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{ Mystic doorbell }


Being a human can be said to be a difficult

thing,temptation always lurking around ready

to grip you and the flesh unable to resist it.

When I was still an angel, I always thought the

little one just naturally have disobedient spirit,

that they just love rebelling against the

supreme one’s la!d down rules for them.

Little did I know that being a human is a

lifetime challenge.

I haven’t stayed in human flesh up to a week

and I could already be classified as a chronic


I have really tried in breaking all the la!d down

regulations of the supreme one.

I’ve lied, fought, even disdained my temple.

I’ve come to know that the greatest challenge

is being a human.


” I think I remember “! She suddenly

exclaimed making my face to become pale at


” he is the person I saw the day I ”

“Oga ,the food don ready ooo” Mona Lisa the

maid interrupted Tabitha with her pidgin


” where is the dining”? I asked swiftly asked

standing up. Tho I knew where the dining is

but I didn’t want to make them to

be suspicious of me.

” follow me” the maid replying going to the

dining and I quickly followed suit.

I was showering the maid appreciation in my

mind, I felt like pecking her for saving me.

I turned back and saw Tabitha’s gaze fixed on

me and I quickly turned my head back to

where I was going.

The maid showed me the dining room and left

me to devour the delicacy prepared for me.

I ate to satisfaction trying to shut the little

scenario that Tabitha almost caused outta my

mind in order not to lose my appetite because

of the fear it will attract.

After I finished eating, I went back to the

sitting room and saw that the two girls were

no longer their.

Only Ranking and Yemi were their, Yemi’s

head rested on Ranking’s chest with glass

cups filled with wine in their hands as they


I told them I was through and ready to sleep

and Mona Lisa was called to show me to my

room.(the guest room)

After I got to my room, I shut the door and

took my clothes off as I made my way into

the bathroom inside the room and had a nice

shower, my first for that day.

After I was through with the shower.

I tied towel around my waist and went on my

kneel beside the bed

” supreme one, who made me, hallo be thy, for

thou kingdom is at hand.

Forgive me all my sins, tempt me no more for

I’ve grown bored of it, return me to my

position for I’ve learnt my lesson and will

never disobey you again and if not grant me

the power to execute my mission successfully

on earth.

Hearken unto my pleas.

Yours in truth


I sent my message to the supreme one and

stamped it with my signature name in almost

a whisper.

I switched the light off and retired to the king

size bed inside the room and slept off .

I suddenly woke up to the dinging of a

doorbell, it was very loud and I was kinda

uncomfortable with.

“Who could that be at this time of the night” I

asked myself rhetorically as I switched the

light inside my room on and sat on the bed

trying to hear if Dandy will open the gate for

whoever it was that was pressing the doorbell,

then I suddenly remembered that the house

doesn’t posses any doorbell and I remembered

about the mystic one I saw outside earlier.

I knew at once what was happening, the evil

ones are coming and they placed the doorbell

there to be alerting Yemi of their presence

and she in spiritual form will open the door

them and allow them passage into the house..

I looked at the wall clock inside the room and

saw that It was exactly 1 am .

I knew that their main mission is Tabitha and

I’ve to stop them but I didn’t know how.

They are in the spiritual realm and I in the

physical realm, which means that I’m visible

to human while they aren’t.

People will only see me battling nothing and

think that I’m insane.

I deliberated over it for a short time before an

idea scraped my mind.

I mustered my invisible self like I did on my

first day in Joyce house.

I didn’t know if it was going to work but I gat

some faith that it would.

I controlled my spiritual self to take my sword

and controlled to the entrance of Tabitha’s


Guarding it like a security with the sword in

my hand.

After some time I saw like 50 people in black

and red on a long queue , an old man who still

looked agile with a staff designed with cowries

in his hand led them towards Tabitha’s room.

I presumed the man was their leader as he

kept hitting the floor at interval with the staff.

I looked through them all and was surprised

not to see Yemi.

I raised my sword up glaring at them with a

furious eye ready to attack them.

They suddenly halt when they were about to

get to me and a man clothed in another attire

different from the others came forward to

their leader.

” I think that security can see us” he said

glaring at me

” I also think so but it is impossible for a

mare mortal to see us ” the leader replied the


” and why is he Even guarding the room naked

” the man with the different attire said and I

looked at myself and saw that I was really

naked, I stupidly used my hand to cover my


” and he can see and hear us ” the man in

different attire said and returned to where he

was standing before .

” young man, is it true that you can see us ”

the leader asked hitting the staff in his hand

on the ground

” you don’t need to stress yourself with that,

what you need to stress yourself with is how

you’re all going to escape from without

getting hurt ” I threatened with a stone face

and they all bursted into laughter.

” I think you’re the one who need to run ,I

don’t know how you managed to see us but I

think we’ve the number advantage ” the

leader said and all his crew bursted into

mocking laughter

” I’m feeling good today, so am ready to

spare you if you run now ” he said hitting the

staff in his hand on the ground.

I brought down my sword and did like I was

contemplating on his offer, after some few

seconds I left the entrance signifying to them

to do what they they came there to do

{ Mystic doorbell }


I brought down my sword and did like I was

contemplating on his offer, after some few

seconds I left the entrance signifying to them

to do what they they came there to do.

” wise kid ” the leader said and continued

their journey which I halted before, as they

got to where I was standing and was about to

pass beside me and enter into Tabitha’s room,

I swiftly strike the leader with my sword but

he quickly shielded it with his staff, all his

crew brought a sword at once and the man

with different attire also brought out his but it

was bigger than the rest and he also has a


I felt my spine tighten a bit with the fear that

ran through my system.

The leader commanded them to charge at me

and they all charged

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