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{ Starting my life as a human }


Emotions can be describe as one of the weaknesses of man, and it can also be the factor that strengthen a man, but it all depends on how it’s been utilized,

I thought it was the weakness of only human being, but little did I know that we the divine creatures aren’t left out of it.

I choosed my emotion to my mission and the Supreme one punished me at once, he made me what I never wished to become, if I was transformed into a human in countries like Israel, England or Canada, I might have been happy a little bit, but I was turned into a human in an hell incarnate country.

My Supreme Lord, this isn’t good enough.

I pray my punishment not be for eternity so that I will be able to return to my home.

But I was amazed with the supreme one judgement, I didn’t think it was possible to send another guardian angel over to look over the perfect one which means that she’s prone to danger.

What did the supreme one has in mind for doing what he did, you all are going to know as the stories moves on


someone ran passed me and suddenly collided into me, the person told me sorry and continue with his running.

” what could be happening to me ” I screamed out attracting the attention of people nearby, they were all looking at me with a weird look, I didn’t understand why, I looked at where Nina was before but she wasn’t there again, I looked at the spot where Gabriel and Tabitha were standing before and they were also not there again, it was like the three vanished without a trace.

I was aware what would become of me if I don’t locate them, but what will I even tell them if I locate them, ” that I was once a goddamned f**king angel who has lost his invisisibility because I was trying to save Nina”

Who will even believe my story , how will I survive here without any means of survival, how will I get shelter, clothes and so on

Then suddenly my stomach grumbled, my stomach has never grumbled before and I thought within me what it could mean.

I looked around me and saw people staring at me, I started walking to nowhere in particular, and it was still the same, all the people that saw me were staring at me, I checked my back to see if my feather wasn’t out and it wasn’t.

Then I looked at my body and I saw that I still had the golden armour on with my sword still sheathed in my back and I was also bare footed.

I knew at once that that was the reason people were staring at me but their was nothing I could do about it.

I was curious to know if I still got my wings, so when I saw a secluded open space with no one there,

I quickly head there and tried to bring forth my feathers, I was happy when it emanated from my back but it was not as big as before, I shut it back in and as I wanted to get out of the place and continue my journey, I saw a little girl looking at me,

I guessed she must have seen me when I brought out my feathers, I moved closer to her and massage her hair, I smirked as I felt the girl’s gaze at my back, she was looking at me as I was going.

Knowing that I still got my feathers made me very happy because it also means I still have my power, talking of my power, I tried to connect with Tabitha and it worked, my connection with her made me knew that she was feeling guilty, but I didn’t know the reason she was feeling so.

Walking under the scorching sun was very hard for me , I have never that kind of feeling before, I praised The little ones walking under it without showing any sign of being affected by it like I was.

As I was going, I heard my stomach grumbled again followed by a sharp pain .

Then it occurred to me that I was hungry, I was very terrified by this, it’s really hard being a human, I thought within me as the pain kept on increasing by seconds.

I’ve never felt hungry or eaten ever since I’ve been on earth, tho we eat in heaven but we do so not because we’re hungry.

We’ve never felt the pain of hunger before in heaven.

I kept on moving with all the strength in me, I was sweating profusely understand the sun, I’ve never also sweat before ever since I was created.

Then suddenly, one beautiful car passed by my side, I saw the driver of the car who happened to be a female staring at me, then it halted few distance from me and started reversing, when the car got to where I was, it stopped

” hello handsome ” the lady inside the car said to get my attention, tho I knew I was the one she was talking to but I did as if I wasn’t the one and continue walking, the lady drove to where I was again and hit her horn button in order to get my attention, I stopped this time and the lady stepped out of the car and came to me

” hello handsome ” she greeted me again

” I’m fine ” I replied her and made to continue my journey, she suddenly intercepted me.

She should be in her late forty tho she’s still pretty, I guess result of being wealthy, she was dressed gorgeously and the fragrance coming out from her was cool.

” where are you going, let me give you a ride ” she said smiling

” I don’t need it, am cool, thank you ” I replied her making attempt to continue with my journey and she stopped me again

” you look exhausted and famished,let me help you ” she said smiling

” I’m really okay, thanks for offering to help and am not hungry ” I said but my stomach grumbled again giving me out. The lady held me by my hand smiling and opened the car door for me to enter.

I thought about it and entered when I saw that I didn’t have a choice it’s either I kept on walking and pass out on the street because of my aching stomach.

And maybe it was the supreme one that sent her to help me ,I deduced in my mind as the lady entered the car and started it and we zoomed off.

” what’s your name handsome ” she asked looking at my face as if she’d seen a jewel.

” Benmanna ” I replied her

” you mean Manna as the surname and Ben as the name ” she asked surprised at my name.

How she broke it was really nice to me I found it cool

” yes ” I replied her and she looked at like she was expecting me to ask her something

” are you not going to ask about my own name ” she asked me smiling and I replied her ” no, I don’t need to know ” she was awe at my response but only smiled, I guessed my beauty can do and undo.

” well, it’s Briana Joyce ” she said waiting for me to reply but I didn’t

” why are you wearing this “? She said pointing at my armour but I didn’t answer

” are you acting movie around here and you look like you’re not from Nigeria, which country are you from “? She added but I just kept mute concentrating on the road like I was the one behind the steering .

