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{ the end is near }


I looked at my back and I saw my wings Protruding from it.

” I can explain ” I said with fear as the reality dawn on me.

” you really have a lot to explain ” she replied me looking at me with a terror filled eye , just then we heard a knock on the door.

My heart skipped a beat hearing the knock.

” please hide yourself inside the bathroom ” I whispered pleading to Tabitha but she stood where she was not moving.

” I promise to explain everything to you, please just do me this single favour of hiding yourself ” I whispered with rubbing my two palms together.

” I’m not doing this for you ” she whispered heading to the bathroom

” I’m coming ” I shouted as the person knocked the door again.

I used more effort than I normally use to shut the wings in before I opened the door and met Mona Lisa standing in the entrance.

” oga talk say make I ask you if you help him see small madam Tabitha ” she said staring at me in a weird way which gat me to look at my back, scared that my wings must have being out again, I heaved a sigh of relief when I saw that it wasn’t out.

” you said what ” I asked her as the fear that flashed through my spine before kicked what she said out of my memory but she didn’t answer, but kept on staring at me.

I knew the reason she was staring, that was not the first time such will be happening.

I tapped her to return bring her back to world.

” oga talk say make I ask you if you help him see small madam Tabitha ” she said again stuttering in the process.

” no, I haven’t seen her ” I lied to her and close the door and locked it from behind.

Tabitha came out of the bathroom at once and sat on the bed.

I moved closer to her and knelt down.

” do you remember this ” I said bringing out my wings and she opened her mouth wide in awe.

” you, you ,you ” she stuttered without being able to Make a sentence

” yes , I’m the one ” I interrupted her when it seems she couldn’t make a complete sentence.

I explained everything to her from the genesis, how she managed to see me then, how we always played before she was born, how she even love me then not sparing any detail out.

I told her how I lost my position when I save Nina .

I couldn’t tell what was going through her mind as I narrate everything to her because her expression and mood didn’t change.

After I finished with my narration, she didn’t utter any word, just sat where she was looking at me with a look I couldn’t decipher its content and this made me a little bit scared.

” thanks for saving Nina and sorry for your circumstances because you choose to save my sister ” she finally utter making me feel a bit at peace.

” tho I’m a little angry because I lost my mom and lost 9 years of my life to oblivion because of the incident that occurred then ” she paused using her hand to clean the tears that has already escaped from her eye lid to her beautiful face.

” but it wasn’t your fault and from what you said, you’ve done more for me and it will be shameful of me to hold those two misfortunes that occurred to me on you , I still love you and believe me, your secret is safe with me” she said bringing her face closer to mine and kissed me deeply.

The kiss this time was short unlike the other ones..

” I’ve to go, dad must have turned every where upsidedown looking for ” she said after disengaging the kiss.

And started heading to the door.

” promise me one thing ” she said stopping abruptly when she was about to get to the door.

” what’s that ” I asked her looking into her beautiful eye.

” promise me that you will never leave alone ” she said startling me and I was lost of words.

What she asked me to promise her was impossible because I was just another pawn on the game board of the supreme one and he only knows his next move.

” I don’t know ” I answered her looking perplexed.

” okay, we will talk later ” she said looking disappointed and headed out.

I sat down on my bed thinking about what she asked me to promise her, then suddenly a dark smoke started emitting from the floor of my room ,almost the same as the one that appeared in Tabitha room .

I quickly grabbed my sword from where I placed it and stretch it at the flame ready for anything coming out of it.

I watched as the flame started transforming and later moulded out a man , he was in black and backing me, but I could easily tell that it was the person that saved the leader last time and looking at his back, I could tell that I knew him from somewhere.

” brother Luci “! I exclaimed as the person turned to face me.

” long time my boy ” he said smiling devilishly.

” how could this happen, are you the ruler that that evil man spoke of yesterday ” I asked looking perplexed

” yes my boy ,I’m the ruler, the strongest, the powerful and the greatest man on earth ” he screamed in an awfully terrified voice and lightning started striking unceasingly.

I wondered in my mind if people heard him.

Truth be told ,I’ve been looking forward to the day I will meet brother Luci, rebellious or no rebellious, I like him, he’s the one who brought himself down to my level and became my friend in heaven when other angels refused to, thought me how to sing and play all kind of musical instruments.

I liked him so much that some days after his rebellion, I’d to fought the thought of joining him on earth and here he is standing right in front of me.

I felt like hugging him but restrained myself against it.

” why are you here ” I asked with a stern voice trying to hide what I really felt like asking behind it.

He’s now the antagonist whom I have to protect Tabitha from.


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” just here to see my boy it’s been long since I saw you, I missed you ” he said looking like he meant it.

But what have learned in heaven and some things I’ve came to know about brother Luci is never to let your guard down when you’re with him,because brother is very manipulative ,cunning and very wise.

