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{ Angel turn fighter }


Life is attached with many ironies, ironies that can literally make a normal man into an abnormal one.

How suiting is it to ear that an angel slept behind the bar,

It’s crazy right?

My good and simple heart pushed me into this predicament, if only I had not rescued Nina, if only I’ve allowed Yemi’s assassins to be successful with

their mission and not interrupted them, these oddly irony wouldn’t have taken place.

But if I was given chance to redo all what have done, it would still be the same choices, irrespective if the result is still the same.

I understand the supreme one logic of doing things a little to know that he surely has a hidden plan with all that was happening to me.

I had some confident which I didn’t know it source that I was doing what was right and playing along with the supreme one game.

So if I was asked if I was annoyed with what Tabitha did, my answer will be, yes, because I was partially annoyed and it will also be no, because I think

it was really meant to happen.

Either as one of my punishment or playing along with the supreme one game.

But my pride was really trampled upon, an angel cuffed and treated like a criminal, I knew if other angels were watching from heaven, they would be laughing at me.


Three policemen came towards me with their guns pointed at me, one of them grabbed my hand and cuffed it at my back.

” I’m innocent, I only came here to protect her ” that was the last words I was able to utter before I was pushed like a criminal into one of the police car.

Two policemen sat beside me in order to make sure I am secure.

I watched from the car with a pitiful eye how Ranking was consoling Tabitha and he opened the car door for her to enter and she did, I saw her eye clearly as she entered the car and I saw tears on her face, the tears melted all the angers brewing in my heart at once and I felt pity on her but as one of the officers inside the car with me saw my point of view and saw that it was Tabitha that I was looking at,

What I heard next was the sound of thunder,

I thought it was outside not until I felt the pain on my cheek, it was my face that the thunder ignited from,

the officer slapped me like I’ve offended him before ,my view got blurry at once but got normal in a short time.

” see this yeye young guy wey no make me go house this night, he even get the audacity to they look the girl ” the officer that slapped me said to his partner in a pidgin English .

” no mind him, I go make sure say I break his leg when we reach station ” the other officer replied the officer that slapped me in a serious and harsh tone which doesn’t depict any form of mercy in it.


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I was very angry where I was because what they did was abusing my human right

” but am I even a human ” I asked myself rhetorically as I brought down my head in resignation mode.

As we drove into the police station, I saw like 5 people with cameras on them and identification tag on them, I knew they’re reporters but how they got there waiting for us at that period of night surprised me.

As I got down from the police car with handcuffs on my wrist, the two police officers that escorted me in the car held me by my arms and the reporters started flashing their camera’s flash at me, the flash emanating from the camera plus my high sight of view made it a torture on my eyes as it was real hard for me to see anything, I looked around expecting the policemen to bring out the real criminals but I didn’t see any ,

” could it be that Tabitha didn’t inform them of the assassins ” I asked myself rhetorically as the reporters in my front were busy throwing different kind of questions at me and flashing their camera’s flashlight at intervals while I diverted my eye from it in order not to turn into a blinded fallen angel.

” do you really kidnap her to demand for ransom or you wanted to eliminate her, how many of you were involved in the operation, who did you have in the inside who’s serving as your informant, how old are you, what’s your name, did you s£xually abuse the girl “? All sorts of questions were being thrown at me by the reporters who has tripled their quantity unlike when I first got down from the police car, I wondered where they were trooping out from,

When it seems like I wasn’t ready to answer any question been thrown at me,the two policemen holding me dragged me through the reporters, as they kept on ranting questions on me, they were all speaking at once like barbarians.

As I was about to enter into the police station, an idea crept into my mind, I suddenly stopped abruptly and the two officers who were dragging looked at me with that kind of eye an hungry lion use in looking at an antelope.

” I have something to say ” I said at once and all the reporters rushed to me with their cameras and recorders pointed at me.

They were calm and quiet this time and I was a bit perplexed why they were quiet, they were glaring at with a curious look expecting me to say something.

” the remaining criminals are still inside the forest they found us, and that girl “I said pointing towards Ranking’s car which Tabitha and Ranking were in it, I think the reporters didn’t know that they were the one inside it and I knew Ranking’s plan was to let all the reporters leave before they will come out of the car. But I foiled his plan with my own plan.

” knew where they’re right now, and if they don’t get there soon, they’re going to die because they’ve already procured bullet wound by me ” I added and stopped talking leaving them a mystery to unravel.

” shoot them as how, why did you shot your partners ” that was the only two questions I could decipher from their shouting as I motioned to the officers that I was ready to proceed with my journey.

They dragged me ahead and I looked back and I saw that the reporters were already surrounding Ranking’s car, I smiled as the policemen dragged me out of the view of them.

I was taken into the interrogation room which was litted with a fluorescent bulb unlike the rest of the station which was litted with a dimmed bulb which could hardly be used to read.

My hands were uncuffed from my back and cuffed normally.

I was made to sat on one of the seats inside the room and I was left alone.

After some minutes, a beautiful young lady in police uniform came inside with a book in her hand , she sat opposite to me and drop the book on the table, then took a deep breath and looked at me.

