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Angela quickly rushed back home feeling so tired

and angry with herself, she wonder why she have

to slap Chris at that time and she regretted doing

that, she was just lost in her own thought not

knowing what will be his reactions towards her

when he saw her the next day at school.


The next day, Angela was done with her work for

the day, she was glad Mr. Matt was very

understanding and helped her atimes.

She went to her locker and keep her pick up her


”Hey Angela, aren’t we going to the sport field,

you know today is games,” said Elsa.

”really!, okay then,” She smiled as she dropped

her books and they went out to the games field

which was very large and beautiful making it

more appealing for

strolling all the sporting facilities needed are

intact. They sat down somewhere on a bench

close to the basketball court, Chris was their

with his friends and other student playing


”i think i need to apologies to Chris for slapping

him yesterday i was so pissed of by his attitude i

guess he was drunk that’s why,” said Angela so


”really? and where did you meet him yesterday?

Elsa asked.

”at the party, and i just hate that Greg or

whatever he calls himself,”

”Greg is kind of bully i also don’t like him,” Elsa


”Chris, you know i really have a crush on him,”

She smiled staring at him from the basketball


”really, he’s so cute you know but Chris

sometimes think so highly of himself, i really

don’t want you to get hurt emotionally. Angela it

will be better if you just

forget him,” Elsa cut in.

”okay then, but i hope he’s friends won’t get

mad at me for slapping him. But Elsa i didn’t

force this feelings to myself, i really like him, i

love everything

about Chris but… i.. guess you’re right he’s

actually not my type, atimes i dream too big,

who will ever like to love a poor girl, a bar

dancer like me” She concluded with sad face.

”Come on Ange’, am sure he also like you, all am

saying is just becareful i really don’t want to see

you get hurt,”

”thank you Elsa,” she smiled.


”oh mehn here is she,” Greg quickly sight Angela

and point at her.

”She’s just something else, she fought with Fiona

and now she has the guts to slap me,” Chris

moved closer to her until their chest touched

while Angela moved a little bit backward but he

pull her closer and grabbed her dress by the



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”the next you try this to me, believe me i will

make sure you suffer,” he yelled and pushed her

to the ground but Elsa was quick as she held her

supporting her from not falling down.

”Angela is such a stubborn person,” Greg glare at

her while Leam was laughing.

”this just a warning,” Chris concluded then

walked away.

. ”are you sure you’re doing okay? Elsa asked so


”am fine,” Angela smile back as she hurriedly left

to class.


**A week later**

Angela was done with her punishment, that was

really relief for her because she has a tough time

throughout the two weeks she appreciates Elsa

effort to help her out.


It was weekend, Angela was dressed and was

already at Elsa’s house to start the rehearsals.

Elsa’s mother was glad to see Angela and

appreciates her for helping her daughter out.

When Elsa and Angela were done with the

dancing they played and had so much fun. Later

in the evening they had dinner together before

Angela later return back home.


Angela was still in the class feeling so

uncomfortable by the way Fiona was staring at


”what that look for huh? She asked aloud.

”really! are you talking to me Angela! the battle

has been drawn between the two of us you

know,” she smirk at her.

”oh..that will gonna be interesting, then am ever

ready to fight you,” She laugh as she walked out

of the class.

”gosh! this Angela is something else,” said Lisa

with a frown face.

”Fiona will gonna deal with her,”.

”we gonna help you put Angela in her right place

Fiona, so no need to worry,” Lisa assured her.


Early in the morning, Angela woke up and got

dressed immediately as she walked to the

riverside and sat down all by herself.

”What the essence for me living, who am i doing

all this for? even if i eventually made it who will

celebrate me, just because am an orphan no one

really want to hear from me, the fact that am an

orphan doesn’t mean i don’t have the right to

talk .. She was so lost in her thought until she

later realise it was already time for school as she

quickly dressed up and left.


Throughout the day lessons Angela has been

sleeping in the class.

”Angela you look so moody today, are you sick?

Elsa asked.

”sick? no of course am just thinking about

someone,” She said as she stood up.

”someone? is it Fiona?

”Fiona! i gat important people to think about not

that brat you know, am just feeling so sleepy, i

just hate my life you know, i wake up with this

feeling.. this feeling i can’t even explain i feel

like am a bad person,”

”of course you’re a terrible bad person, going

around dancing with good for nothing boys all

round the club and parties, you are nothing but a

prostitute,” said Fiona as she walked to the


”okay Fiona, let see who is the prostitute

between Angela Scott and Fiona Morgan,” Angela

replied smiling.

”let get out of here Elsa,” she said as they left

Fiona still standing their.


Angela sat down almost in tears.

”why is Fiona just like that, why can’t she leave

a poor child like me,” she said almost in tears.

”come on Ange’, don’t tell me what Fiona say

will gonna make you cry, i thought you’re use to

her by now,”.

”use to her insults! i can’t tolerate that, am just

tired am gonna quit,” Angela said.

”Quit is only for losers you’re not a loser Angela,

i thought you’re strong,”

”haven’t i been strong enough! tell me Elsa what

else did the world want me to do, i.. can’t ..

”Angela you’ll never reach your destination when

you stop and throw stones at every dog that

barks, you don’t need to talk all the time…

”No Elsa i won’t let anyone take my silence as

my weakness, i guess Fiona just want to ruin my


”well i have an idea,” Elsa thought for a while

then whisper something to Angela.

”are you sure this will gonna work? Angela asked

so surprise.

”trust me, no on will dare try to mess with

Angela,” Elsa replied smiling.

”thank you so much Elsa,” she smiled back.

”i have good news, their will be dancing

competition by next week in the school Fiona will

also gonna contest with her team, and not only

that every student is expected to join a club. We

gonna join music and dancing club,” said Elsa.

”really! i love that, we need to register our name


”sure, we have to do that immediately,” Elsa



Angela and Elsa was done with the registering, it

was already club time. Angela and Elsa moved to

her club too, their were too much people in

music and dancing club but what surprise Angela

most is that Chris is also part of the club, he’s

their president and their patron was Mrs. Willa.

Angela was also surprise to see Fiona and

her friends they club is filled with naughty people

but she was glad Greg wasn’t in the club.

Due to their population the patron suggested to

share them in four group and after that they

group was been announced, Chris and Angela

were in the same group with twelve others while

Fiona belonged to second group, and Elsa to the

third group.

”At least am free from that bitch,” said Angela to

herself referring to Fiona.

Fiona saw Angela as she give her a look as she

moved close to Chris.

”too bad we are not from the same group, but

that won’t stop us from been close,” she said


”sure,” he smiled back.

Angela sat down with the others student waiting

for Chris to say something as the president of

the club.

”gosh! how am i gonna cope with this Chris who

don’t even love me? she thought to herself.

”and you,” Chris pointed at Angela from where

she was sitting.

”you seems to be absence minded, we don’t

need people like you who can’t concentrate or

are you thinking about your damn good for

nothing boys at parties you’ve been attending,”

He said while everyone laugh.

”enough of that Chris,”, she muttered slowly to

herself as she stood up to leave.

”and where the hell are you going to? no one

walked out of me like that,” he yelled at her.

”then Angela Scott will be the first person to do

so,” she said so angry as she turn to leave but

Chris pull her back and grabbed her by her



what did you think of Chris and Angela being in

the same club??



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