” thanks, but if you’ll please excuse me I have someone to protect ” I said pretending as if I was going out.

I knew staying with him for a long time can be very harmful, he can easily get into my head if that is his mission.

” is this how you’re going to treat me, after many millenniums of years that we’ve seen ourselves ” he said looking pitiful

” I’m sorry , but you know am here on an assignment and I can’t anchor a get together party right now ” I said trying to hide all what I was really feeling like saying.

” do you think the supreme is going to let you off or have mercy on you after all you’ve done on earth, even if you jump in a lava just to show that you’re still doing what he sent you to, you’re merely wasting your time” he said moving closer to me as the reality of what he said dawn on me.

I stood transfixed at the spot I was and I felt all my morale racing out of my body.

” I’ve missed you Benmanna and I would love to have you with me, no matter what you do, join my course and you’ll be free to do anything you wish, love anyone you wish to love without being scared of anyone ” he said placing his hand on my shoulder.

It was an enticing offer but he has to do more than that if he want to tempt me.

” would I be able to live and love Tabitha happily ” I asked him removing his hand from my shoulder, I was fully aware that Tabitha had to be sacrificed in order for his course to fully kick start and I was sure that brother wouldn’t come here to ask me to sacrifice her in order to join his course.

There must surely be an hidden agenda behind his visit,.

Brother Luci is wiser than that,

I thought within myself.

” no, no ” I suddenly scream

” what have you done ” I screamed loudly in a thunder like voice and quickly grabbed my sword.

” you’ve really grown, not that kid I always hangout with because of pity ” he said laughing wildly and brought out the immortal sword, it was not longer like it was before again, that was when I was able to solve another puzzle about the attack of the other day.

Some part of the sword was melted into the sword the evil armies used that day, that was why it was able to make me bleed but lack potency as the real sword.

” yes, I’m here to distract you while your precious perfect one is being kidnapped ” he said pacing around the room slowly in a proud manner.

” no ,that can’t be possible,it’s daytime and it should be easy for me to sense any evil being around” I said looking worried.

” hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha, yes you should just that I had help from someone who isn’t evil in look but evil in thought” he said confusing me.

I ran outside and everywhere was silent. I ran downstairs and I saw Mona Lisa, but she’s stiff, she wasn’t breathing and not moving, she looked like she was glued to the spot she was, I ransacked the whole house and it was the same for everybody, only that Tabitha was not among the everybody.

I quickly connected to her and was successful with the connection, I brought out my wing and was about to fly when I saw a dagger flying towards me, I quickly dodged it.

” going somewhere ” brother luci said laughing wildly, attacked me at once with the immortal sword.

It was a brutal fight between the two of us, we were of the same strength, if I was still an angel, I would have defeated him easily and the sword in his hand was giving him an upper hand over me.

I was doing a great job blocking the sword from getting into my body.

It got to a point that he finally knocked me down

As he wanted to stab me I screamed out.

” killing me and killing Tabitha is only a waste, even if you extract the water of life from Tabitha’s body, you won’t be able to lay your hand on the hakintolite water ,you know it only spring in the chamber of the supreme one and you can get there ” I shouted at him.

” not if I have help from someone closer to the chamber ” he said laughing wildly again.

” help ” I muttered surprise

” yes, I gat help, all these should have ended long time ago if not that of you who interrupted the plan ” he said looking at me with disgust.

” brother Lucien ” I muttered slowly and lowly.

” you’ve really gotten wiser, I accolade you for that, but it’s too late for you now ” he said proudly.

” but brother Lucien can’t do that, no he won’t do that ” I muttered weakly.

” yes he can and will do that because he’s been with me from the beginning of time, he was my lifeline, that was why I left him in heaven during my rebellion in case things went south, we didn’t do anything the last time he came as a guardian angelbecauae I want him to earn the trust of the supreme one and earning it means that he will be sent down again when we will kick start our plan at once because he has already gotten the hakintolite water but you intercepted him and came in his stead, but now, he’s breached the heaven’s portal ,remember when a disruption occured in heaven, now he’s here with the hakintolite water” he said proudly looking at me with the eye of the victorious one.

Suddenly, someone with wing flew over to where we were standing, I wasn’t a little bit bittered to confirmed all what brother Luci said when I saw the person to be brother Lucien.

” long time Ben ” he smirked at me and I stared at him with a bitter eye.

” go Lucifer, the girl is already in the coven , leave Ben to me, we both have an unfinished business to attend to ” he said with a wicked grin on his face.

Brother Luci accepted his request and gave him the immortal sword .

” watch out to how I will destroy the earth which your father value most ” he said

before he disappeared into the ground in flame.

” this will be more than an ordinary sparring ” brother Lucien said as he charged at me.

To be continue

Watch out for the final episode

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