” i insisted.


Few minutes later


She quickly helped him stood up then put his

arms round her neck and they walked out.



They were already out of the hospital

successfully without the doctor knowledge or any

of the nurse.

Angela tried calling Tracy’s line but wasn’t going

through she quickly stopped a taxi and we

entered. The journey was quite far.



The next morning i and Chris are already in a

small village at Montreal, and we’ve got a house

to live in. The village was very quiet with few

people. I have to take care of Chris because he

has not yet fully recovery, thank goodness i

remembered putting his drugs in my handbag. I

was planing to inform this to the police but have

to be clever, first i have to talk to Tracy to help

me confirm if Anna was siding with any of their

nurses in order to harm me and Chris.

Glad Tracy line went through, thou the network

over here is bad i told Tracy to inform about

every information of Anna and any other person.

I walked in the small room and meet Chris. I just

brought some drinks down the street.

”sorry for putting you in this condition, i insisted

we should leave , i felt something bad will gonna

happen if we keep staying their,” i said.

”we are into this Angela, thank you for giving me

another reason to live, you gave me life,”.

”and you save my life,” i said holding his hands

then smile, i feel so happy being with Chris after

a very long time again, but i don’t know when all

this will be over… why is life just too tough???





I can’t believe what i heard when i went to the

hospital to check on Angela, where else could

she have gone too i can’t believe she could

stoop this low, why will she have to elope with

Chris. I can’t afford to loose her i have to do

everything to get her back for myself. Everything

was going on good between the two of us until

Chris later arrive and ruined everything!!!





Something is wrong, i can’t believe they left the

hospital without anyone knowledge.

I won’t stay calm about this, that Angela need to

pay for everything, for messing up with my

family… The game has just began!!





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