” looks like you don’t talk much, but we will be going to a boutique so that you can change that cloth and from there we head to my house ” she said concentrating on her driving

” what are we going to do at your place ” i asked shocked with what she said

” you look like you aren’t from this place and seeing you on the road ,my mind told me you don’t have a place to stay, and you’re just too handsome for me to abandon, I’ve never seen anyone as handsome as you before, even in movie ” she replied looking at my face in a awe manner again.

I was surprised how she knew I was without a place to live but I kept mute.

” it must surely be the supreme one’s work ” I uttered in my mind

After some minutes on the road ,the car stopped in front of a boutique, she quickly came out and came to my side and open the door for me.

I stepped out and as I was to put my leg on the floor, the started getting farther in my eye, it felt like the ground was a pit and I was about to fall in it, I knew it was the hunger so I quickly shook my head in order to get my wit back, and everything went back to normal.

We walked into the boutique together like a couple, and everyone’s gaze inside the boutique was on us, it was a large boutique and many people was present there.


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It was like the president and his first lady were the one that entered the boutique, because we got everyone’s attention, I didn’t know if it was because of the armour I was wearing and I was bare footed or because I was very handsome just like Joyce claimed earlier or could it be that I was looking much younger than Joyce, many types of rhetoric questions were bubbling in my mind.

” come here Ben ” Joyce said with a jean trouser in her hand,

I moved closer to her and she handed the Jean trouser to me

” this should be your size ” she said as she moved to the session where shirts were hung.

I looked around and still saw people glaring at me,I smiled at them as I moved closer to Joyce, I saw one girl blowing me kiss at one end but I did like I didn’t see her.

When Joyce was through with surfing out a shirt that was very fine.

She handed it to me and took me to a place with a small door with the inscription ” MALE ” on it

” go inside and try it ” she said as she pushed me inside when I just stood there looking at her.

I entered the room and took off my golden armour,the first time that happened since twenty years plus that have been living on earth .

I looked at the dressing mirror inside the room and I saw that my white cloth under the armour had some blemishes on it .

Particles of tears formed in my eye as I saw it, because it means that I’ve lost my glory as an angel.

I took the white off and put on the shirt and trouser in my hand.

As I came out of the cloth testing room, Joyce eye almost popped out with the way she was staring at me, then I noticed that it was everyone inside the boutique that were looking at me, even guys, some girls left their guys and came to me that they would love to take a selfie with me, but Joyce shoved all of them.

She held me like her darling and told me that we should get more clothes before we continue our journey.

I saw some girls with the back of their phone pointed at me, it was when I saw the flash of the phone on that I knew they were taking pics of me.

I smiled as Joyce kept on picking clothes and shoes ,she saw a fine FILA cover slippers, and gave it to me to wear.

I already wrapped my armour inside my white clothes and held it with one hand.

After we were done with picking everything I needed,

We went to the cashier,

The lady couldn’t help but stare at me as she calculated all we bought.

” please can I take a pics with you ” she asked as we paid her and made to leave.

Joyce wanted to decline but I quickly told the lady that it’s okay.

She was very happy as she brought out her smart phone and left her desk ,she moved closer to me and clinged to me in order to take the selfie.

Her boobs was directly on my chest as she took the selfie but I didn’t see anything wrong with it because I didn’t have any negative thought in my mind. My mind was pure like a snow.

The look on Joyce face towards the lady wasn’t a pleasant one but the lady didn’t care as she was very happy and was smiling as she head back to her seat.

” please can I get your number ” the girl suddenly ran towards us again and asked me.

I saw that every lady inside the boutique brought out their phones at once and placed their finger on it waiting for me to call my number so that they will also save it on their phone

” he doesn’t have one ” Joyce replied the lady rudely and dragged me out of boutique.

Our journey to her house was chatty, as she was happy to share with me about her, she told me she has two daughters and a son, the two girls are in Nigeria while the boy is in Malaysia.

She’s a widow but her husband left her and her children with substantial amount of fortune.

I was able to confirm her story when we got to her house, it was a magnificient building almost like Ranking’s own.

She opened the gate with a remote and after we’ve entered she pressed the remote again and the gate closed by itself .

She took her phone and dialled a number

” come down now, I’ve somethings in my car ” she said to the recipient of the call and hunged the call.

” my maid will come and help you take your stuffs inside ” she said to me smiling.

After some seconds the maid came outside, the appearance of the girl doesn’t look like a maid, she was dress in fine and expensive cloth and she was also glowing and fresh.

She’s also beautiful.

I looked at Joyce with a doubtful eye and she smiled when she saw me staring at her .”

The maid couldn’t help but stare at me, it was kinda getting uncomfortable as everyone kept staring at me, she even banged her head on the car when she kept on staring at me without facing where she was going.

When we got inside the building,I was awed at the interior design of the building

“Take those into the guest room and get the guest snack before you prepare what he will eat ” she ordered the maid and the maid took everything we brought out of sight.

I sat on one of the chair in the sitting room to relax and she sat opposite to me, then I heard footsteps of someone coming to where we were,

” meet my oldest daughter ” Joyce said as the person got closer to us

I turned to look at the daughter and I almost screamed when I saw her

To be continue…

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