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Tabitha and Nina were met with another shock as they got to their class with miss Efe.

Gabriel was the one taking the class,

They’ve already entered before miss Efe noticed that he was the one, the girls didn’t quickly recognise him as the little boy they knew then was now a grown boy with mustache and beard.

Miss Efe on seeing him, quickly stopped the girls .

” can I help you ma ” Gabriel said stopping his teaching when he noticed miss Efe and the two girls which he recognised at once

” no brother Gabriel, we will come back later ” miss Efe said heading out of the class.

The two girls on hearing miss Efe pronounced Gabriel recognised Gabriel at once, they told miss Efe that they’ll stay and miss Efe introduced them to the students and left them.

The two girls sat together and Gabriel couldn’t help but stare at them throughout his teaching which made the girls uncomfortable.

After his class was over, he asked the two girls to meet him in his office but Nina declined his command informing him that they can’t leave the class until break time or refreshing break, the students inside the class were amazed that the new student knew about their refreshing break.


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Gabriel didn’t have any choice than to leave the girls because they’re right, he doesn’t have any right to call them out of the class until they’re in break time.

After the bell for the refreshment break was jingled, Gabriel didn’t appear till the bell was jingled again to signify the end of the break, the girls felt at ease with this because they thought he was going to come and they were filled with tension.

After an hour of teaching by teachers, the bell signifying break time was jingled again.

All the students left for break except for Tabitha and Nina who were deeply engrossed with notes they’ve successfully lend from their classmates.

” what are you doing ” Gabriel said as he got to the girls startling them because they didn’t know when he came inside

” do you want to give us heart attack “? Tabitha asked angrily

” am sorry ” Gabriel pleaded smiling

” and why are you smiling ” Nina asked irritably

” nothing, just that am very happy to see you girls again ” he said smiling again and the two girls smirked

” and how come you’re a teacher here, why are you not in school ” Tabitha asked curiously

” I’m through with my university education ” he replied proudly

” what ” the two girls exclaimed together

” how is that possible ” Nina asked with a wow tone

” when the two of you went into coma, I became the best student in the whole school, I started challenging the seniors to quiz and other educational competition when I was in jss2, when I got to ss2, our principal then, advised my parents to allow me sit for WAEC, and they did, I smashed my result getting A parallel ” he paused for a moment in a proud manner

” wow, that’s good, but I thought you’ll be fourteen years of age then and you can’t be admitted into university at that young age ” Nina said and Tabitha shook her head reasoning with Nina’s talk

” yeah you’re right, I was young then, but the owner of Bowen university is my dad’s best friend, so it was easy for me to secure an admission there without any concern for my age” he replied with the pompous act again

” so that was how it was, but I can’t seem to understand something ” Tabitha said

” and what’s that ” Gabriel asked

” why you’re here teaching when you can get a good job with your dad’s connection ” Tabitha asked with curiosity look

” I came here to wait for my angel ” he replied smiling

” angel “! Tabitha exclaimed and she suddenly started trembling, Nina quickly put her into a deep hug and held her trembling hands,

Tabitha has already told Nina what led her to be in coma, so Nina understand the reason why she was trembling when Gabriel mentioned angel

” what’s wrong with her ” Gabriel asked surprised at the sudden trembling of Tabitha

” nothing, but please refrain from saying the word angel,whenever we’re talking ” Nina replied with harsh tone

” okay, I will make sure I do that ” Gabriel replied with a low spirit

” see you later, we’re going for break ” Nina said supporting Tabitha to get up and they exit the class living Gabriel there.


→→→After 1½ years ←←←

The girls were already in ss2, Gabriel always tagged along with them every time, he always visit them at home and as being recognised by Ranking and Yemi that he was the only friend of Nina and Tabitha.

Yemi was always filled with rage everyday because she couldn’t do anything to Tabitha, Ranking installed cctv inside every corners of the house except his bedroom and the girls room, he also warned Yemi that if she dare lay a finger on Tabitha, he will make sure she’s deported back to her parent’s house, so she couldn’t maltreat Tabitha physically, she also tried some spiritual steps to eliminate Tabitha but I was always on guard. So she didn’t have any choice than to just keep looking at Tabitha.

