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Ranking rushed out to look for Yemi, but couldn’t locate her.


he asked a nurse describing how Yemi look to her and the patient she followed to the hospital with and she told him that she’s in front of the theater,


He quickly ran there and saw Yemi pacing around in front of the theatre room,


He walked slowly to her with all the strength remaining in his leg.


” where is Nina and what’s wrong with her ” he asked with rage in his eye as he got to her, but Yemi didn’t answer as she quickly embraced him sobbing more, Ranking couldn’t do anything but pat her on her back in order to console her.


” she’s inside the theatre room, they are operating on her ” she finally respond amidst tears


” calm down and tell me what happened ” Ranking asked hiding the fact that he is boiling up inside


” the doctor said she’s in critical condition ” she replied sobbing more again


” I know, but what really happened ” he asked again trying all in his power not to scream at her.


” the doctor said she ate something poisonous ” she replied still sobbing


” what was it she ate “? Ranking asked again still trying to keep his cool


” I, I, I don’t know, I just don’t, my God I ” she started sobbing more furiously in order to avoid any other questions from Ranking and also not to give the full answer of the one she was answering


Ranking was angry with the way she kept on crying when he should be the one crying, as he wanted to scream at her to stop crying and give him reasonable answer , the door to the operating room opened and the an handsome young man with a green cloak on ,came out of it,


Yemi was the first to run to him and Ranking followed.


” how’s my daughter ” Yemi asked wiping the tears on her face.


” are you her dad ” the doctor replied facing Ranking as if Yemi didn’t exist there


” yeah, she’s my girl ” Ranking replied him


” meet me in my office ” the doctor said leaving the place and Ranking followed him after succeeding in persuading Yemi not to follow him.


Ranking had already made up his mind that if the doctor told him that Nina was also dead, he will commit suicide,


With this mindset he entered the doctor’s office who offered him a seat.


” how’s the condition of my daughter “? Ranking asked immediately his butt came in contact with the chair.


” the poison has already eaten through her organs but she’s already passed critical stage now, the surgery was a success ”


Ranking heaved a sigh of relief ” so she’s going to live ” he asked the doctor with a tingling of happiness in his mind


” yes, she is going to live, but she isn’t conscious yet but be rest assured that she’s already passed critical stage ” the doctor said making Ranking to feel numb again


” then when is she going to regain her consciousness ” he asked the doctor looking at the doctor’s face as if he wanted to remove laser from his eye


” I can’t say, it all depends on her now ” the doctor replied


” can you please just say it in a simple language I will be able to understand easily ” Ranking said with uneasiness, as if it was hard for him to breath.


” what I meant is that your daughter is the one anchoring, sorry, is the one in charge of her gaining her consciousness now, she will wake up when she want “the doctor replied him


” and it can take up to how many days before that happens ” Ranking asked again


” a day, many days, months even years, like I told you before, it all depends on her ” the doctor answered him professionally.




After the burial of Precious, Ranking married Yemi legally two years after but they weren’t able to produce any kid, so all they could do, no, all Yemi could do was pray that her daughter wakes up and all Ranking could do was pray that his two daughters wake up.


His business was doing well even more better than it was before, so relating his situation to job’s own was an error.


Everyday was the same for me, repeating everything for a long period of day was very tiring even for an angel like me.


All I did everyday was stood in the middle of the two sleeping beauty inside their ward defending them against any evil.


Everyday was boring, it was like a punishment for me, since the day Ranking had ordered that the two girls be placed in the same VVIP Ward in the hospital I’ve never stepped outside of the ward.


They were given first class treatment and taken care of like princess.


While I was like their guard. And they were in coma for 9 years,


So I will like to say we were in coma for 9 years


Like I said earlier that fate always have it funny way of handling situations, the two girls woke up the same day, can you see that fate has a hidden trick in the incident, going into coma the same day and coming out from it the same day is more than a mere coincidence. The supreme one signature was clearly visible on the incident


Ranking was at the airport going on a business trip to Shanghai when he received the call that his two girls has woken up, he


abandoned the trip and picked his wife from their house and head to the hospital.


It was a happy moment for Ranking to see his two daughters conscious after 9 years of sleeping but partially a happy one for Yemi because Tabitha also woke up.


To be continue….


pls don’t ghost read.


Would Tabitha be able to accept the new changes, her mom dead, Nina as her step sis and Yemi her new mom.


What has their own family mishap got to do with my own mission & how did our tale came to link together.

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