” wow ” she exclaimed leaving her jaw farther from her upper lip.

” oh sorry ” she said gathering her wit together.

” firstly, what’s your name, she asked opening the book she brought, documenting some things inside it

” Ben Manna ” I answered her and she startling looked into my eye from the book,

” how can you have such a sweet voice ” she said not taking her gaze away from me.

” I don’t think I can do this ” she said and stood up and head out of the interrogation room.

I smile because I knew what caused it was that caused it.

After some minutes again, a subtle looking man came in, he was in police uniform but I could tell that the uniform has not pal with water for a long period of time because of the foul smell it was reeking of.

He sat in the same spot the lady before sat in, he looked at me and smile displaying his yellowish scattered irregular set of teeth and opened the book.

Odour of dry gin was emanating from his mouth.

” fine boy ” he later uttered not taking his gaze away from the book

” see as you fresh like oyinbo, na you con dey do criminally unstiriborogatious baddasilistic things ” he added with the mixture of pidgin English and unrecognized grammars that almost wiped off my memory, I coughed as I felt the grammar choking me

” so wetin be your name “? he asked when I finished coughing

” are you deaf ” he screamed at me when I didn’t answer him quickly but I was already about to answer him before he barked like a dog.

I didn’t answer again but smile, I was thinking in my mind that if he tried rubbish with me, my own angel will promote from being a criminal to a wrestler, I knew he wouldn’t survive a punch from my weak hand.

” okay, brother finer boy, no make me shifu, before I disclampointed all the fines wey dey do you kinkin ” he said in his normal pidgin language and bad grammar he’s been using to communicate with me.

” Ben Manna ” I amswered him not wanting to get more provoked by him, I knew I might just add to my offence with the supreme one if he kept up with his act.

” Shey mana wey dem dey chop or mala, the hause wey they control cow “he asked irritating me and I angrily smashed my hands with the handcuffs on the table and the table cracked and the handcuffs on my wrist broke off, I only hit it normally without any force and I was sure the stupid officer knew it.

” oga, I sorry ” he said with a shaky voice and I smirked

” I hear, no, we hear, no they tell me you kidnap a girl wey small ” he asked still shaking.

” no, I didn’t kidnap her, I only went there to help her ” I answered him entwining my hands into each other.

” but the girl for her statement talk say you kidnap her ” he asked documenting somethings into the book which he placed on his lap.

” where is the girl ” I asked him and he replied me that she and some officers has gone on the errand I sent them.

” which errand “? I asked him confused

” na wetin you tell the cameraman say some of your criminal people,sorry, your friends still they for bush, so, them don go pack them ” he answered me smiling, revealing those sets of disgusting teeth.

” they are not my friend and I didn’t kidnap her, they’re the people that kidnapped her but I saved her from them and she misunderstood some things which led to me being here ” I enunciated to him clearly and he was looking at me with the ” this boy can lie o ” eye.

” why the police con see you forcefully dragging the girl away when they reach there ” he asked with a curious tone.

” I only save her from putting her leg into a trap that was in her front ” I answered him again and he asked me if I can prove it, I asked him how and he said he’s going to call one of the police that’s currently with Tabitha to check the place if there was really a trap.

I told him to do it and he looked surprised, I knew he was expecting me to stop him from doing but I disappointed him.

He took out a phone from his pocket, the looked like it has really gone through a painful ordeal on earth, as different kind of cello tape was used to bind it from falling apart. The cover was not in piece again but in pieces.

He dialled a number from it and after telling the recipient of the call all he needed to in his usaul pidgin English, he disconnected the call.

He brought out another handcuffs from his pocket and walked towards me shaking,

” can I put it “he asked trembling and I stretched forth my two hands towards him in order to motion to him to do it.

He cuffed me and took me out of the interrogation room, I asked him where he’s taking me to but he didn’t answer.

After walking for some time, we got to the cell where criminals were being locked.

” what are we doing here ” I asked as the foul smell emanating from the cell hit me

” wetin e look like, na for you to come get a better sleep ni ” he answered grinning, I knew he was able to get his confident back because of the handcuffs on my wrist.

” I’m not going inside there ” I said stopping abruptly and he turned back and he moved closer to me.

” if I woss you slap, e go affect your ancestors skeleton inside ground, you better move now before I move you “he said with a harsh tone that depict he meant what he said

” try it and see what happens to you ” I threatened him back.

He grinned and view me with slow motion from my head to the earth beneath me.

” move now ” he barked at me but I only stood there looking at him

He raised his hand to slap me, and before I could waive it, his palm were already glued on my face.

I got angry and broke the handcuffs on my wrist, I jerked him up with a single hand, I started hearing people ranting ” kill him, kill him, kill him ” I looked around to see who the people were and I saw that it was the inmates occupying the cell .

They were banging the steel of their cell in a violent manner which gat me wondering what it is the stupid officer might have done to them.

I think their noise procured the attention of the other police inside the station as I saw four officer running to where we were with clubs in their hands, I threw the stupid office in my hand away and he hit one of the cell steel.

I balanced myself ready to beat the four officers heading to where I was and anyone that might want to obstruct me from getting out of the police station.

To be continue…

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