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{ And she’s in danger }


Do you know?

You can only be tempted with what you like, the probability of falling for temptation when what you like or love is used as the bait is very high,

But when you’re tempted with what you gat no interest for or you don’t like, the probability of falling for the temptation is very low.

I heard that brother Luci always like to use temptation to divert people from their way of glory, but the one I witness that happened to me, I knew it wasn’t fostered by brother Luci, it was just someone trying to fulfil her unholy desire.

Did I overcome the temptation or did I fell for it, get your answer as the story of my life continues.


I suddenly woke up in the middle of the night when I felt a hand massaging my body.

” what “! I exclaimed when I saw the person doing it.

” Sophia ” I tried to scream her name but she quickly use her hand to cover my mouth and I was only able to muffle her name.

” shoosh, don’t scream,, you will wake everyone up ” she said removing her hand from my mouth

” what are you doing “? I asked getting up from the bed.

I saw that she wearing only pant and bra.

” why are you doing as if you don’t know what I’m doing ” she said coming to where I was, as she was moving closer to me, I was taking steps back, until I got to the wall and their was no place to go again.

She moved closer to me and placed her hand on my chest in a seductive way, that was when I knew that I didn’t have my shirt on again, I didn’t know how it got off.

” please make love to me ” she said rubbing my chest with her hand and taking it downward to my trouser area, I knew the destination where her hand was headed to.

” what do you mean by me making love to you, you just met me today ” I said grabbing her hand midway to stop it from going to the danger zone it was headed to.


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” please just do it, I’m still a virgin and I’ve promised myself that I am going to make sure I get disvirgin by the cutest person I meet on earth ” she said almost pleading

” please stop it, I can’t do it, my body is the holy vessel of the supreme one and I can’t smear it and I’m not what you’re thinking I am ” I replied her moving back to the bed, I took my shirt and wore it and sat on the bed.

Then she did something that amazed me.

She took off her bra releasing her boobs, it was of normal size and it is fair like her completion.

I just sat where I was sitting looking at her like a dummy, I didn’t know what to do and I saw as she started moving closer to me again, when she got to me she use her hand to push me to lay flat on the bed, then she layed on top of me, I didn’t know what to do exactly, her boobs was directly on my chest and I felt her hand slid into my trouser, that was when my head rebooted.

I pushed her off me at once and she fell on another side of the bed and i stood up from the bed.

” please go now before I get the attention of others ” I said angrily and she stood up from the bed and picked her bra ,wore it and head out disappointed.

I heaved a sigh of relief as I lay back on the bed.

” I’ve not even used up to 24 hours as a human and I’m already going through this “I said to myself as I tried to sleep back.

I woke up to the sound of melody, someone was playing keyboard and it felt like it was near the room I was.

I stretched as I got off the bed and head outside,

I was surprised to see Peace ,she was the one playing the keyboard ,the keyboard was placed beside the guest room ,I wondered how I didn’t see it when I passed there yesterday night.

She stopped playing when she saw me, then she started smiling, she stood up and came closer to me, placed her hand on my cheek again

” good morning uncle Ben ” she greeted me not removing her hand on my cheek, she was staring at me again like she did yesterday.

” how can you be so pretty like this “?she asked rhetorically not waiting for me to answer her greeting.

She was looking at me with awe, then she started bringing her face closer to mine, I knew she was about to kiss me again,so I quickly freed myself from her.

” is this yours “? I asked moving towards the keyboard in order to change the topic

” yeah ” she said happily as she sat on the seat in front of the keyboard

” it was my dad’s own but he handed it over to me before he died since I was the only who showed interest in learning it and he thought me how to play it, all what my mom and sister like to do is always listen to it being played, they must be in their room listening to it before you interrupted me ” she enunciated smiling

” did I asked about all this you’re telling me ” I only asked it in my mind and forced out a smile.

” do you know how to play it ” she asked focusing her gaze on me

” yeah, no one can compete with me in the whole of this earth in playing it ” I answered her proudly

” what “! I exclaimed when my answer dawn on me, how could I tell her that I knew how to play it, tho their was no one on earth except brother Luci who can be compare to me in playing any musical instruments or singing, but I knew if I play it and she was awe by my performance, her next mission won’t be kissing me but having s£x with me

” brother Ben, you can lie o ” she said laughing mockingly

” what you meant is that you’re the best in playing it all over the world, your lie has impregnated me ” she added laughing mockingly, she placed her hand on her back and pushed her tommy out in a pregnant woman posture in order to mock me, what she did hit the nail on my head with her words,

I suddenly wish to show to her that I’m not lying, and make her regret mocking me.

” get up “I said to her in a serious tone and she did while I occupied the seat.

I started playing the tone of my best song, it was an heavenly song and I don’t know the translation in English, I could only sing it in heaven language.

