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“What’s the meaning of this in my house” Ranking asked with surprise as he stood at the entrance of my room looking shocked.

” How do I get myself out of this shit now ” was the thought that ran through my mind as I stood in front of Ranking as the fear of been thrown out gripped me.

” I, I , I am just, you know ” I stuttered thinking of an excuse to give

” I’m just practicing ” I said waving the sword in my hand in the process and Ranking shifted back a bit in fear

” I’m sorry ” I quickly apologized

” really “? Ranking asked looking at me with a mixed feeling gaze, one I couldn’t decipher the message it was sending.

” but how did you brought all these in ” he said pointing at the sword and armour I had on

” because I can’t remember seeing it with you yesterday when we were talking ” he added still looking at me with that same gaze.

” it was in my hand, maybe you didn’t notice it ” I replied him confidently.

” maybe ” he said entering my room.

” this looks like real gold ” he said touching my armour

” how did you get it ” he asked looking friendly now.

” I don’t know if it’s made up of real gold but it was gifted to me by a very rich and powerful man who wanted me to protect one of his cherished person ” I answered him grinning.

” very good, and were you now able to protect the person’s cherished one ” he asked taking keen interest in my reply

” I don’t know but currently I’m still doing fine concerning the person ” I answered him praying he doesn’t make more inquiry about the person.

He suddenly did something that surprised me, he went on his kneels and held my hand

” for some days now, I’ve been having some weird and scary dreams about Tabitha, it always start with her been pursued by someone covered in black, then she will fall into a big hole filled with many people covered in black, then they, then they” he paused and I could see that tears waa strolling down his face, he wiped his face with an handkerchief

” they always cut her flesh bit by bit while she scream in pain as they do it , I’m not the Joseph type and I rarely dream and when I do, but I have been having the same dream since the day her sister almost died, you can see my reason for wishing to send you to prison when I heard you kidnapped her, I thought it was related to the dream •••{ same day I lost my place as an angel}••• I had the same dream again last night just a little different” he added and paused

” what difference ” I asked impatiently

” you were inside it, wearing this same armor and this sword in your hand ,you defended her with all the strength you got, it even got to a point that you were weakened by the people in black but you didn’t give up and protected my precious little girl, I was very happy when I woke up from the dream because taking you in was the right thing, I wanted to come and thank you this morning even tho I found it unreasonable but I just felt the urge to do it and you can see how surprised I was when you opened the door and I saw you in the same armour ” he said staring at me .

” it’s okay, it’s just a dream ” I said trying to lift him from the floor but he resisted.

” I knew it was a dream but I’m sure it holds a significant meaning, Tabitha as you see, is my life, if anything should happen to her, then I might not find any reason to continue gracing this earth. You’re still young, looking at you, you can’t be more than 22 but I’ve heard how strong you’re from Tabitha and the officer you knocked out, please protect my daughter, I haven’t been helpful towards her since she lost her mom with all I did but please help me to be helpful to her, this I plead of you ” he said with a sober voice.

His voice and actions portrayed his sincerity towards all he said and I felt a great urge travelling inside me to protect Tabitha more.

” I swear to you that I will do all in my power to protect your girls, even if it will drain me of the last breath in me ” I said crossing my heart.

” I trust you, change and come down for breakfast ” he said leaving my room.

“Okay, I will ” I screamed at his back.

A faint smile which didn’t last grace my lip as fell down with my back on the bed.

Then when the thought of what happened that night flashed my mind, the smile disappeared at once.

Everything didn’t make sense, I didn’t think Yemi had a hand in it but why did they installed and press the doorbell before they came in, who’s the ruler, who was the one who came to rescue the leader, how did their sword managed to injured me.

My mind was cramped as different sought of rhetoric questions passed through it.

Then remembering about Precious solved the mystic doorbell for me, she might the one that installed the doorbell to alert me of the evil ones presence, maybe she knew I was no longer an angel and would find my way back to the house, so she created the bell to alert me.

She must have placed the darkness I felt from it when I was near it in order to gain my attention to it.

That was the best reasonable reason I could find for the mystic doorbell or why will the evil ones create awareness of their presence .

After trying to get answers for the remaining puzzles but couldn’t, I stood up from the bed and took my armour off, i looked at my bedshit and saw it stained with blood, blood invisible to human.

I ignored it and took a shower before wearing the clothes I’ve been wearing for more than three days because I don’t have any to change into.

