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Reconciling back with yemi was quite a tedious task.

The first time I went to the Queen’s villa, after waiting for hours outside the hot sun, I was later told to come back another day. No amount of words could express how angry I was that day, since I got no choice, I had to make it another day visit. This go on for a week. I felt like giving up, but something always kept me going. I send several text to her but I receive no reply from her.

During an evening lecture, a lady dressed on a black suit entered in and whisper something into the lecturer hearing. The lecturer faced me, and I was being mentioned out . I was instructed to follow the lady, I obliged and i follow her out. She took me to a private car, pack outside the school perimeter, I entered in and I found Janet sitting at the back seat. The other Lady entered in and sat at the driver seat .

” is she your new driver?” I asked immediately I entered in.

” emmm… No she’s not, she’s my friend and also a specialist at decoding a lot of things, meet Elizabeth my friend from UK ” Janet said as she directed her view to her. I shifted my gaze to Elizabeth and stretch my hand forward for a handshake.

” wao, Elizabeth, as beautiful as the name sound. its a pleasure meeting such a beautiful lady like you, I wouldn’t mind holding your hand all day, its so soft and smooth and just exactly is your face, you won’t be busy tonight will you?” I said trying out my charm on her. She gave a blushy smile reveling her beautiful set of teeth.

” absolutely, I will be romantically busy with my husband. Anyway, It’s nice meeting you.” she answered. I guessed that says it all, I won’t be reminded to back off, before I do. Who knows who her husband might be .

” you might be wondering why I called you here…” Janet said, but I cut in her speech.

” cus you’ve been seeing me around the Queen’s villa, I got it, am back into the game ,but—i wouldn’t want you to be involve, I’m doing this my own way…”

” will you just shut up! You are asking me to get me ass off my case, that’s so ridiculous. You are going to tell me your plans or I get it forcefully out of you” she yelled. That was quite rude, but she wouldn’t want to know who got me involved. I wouldn’t want to tell her either. I couldn’t get angry, because of the beautiful eyes starring at me, so I maintained my calm and slowly find my way out of the car for a pee. Elizabeth came rushing after me. After calling my name twice, I stopped on my track.

” Ayo am sorry for all what she said, she let her emotions took over her, I know she’s not like that. Please don’t be annoyed ” she said.

I wasn’t angry at the first place, I just went out to have a pee, since she think of me being angry, I need to act like I am.

” it’s fine I understand ” I said then I leave.

I returned home from lecture around 5pm, only to find my room opened. I entered in hoping to find Agatha cos she’s the only one that have my extra room key. But to my surprise, I found Janet sitting comfortably on my bed. I flitched, cos I wasn’t expecting her.

” how do you get it here?” I asked perplexed.

” where are your keys?” She asked, and immediately, I began checking my pocket for my key, but i found it not .

” looking for this?” She said swinging the keys in the air. She stood up and walk briskly towards me.

” you left it in my car…”

She moved closer to me pushing me slowly against the wall, with her br**st pressing tightly against my chest. Least I forgot, Janet is also a beauty, but due to what she got me involve, got her interest totally out of me.

She starred at me with a lustful eyes, biting her lips s£xily like Alicia keys .

” Ayo am sorry about the way I talk to you in the morning…”

” you don’t have to, I understand” I cut in. She shifted her eyes slowly down to my lips, and slowly, her lips met with mine. Believe me I wasn’t expecting it. She disengaged her lips and look into my eye. Her mind is unreadable, but desire could be sketch out from her face, An unexplainable desire, something gave and we found ourselves kissing again. Our eyes were both closed, only our imagination were opened. I felt her hand moving slowly to my member region, I open my closed eye only to see Johnson ghost sitting on my reading chair .

“Shit!” I mumbled.

Janet was at the edge of zipping down my trouser, but I quickly held back her hand.She was shocked by my sudden reaction, she gave a second try, but she got the same reaction from me. She looked into my eye pleadingly. I know am hurting her, but I couldn’t help the situation. Telling her that her brother is watching will be totally out of it, totally crazy.

” emm… am sorry Janet, I—have somewhere I need to be by now… Am sorry ” I said, then I hurriedly dash out, but I gave an eye signal to Johnson before heading out . I walked to a silent spot, where people rarely pass. In less than a minute Johnson appeared beside me .


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” I guessed I came in at the wrong time ” he said. I didn’t know how to reply him cos the person am about to get involve with is his sister, so it’s best I diverted the talk to something else.

” I’ve been trying to reach yemi, but all my effort to reach her proves abortive ” I said with my head bent low.

” she’s been listening to her spirit guard. That’s what makes it impossible” he said.

” so what now ?” I asked immediately.

” she will be meeting with someone today by 6pm at model hotel . Do I still need to tell you what to do? ” he said, putting on a questioned look.

“No-no I got it, thanks for the information I will be there” I said then I made to leave.

******* *********** ********* *****

After collecting the evidence at the hotel. I found out that they are all gone except for yemi spirit guard. Immediately our eyes met, he change his direction and began heading towards me like a warlord. I stood my ground, not minding his fierce terrifying eyes.

” you have something that suppose not to be in your possession, give it to me now!!!” He shouted.

I brought out the flash drive from my pocket, then wave it in the air

“You mean this?” I said as I wave the flash right and left.

” Give it to me now!!!” He shouted.

I inserted it back into my pocket then I reply him back with a smile.

” that’s not happening” I said.

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