As I was playing it, I lost myself in the tone and closed my eye as I started singing the song.

I didn’t know how long I closed my eye and sang but when I was finally through with it and hit the last key and opened my eye, I saw the three ladies and they started clapping and shouting

” wow, I can’t believe I just heard the most beautiful voice on earth and the grand master of keyboardist playing keyboard now,I don’t think I will be able to get enough of this voice ” Joyce said in awe, her behavior said it all, she really enjoyed it

” are you sure you’re a human being ” Efe said looking at me with a suspicious eye and I smiled.

I looked at Peace and saw that her mouth was opened and her eye was widely opened without blinking, she looked like she had turned to a statue, when Joyce also noticed her ,she tapped her and she startling respond to her.

” oh my God, I’m sorry for underrating you bro Ben, this is the most beautiful voice I’ve ever heard and I don’t think anyone can challenge your skill in playing the keyboard ” Peace said looking at me with the eye that depicted that she wished to kiss me.

” but is that your country’s language you were using to sing the song you sang ” Joyce asked me and I replied yes.

” okay, which country do you hail from and you must answer me now, that cute face of yours can’t stop me from getting my answer from you now ” she asked with a serious tone.

I was placed in a tight spot, she looked serious and I can’t tell them that I was from heaven, they won’t believe me and I can’t lie to them. It’s a sin

When I ran out of idea of what I could do, I smiled cutely displaying my teeth in the process

” mom, I must kiss bro Ben, I can’t withstand this again ” Peace said moving closer to me and quickly ran away and she followed me while Joyce and Efe bursted into laughter.

The day was filled with fun, after Joyce gave me a new toothbrush ,I brushed my teeth, took my bath and wore one out of the clothes we got from the boutique.

We ate slice bread and egg coupled with hot tea as breakfast.

Sophia couldn’t make direct eye contact with me because of what transpired between us.

Joyce totally forgot the about her question after Peace chased after me, Peace was really keen on kissing me but I restrained her from doing so, she only agreed not to by making me promise to go out with her and pretend to be her boyfriend.

That was still okay than me kissing her so I concurred.

Efe was the hardest among them, she was acting like she wasn’t swayed by my beauty but I caught her many times stealing a glance at me and every time I caught her she will quickly pretend like she wasn’t looking at me.

After breakfast, Joyce went out, I didn’t know where because I didn’t bother to ask .

I spent most of the day on the keyboard, Peace wouldn’t just leave me alone, she threatened to kiss me if I stop playing it, she said she loved it so much so all I did was just follow her order.

I also thought her some skills on how to play it.

But she was really cool and jovial and loved to play ,apart from her threatening to kiss me, she is good.

I asked her why Efe didn’t go to her working place and she told me dat she’s on leave.

She asked me if I have eye for her and I told her no, her reply after that really sacred me.

” God save you ,I’ll just rape you and make sure I get pregnant before I free you, then you won’t have any choice than to marry me ” she said in a mixed tone, I couldn’t tell if she was serious or joking with her reply, so I just smirked.

After she released me from playing the keyboard, we played and watch movie, she made me forgot about my present travail and I really enjoyed her company.

When it was 5 in the evening, she changed her dress and asked me to change mine I asked her why I should and she told me to remember what I promised her.

That was when I remembered about her threatening me to promise to go out with her and pretend to be her boyfriend.

I told her I don’t need to change my cloth and she said she’s okay with it.

She was very happy walking by my side, even tho she showed me her two awesome cars but she still forced me to trek with her , I knew it was part of her plan to show me off to the people.

We started walking from their house, it was situated deep inside the estate, I don’t know the estate but I know we’re walking inside an estate because of how everything was silent and how every house was fenced and all of them are beautiful.

We were chatting as we walked through the silent road.

When we were about to get out of the estate, she locked arms with me, I looked at her and she smiled naughtily at me.

She was getting what she wanted as everyone was staring at us.

I knew I was the one gaining all the attention but she was the one enjoying it.

After walking for like 1 & ½ hours she got completely exhausted.

She saw a restaurant and she asked us to rest there before we take a cab home.

I agreed and we went there, we sat near the place where we could see what’s going on outside clearly, it was already getting dark and she doesn’t seem to be standing up soon as we munched on the meat pie and ice cream she ordered for us.

Suddenly I saw an evil spirit walking outside looking for someone to possess, it was scrutinizing through the people passing beside it looking for a conducive abode to enter.

I was surprised because I didn’t know I could still see through the spiritual realm.

Then I suddenly remembered Tabitha, I couldn’t believe I completely forgot about her.

I excused myself from Peace to the restroom in order to check on Tabitha.

When I got to the restaurant’s restroom, I connected with Tabitha, and I was surprised with what I was feeling from her.

I could sense fear in her, she was very scared and frightened.

I knew at once that she was in danger but I did not know how I was going to save her

To be continue….

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