Thu. Jul 11th, 2024

It is end of semester again. My two room mates and dear friends, Wuraola and Becky packed their luggages, ready to travel home for the semester break. I was so reluctant to go home and my friends noticed this. Wuraola, the most quiet of us was the first to mention it.

‘Why is your packing so slow, Beauty?’ She asked.

I shrugged my shoulders and replied, ‘I feel weak.’

Becky, the most cheerful and lousiest amongst us replied, ‘Hmmmmmm, Effico! It is exam tension . It’s a good thing that you are going home already, at least, you will have enough time to rest’. ‘Indeed’, I answered absent mindedly, and continued with my packing.

They both assisted me to get my luggages ready. It had always been our custom to move to the motor garage together whenever we were travelling for the semester break. Though our destinations are different, we board our buses at the same park. Rapid tears dripped out of my eyes and I quickly wiped them before my friends could notice it. I looked at Wuraola and our eyes met, she smiled. ‘Don’t tell me you will miss us’, she gave me a hug and wiped my tears with her handkerchief.

‘Thank you, I will try not to’, I replied. She actually thought I shed those tears because I would miss them.

Poor girl… But wait! I am the object of pity here. Sincerely, I am the poor girl! I really wish I am either Becky or Wuraola at this moment, I would have been the happiest to go home right now, I thought. Maybe it was my Mum or Dad, I wouldn’t know but whoever gave me the name ‘Beauty’ probably made the greatest mistake of his or her life.

Indeed, I am beautiful but I really have the feeling that if I was given another name, that might possibly be a minus to my beauty and good looks, so I might not have gone through so much trouble in these few years of my existence.

Well, can I say what will be will be, whether I was named Beauty or not? Should I blame my mother for a little bit of negligence or should I say my fate is my fate, nothing could have changed it? But how could fate be this cruel to me?

It is a dizzy world indeed… I feel so bitter right now and in this agony of my heart, I write my story…

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