I knew Gabriel has feelings for Nina but I think he was waiting for the right time to propose to her.

I had stopped nurturing my stupid feelings for Tabitha and focused on what I was sent to do so I didn’t have any problem with him dating Tabitha but the problem was that I noticed that Tabitha doesn’t have feelings for him but Nina does and Tabitha also knew that her sister has feelings for Gabriel because she told Tabitha.

Ranking registered the girls for waec when they were in ss2, tho it was miss Efe that asked him to but he also has such plan before.

I knew something was brewing between Ranking and miss Efe but the kids doesn’t know.

And I was in support of it because Yemi is a great mistake for Ranking to use in replacing Precious and miss Efe wasn’t married yet and she was extremely kind and loved the kids so much.

The girls started their exam and after a month it ended.

Gabriel proposed to take the two girls out in order to celebrate them finally finishing their exam and secondary school. Little did they know that Gabriel was planning on asking Tabitha out.

Gabriel took them to a reputable restaurant in his car.

They ordered for what they wanted, Gabriel was surfing through his mind the best way he would ask Tabitha out, he doesn’t have much courage when it comes to wooing girls and Nina’s presence there made it hard.

After some minutes, Nina said she felt pressed and excused herself to go to the restroom.

Gabriel saw it as a chance to ask Tabitha out

” are you enjoying yourself ” Gabriel asked trying to breed up a conversation between them

” yes ” Tabitha replied

” good, do you remember that I wasn’t able to tell you the main reason I was working as a.teacher in the PPDC because I mentioned the A word in our conversation then ” Gabriel asked with a serious look

” yeah, I remembered and why are you getting so serious ” Tabitha asked smiling

” the reason I was in that school to start teaching was because my mind told me that you’re going to come back, so I was using the excuse of teaching there as an excuse to wait for you ” he replied with a look that was serious

” I can’t seem to understand you ” Tabitha replied him with a look that depicted that she’s confused with what he was uttering.

” I really love you Tabitha, I’ve been waiting all my life to tell you this, I’ve loved you from the time we were still a kid, but I was waiting for the right time to tell you, please accept my ”

He was suddenly interrupted by the sound of something that fell down, they turned to look at what it was and was surprised to see Nina standing in front of them with her phone on the floor.

She suddenly ran out and Tabitha and Gabriel ran after her calling her name, I also followed them.

Nina in her disturbed state of mind ran to the middle of the road, I saw a car coming towards her with high speed.

I knew their was no escaping point for her as the car was about to get her, I really liked Nina so much and I couldn’t just stood there and watch her die.

I used my power to change the direction of the car making it swerve swiftly off the road to the pedestrian walking spot, the car hit 5 people before it later collided with an electric pole.

The two occupants of the car and the five people that were hit all died instantly, I knew it was the result of tampering with fate. I was suddenly terrified because I knew I’ve gone against one of the laws guiding me as a guardian angel which stated that ” hurt not my innocent little ones ”

I’ve already hurt innocent little ones and it wasn’t just one, I killed seven people and it wasn’t to save the perfect one, I did it to save someone I cherished, I let my emotion cloud my reason, I didn’t know the punishment designated for my sin because no guardian angel has ever committed it before.

I stood transfixed at the spot I was as people were running helter-skelter to try and save the people involved in the accident but I knew they were already dead.

Suddenly I felt myself shrinking and I shrinked to the height of normal humans, I was feeling the heat emanating from the sun, something that has never happened to me ever since I have being created even when I was in heaven, I always go into the sun to play and I don’t use to feel the heat.

But now here I am feeling myself burning up because because of the sun, then someone ran passed me and suddenly collided into me, the person told me sorry and continue with his running.

” what could be happening to me ” I screamed out attracting the attention of people

To be continue…

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