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{ Angel turn Criminal }


Some things are just meant to happen in order to favour you, but those things sometimes don’t happen for free, a price must be paid in order to show how committed you are.

These price might sometimes come in a temptation mode, and if you fall for the unwisely idea the dark part of your mind is offering, you easily lose the favour and if you’re wise to rebuke the idea.

Then the favour is yours.


I excused myself from Peace to the restroom in order to check on Tabitha.

When I got to the restaurant’s restroom, I connected with Tabitha, and I was surprised with what I was feeling from her.

I could sense fear in her, she was very scared and frightened.

I knew at once that she was in danger but I did not know how I was going to save her.

But something seemed odd,

I’ve been with the supreme one for a long period of time to know some of his test I knew he was giving me a test, maybe Tabitha wasn’t in any form of trouble and He wants to see if I’ve finally forsaken my mission because he punished me for my sin or if I was now cool with what I was enjoying as a human, being able to interact with people and many others that I forgot about my main mission on earth.

” But what of if it wasn’t a test “, I said to myself leaning on the wall inside the restroom, my mind was in disarray, I was short of opinion, even if it wasn’t a test and she’s in trouble, there was no way of me getting to her, I’ve tested earlier if my teleporting power was working and it wasn’t working the only option of me getting to her fast was through the use of my wing which is impossible because many people will see me.

” not if you fly higher,it’s already getting dark and they won’t be able to see you ” someone suddenly whispered into my ear, I looked around but didn’t see anyone.

I smiled as I took the content of the voice as my only solution,but how to get outside without Peace knowing was another problem.

I knew I will have to handle that by telling her to go home because if I don’t tell her and escape without her seeing me, she will be worried.

I knew she will want to pester me to know where I was going so I deduced a perfect plan to avoid it before heading out of the restroom.

” I’ve somewhere to go, go home, I’ll soon be back ” I said to peace as I got to her and ran out of the restaurant, I heard her screaming my name as I ran out but I didn’t answer her.

I quickly search for a place where there was no one, when I saw one, I quickly head there, brought out my wing and flew high into the sky, I connected with Tabitha to know where she was and flew towards there with all the speed I could muster.

Less than three minutes of flying, I was already feeling her close by,

Then finally, I felt her directly under me, I started descending with speed and when I was about to reach the ground, I shut in my wing and landed on the ground.

I landed right in front if Tabitha, her hands were up and she was shivering, before I knew what was happening I heard gunshot from my back and I felt something sharp penetrate into my back, and it came out from my chest and was heading towards Tabitha, but I quickly caught it with my hand, it was very hot, so I drop it on the floor.

I felt severe pain body but I didn’t show it

” who be this one “? I heard someone said from my back with a huge voice.

” I think say he fall from sky and he no get luck at all cos e look say na im the bullet hit ” I heard another voice replied the first voice.

I moved closer to Tabitha who was trembling

” are you okay ” I asked wrapping her trembling hands in mine and she shook her head and calmed down

I release her and turned to face the assassins, I knew they’re assassin because I was sure they were trying to kill Tabitha and I knew the person that must have sent them.

They were five, all with dread lock hair, rough looking face and red eye. They all had guns in their hand.

” the guy no die sha, and he be oyinbo ” I heard one of the guy said mockingly.

” I think say he get luck, the bullet no meet am, oya uncle oyinbo, go make we do wetin we dey do before you carry your bad leg come here ” I heard another guy talked among the five guys.

” na because you fine o, no think say if to say na another person, we go spare am, so waka in piece before we pieces you ” another guy said to me in their pidgin English and the rest bursted into laughter.

I didn’t took a step from where I was standing, I was calculating how I would take all of them without letting anyone of them to be able to shoot his gun, because it might be dangerous with Tabitha there.


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” this guy deaf ni ” one of the guy said moving closer to me with his gun pointed to me, as he got closer to me, I quickly took him out, collecting his gun, I shot the four them on their right arm in a flash, even before anyone of them could raise his gun.

The reason I shot them on their arm was to prevent killing them and because I guessed they s

were all right handed, so shooting them on their right arm will prevent anyone of them from being able to shoot.

They all fell down groaning in pain,

after falling down they stood up, using their left hand to support the right and tried to escape, I stopped them and knocked them all out.

I prevented them from escaping so that they will be apprehended and will reveal the real perpetrator of the act to the police.

I moved back to Tabitha and asked her if she has her cellphone with her .

” I didn’t know where I dropped it when they were chasing me ” she replied pointing to the assassins.

” but what the hell happened just now ” she said putting her hand where I was shot and I felt tingling of pain ran through my body

” I saw you being shot ” she added looking at me with a curious face

” it missed ” I replied her and she didn’t seem to believe me.

” but did you fell from the sky, because I only closed my eye and was praying that an angel appear and save me because I knew no human can save me because no person in his right mind will be inside a forest like this and boom, you appeared ” she said with a calm body, she was no longer trembling again

” I just happened to pass here coincidentally and saw them trying to kill you, so I decided to help and do you mean I’m not in my right mind ” I asked smiling and she just smiled back not answering me , the day was already going into the abyss of shadow giving way for the darkeness which has been looming around, crickets were doing their job of disturbing the ear with their chirping sound as bush filled everywhere.

I didn’t see any building around or anyone passing by, I wondered how they were able to bring her there.

I knew I’ve to do something in order to make sure that she get home safely and make sure the criminals are being handed to the law enforcement before they bleed to death or their wound get infected which might kill them.

