Fri. Jul 12th, 2024

Brother Luci accepted his request and gave him the immortal sword .

” watch out to how I will destroy the earth which your father value most ” he said

before he disappeared into the ground in flame.

” this will be more than an ordinary sparring ” brother Lucien said as he charged at me.

After minutes of brutal war between d two of us, I managed to collect the immortal sword from his hand and stabbed him.


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He died at once and turned to ashes.

I tried to connect with Tabitha but couldn’t secure a connection, and dat means only one thing, Tabitha is dead.

I fell on my knees and started weeping when I discovered I was pulling una leg.

Am sowie all, dat was fake, I just want to use it to get ur attention.


Finally angelz do weep is coming to an end, tho it was suppose to end at episode 40 or more but we’ve spent too much time on it because of some certain situations.

And dere re still more stories on queue ready to take ground.



Let have reader’s opinions class before the final episode comes out tomorrow.

I wanna know d character u love most in d story, d one u hate most, wat u love about d story, any error u ve noticed inside it and how possibly u think it will end.

Let d comments start strolling in.

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