The clothe I had on and my slippers were the only things Joyce got for me and I didn’t leave behind.

After I was through ,I moved downstairs to the dining room but it was just being set by Mona Lisa the maid.

I grunt in disappointment because I was very hungry, courtesy of the war I fought that night.

I head to the sitting room and saw Tabitha and Nina their, they were watching movie , no the right expression was that the movie watching them because they were deeply engrossed with their chitchat than they were with the movie the TV was displaying.

” good morning girls ” I greeted them so they could notice my presence as I helped myself to one of the fancy chair in the room.

” good morning uncle Ben ” they both greeted replied my greeting together ,but their reply was accompanied with a kind of look that depict that I might be the one they were discussing.

” Ben ” I said pretending to be interested in the movie the TV was displaying.

” what do you mean ” Tabitha asked looking at me

” call me Ben, spare me that uncle or usage of formal speech ” I replied not taking my gaze from the TV.

” okay , Ben ” Tabitha answered with a sweet voice that was beyond perfect, to my ear, it was like a beautiful tune was played.

I didn’t say a word again, rather I pretended to be watching the movie, they were whispering now and giggling at interval, I was damn sure then that I was their topic sentence.

They were both stealing glances at me and smiling but I pretended not to notice.

I thought my beauty as people always say was the reason.

” uncle Ben, sorry, Ben, have you ever had a plastic surgery before ” Tabitha asked diverting my attention from the movie which I didn’t even know what was going on in it.

” no ” I replied turning to face them

” ara you a Nigerian ” she asked again following my reply

” you can say that ” I replied smiling cutely and I could see vividly Tabitha’s cheek turning red.

” that’s very hard to believe ” Nina said contributing to the conversation for the first time.

” you’re not the first to say that ” I said smiling

” and I won’t be the last” she replied and the three of us bursted into laughter.

” looks like you’re all enjoying your time with Ben, sorry to kill the atmosphere, but it’s time to eat ” Ranking interrupted killing the atmosphere as he earlier stated and the girls grunt disappointed.

They were booing their all the way to the dining room and all I could do was smile.

When we got to the dining, Yemi wasn’t there, we sat down and I felt myself salivating as I saw stare at the different meals on the dining table.

The dining table has a high length with a short breadth, that it made the arrangement to be a seat at each end and two seats at each breadth making the single seat at each length to face each other and the four seats at the breadth too.


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Tabitha and Nina occupied the two seats at one end of the breadth while I occupied the one at the other end which was facing Tabitha’s own.

So I was simultaneously facing Tabitha.

I was surprised that none of them made any attempt to eat, that was when it occurred to me that they were waiting for Yemi.

It wasn’t long before Yemi came out

” wow ” she gasped as she saw me, and smiled at me but I didn’t reciprocate the smile because I haven’t made arrangement for where I would be staying if Ranking kick me out.

She sat at the other end of the length thereby facing Ranking.

A short prayer was offered by Ranking and everyone started serving what they wished to eat.

The girls only took two slices of bread, placed an omelette inside of it and used a cup of warm tea to accompany it down.

Ranking was battling a plate of rice but in front of him in another plate was different sorts of meat, carefully fried plantain and juice.

Yemi was eating spaghetti, trust me, when I say spaghetti, it’s more than that, but am not ready to go into details.

I tried to copied Tabitha and Nina and also took two slices of bread and omelette in between it ,but it wasn’t as if I ate anything, which gat me wondering how the two girls were satisfied.

I didn’t know when I consumed 16 slices of bread but I wasn’t yet satisfied.

I abandoned the bread and settled for yam and rich spice that was on the table.

Throughout my eating, Tabitha never missed a chance to steal a glance at me likewise Yemi ,only Nina stole a few glances at me and I was sure Ranking was aware of it.

After consuming 7 slices of yam, I was finally satisfied.

I drank two cups of juice to escort the meal.

After we were through,Mona Lisa the maid was summoned to clear the leftovers, many which we didn’t touch.

” How was the meal, hope you enjoyed it ” Ranking asked After the maid was through with the clearing of the table.

” yes thank you ” I replied him smiling

” I bet you did, and can you please do me the favour of not smiling again, or can’t you just be kind towards the ugly ones here, must you add salt to our injury” he said and we all bursted into laughter

” it’s ugly one not ones and my not our ” Yemi said and we all bursted into laughter including Ranking

” but dad you’re also handsome, just that when a truck stays beside a tricycle, its overshadows it ” Nina said teasingly

” and who’s the truck and who’s the tricycle ” Ranking asked feigning anger

” you know the answer yourself ” Tabitha answered and we all bursted into laughter again.