Then I got an idea, I moved closer to their unconscious body and searched it, I found an handset on one of them.

I gave it to Tabitha and asked her to call anyone she has his or her number saved in her brain, I knew it will be Ranking but I didn’t want to make her have an impression that I knew her before.

She collected the phone and called Ranking, she explained the situation to him, he asked her where she’s but we didn’t know because it was inside a forest.

He asked her to make sure that she make sure the phone is on, that he will let the police trace it because he’s already with them.

After she hung up the call ,we sat down on the ground and we started chitchatting.

” are you a Nigerian ” she asked with a curious tone

” why are you asking ” I replied imbibing the normal Nigeria custom of using question to answer question

” because even as it is already dark, I can see that you’re white but your intonation is saying the opposite ” she said looking at me

” opposite as how ” I asked moving my face closer to hers

” you sound like a confirm naija pikin ” she replied in a pidgin English and I laughed, I knew it was the handiwork of Aliyu and Dandy, because of their constant pidgin speaking, Tabitha too has loved speaking pidgin English but it was at minimum.

” why are you laughing ” she asked looking at me with a curious eye

” nothing, but am not from here and how did you came in contact with this devilish people “I asked her with the purpose of changing the topic.

” I was just strolling in my neighborhood and they just parked beside me in their car, I tried to run away, but I wasn’t able to get to a long distance before they caught up with me, and my place is inside an estate, so there was no place for me to hide or escape into because every house has fence and gate which are always locked ” she said rubbing her eye in order to see clearly, it was already dark and I knew it will be hard for her to see, but I was seeing everything clearly like we’re in broad

daylight, it was one of my

gift as an angel and I didn’t lost it when I turned to a human.

” why were you doing such dangerous thing, you shouldn’t be walking alone in a place like that ” I said in order to make her tell me the reason she was strolling alone, strolling in their neighborhood was one of the once in a blue activities of Tabitha that she always do whenever the house is boring, but she always do so with Nina, so I wanted to know the

reason she wasn’t with Nina when she was kidnapped and my plan worked.

” actually, I always go out with my twin sister but she wasn’t feeling well today and I really felt like strolling because without my healthy sister, the house was getting kind of stuffy to me ,so I decided to take a walk in the neighborhood and this happened ” she said operating the phone in her hand.

” so they drove you all the way here when they captured you ” I asked her and she only shook her head to answer me as she was deeply engrossed in whatever it is she was doing on the phone.

” what the hell “! She suddenly exclaimed still looking at the phone with a disbelieving look which gat me wondering what she could have seen on it

” what is it ” I asked girraffing my neck to look at the phone and saw that she was in the call log of phone.

” this is my mom’s phone number in this phone call log and it has been dialed today ” she said pointing to the phone with her finger which was already shaking

” you meant your step mom, yemi’s number right ” I asked stupidly and I’ve already voiced it before I detected my foolishness

” yeah ” she replied absent minded

” what “! She suddenly exclaimed

” how do you know that I don’t have my mom again and how did you know that my step mom’s name is yemi ” she asked accusingly and all I could do was stammered some unreasonable words,scratching my head to look for a perfect reason but couldn’t find any.

” I knew it, there is something strange about you, I thought you said it was a mere coincidence that you appeared here “? she asked standing up and started moving further from me.

” I can explain ” I said moving closer to her but she was moving further from me , I could sense fear in her

” yeah, you can explain that you’re also here to harm me maybe you want to kidnap me and ask for ransom from my dad ” she said moving more further away from me.

It was already fully dark and I knew it will be dangerous for her if she continue moving back or try to run away from me.

” I’m not here to harm you, I came to save you ” I said moving closer to her with my hands up in order to show to her that I meant no harm.

” no, you’re here to to harm me, if you’re neutral, you can’t have that great skill in shooting, like how you took down those guys who were in your way not to be able to get ransom off me, because it won’t be possible if they kill me ” she said and ran away.

I first thought of not following her because of her stupidity,

” how can she accused me wrongly like that when I save her ” I said to myself angrily and stood where I was.

” what if there’s a trap where she’s headed and she mistakenly got caught in it, that will be very bad, and I’m her guardian angel and I shouldn’t be wavered by what ever it is she does ” I said trying to give myself a reason to protect her.

I started chasing after her, I was very fast and within seconds, I was already seeing her in my front, I stopped and smile because I knew it wouldn’t take me up to 30 seconds to get her,

but I suddenly look further to where she was headed to and saw a big trap,

it was covered with some grass but I was able to see it clearly and with the way I was seeing it,

it was set there for bigger animals, and I knew if she dare or mistakenly put her leg into it, she wont be able to use the leg till she die.

She was just a little distance from putting her leg into it.

I didn’t know how but I saw myself moved in the speed of flash and grab her and we fell towards another direction, and I saw that where we fell to was a path


as if it was planned, four cars, three with sirens and one a range rover 2017 model, parked in our front, police started trooping out of the three cars, and Ranking got out of the range Rover, Tabitha quickly freed herself from me and ran to him .

” He wants to harm me dad ” I heard her said to Ranking with a shaky voice, pointing to me and I saw all the police point their guns towards me.

I quickly raised my hands up to show to them that I’m harmless.

Three policemen came towards me with their guns pointed towards me, one of them grabbed my hand and cuffed it at my back.

” I’m innocent, I only came here to protect her ” that was the last words I was able to utter before I was pushed like a criminal into one of the police car.

To be continue…..



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