” the two of you are getting out of my today ” Ranking said to the girls jokingly

” as long as Ben follow us, it’s okay ” Tabitha replied Ranking jokingly but I sensed some sincerity in the sentence and was shocked a bit by it.

” I think, it was this cloth that was on you when you were in the police station and also the one you wore here yesterday ” Ranking asked me and I nodded to motion to him that he was right.

” I wasn’t able to change it due to my situation I told you about ” I answered him looking pitiful and I really hate looking that way.

” well,after you’ve rest, I will ask my driver to take to my friend’s boutique, you can any cloth you wish ” Ranking said looking at me with a pitiful eye.

” I will follow him ” Tabitha said surprising me and I could see that Yemi was displeased by it.

” do anything you wish, thank you Lord for the food ” Ranking said standing and head out of the dining room.

Tabitha stood up and dragged me up from the table,

” let go to the boutique now” she said dragging me and I followed her.

When we got outside, Aliyu and dandy were talking and when dandy saw me, he pointed at me and Aliyu looked at me and I heard he exclaimed opening his mouth wide

” that I no be human oo, I be baby ” Aliyu said almost in a shout

” shey I no tell you, I be baby wey I they use they sell cloth ” dandy replied Aliyu .I knew he was referring me to a mannequin.

” Aliyu ” Tabitha screamed when he seemed not to be leaving dandy to perform his duty.

He ran to where we were standing

” small madam, I they go out ” he asked in pidgin English

” no, I they go in ” she replied him in pidgin English and I smiled.

” okay, bye bye ” Aliyu said going back to dandy

” Aliyu ” Tabitha screamed again and he ran back to us

” small madam ,I they call me again” he answered again

” when will you learn ” she paused hissing.

” go and get my the car, we’re going Mrs Cole’s shop ” she ordered him and he quickly obeyed it.

Some minute later, we were already on the road.

The drive their wasn’t up to 30 minutes and half of it was done amidst pin drop silence and gaze from Tabitha and glances from Aliyu who kept stealing a glance at me through the rear mirror.

After some minutes, Tabitha raised up a topic and from that topic, different topics started unveiling, we started chit chatting about many things, she asked me if I have a girlfriend and I replied no, she has that expression that shows that she didn’t believe me but she was satisfied with my answer and didn’t question me further.

When we got to where we were going, Tabitha held my hands like we were dating and we entered.

The feeling I got inside the boutique was exactly the same as the one I got the time I went with Joyce to a boutique, just that this time, I wasn’t the only one getting gaze, people inside the boutique were also gazing at Tabitha.

” they are really a perfect match ” I heard someone said and I was sure Tabitha also heard it because a smile graced her lip at once making her more beautiful.

She took me to the secretary of the boutique, she showed her a card and she gladly took us to another part of the boutique to do our shopping there.

She left us and returned to her spot.

The place she took us was filled with no soul except Tabitha and I but fully equipped with CCTV.

Tabitha was the one who was doing the picking while I only did the testing.

After I put the cloth on inside the small room meant for that purpose, I will come out and show it to her, then she will do the final screening and decides if we should take it or not.

Then she gave me a cloth to go and test, the design of the cloth was different complex and almost impossible for me to wear, no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get it on properly,it even looked like a female cloth, after many trial I resigned to trying it and brought it to her that I couldn’t get it on, she laughed at me and jokingly call me a village boy.

She explained to me how I was going to wear it and I returned to the room to try it.

With her explanation, I was able to get the cloth on not until my two hands stuck inside it and I couldn’t get it out,

I called Tabitha to come and help me out, she first laughed at me mockingly when she saw me before she started helping me.

But when she was trying to get it off me, I lost balance and wanted to fall down backward but she quickly drew me to her and we both fell down together, my hands released from the cloth during the falling and I was able to place my palm behind her head in order to avoid save her from hitting her head on the tiled floor.

I was directly on her and my head directly opposite her and a little bit from hers.

I felt her breathing increased and mine .

I wanted to get up but I didn’t know the invisible force holding me down on her.

I couldn’t overpower the force as felt my head moving closer to hers and she was also raising hers towards mine.

To be continue….

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