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> ELSA <


I woke up from my deep slumber and stretched out on the corners of the couch.


Wow that sleep was awesome. I thought as I stood up, glance at the time to see it my cue to get


ready for work.





I got dressed and ready for work, I came out of the house and lock the door. Just as I was about stepping out from the porch, my phone starts to vibrate and ring inside my bag…




I looked at the caller and it was my mom,


Why is she calling? I thought.


I picked the call and placed the phone on my ear.


“Hello… Mom?” l said softly


am I speaking to Elsa?” A female voice said and I was surprised.


“Yes this is Elsa and this happens to be my mom’s phone number!” I stated.


“Well okay Elsa, can you make it to ceruse hospital?” The woman asked.


My heart skipped a beat.


“What? Why?” I asked.


“Can you make it?” The woman asked.


“Why the hell would I want to come there if I don’t know what I am coming there to do!” I yelled. The woman sighed. “Okay fine, now take deep breaths” she instructed but I didn’t even listen. “Your mom got into an accident and she has been admitted to ceruse hospital!” The woman stated and I gasped, cut the call and in no time, I was taking the bus to ceruse hospital.


My heart wasn’t even beating normally, it beating so loudly slamming against my rib cage and I almost lost it in the bus.






I got to ceruse hospital and I rushed through the wide and glass doors, I didn’t even know where to head to cause so many people were passing by, both patients and doctor. I finally spotted the receptionist behind her desk and hurried over.


Before she could even say welcome back or whatever crap they say, I already yelled my mom’s name and she gave me her room number.


I hurried to the ward and getting there, I pushed the door open and walked in.


I broke down immediately seeing my mom fast asleep and in a horrid state. She had bandages on very part of her body, including her forehead. The doctor that stood beside her bed turned to me.


“And you are?”


“I am Elsa, her daughter” I introduced and the man nodded.. “Well clean your tears young lady, you should be happy your mother is in luck right now. Be thankful she didn’t lose too much blood and also not all her limbs were fractured.


Well I am thankful, but still…


I rather have this happen to me than my mom, it really hurts and though the doctor said I should stop crying but I can’t stop, it’s just too hard to look at my mom right now.


“Well I assure you, she’s going to be okay, now wipe those tears away! It’s a good thing you’re here, she was unconscious for a while, but now she’s asleep but don’t worry she’ll wake up soon!” the doctor said and walked out of the room.


I moved closer to my mom and cried even more, like a baby.


I dried my tears and brought out my phone from my bag.


I called my dad, I wanted him to know.


“Dad?” I felt a lump on my throat.


“Oh Elsa? You’re calling me? Okay this is surprising!” my dad laughed.


“Dad?” I sniffed.


“Yeah? What’s wrong?” My dad asked in a very serious tone.


“I’m at the hospital!” I said.


“What? Are you okay? What happened to you–


“No, mom got into an accident!” I cut him off.


“What? How? Can I speak to her?”


“You can’t, she’s seriously wounded and asleep right now!” I breathed.


“You know I can’t leave work right? But tell me the name of the hospital”. My dad said and I breathed and told him the name of the hospital.


“Don’t worry Elsa, it’s going to be okay, okay? I can tell you’re crying, but don’t cry it’s going to be okay, I’ll be there as soon I get off work” My dad said before we end the call. I stopped crying and just watched my mom.


I stayed like that for hours, it has been three hours and I’ve been with my mom, she still asleep and I was getting a bit scared.


The doctor who I met here when I first came, had walked in several times to check if my mom was awake.


But still yet…


I flinched when my phone starts to ring and immediately picked the call when I brought it out from my bag and didn’t even bother to check who was calling.


“Hello?” I said into the phone, my voice failed me though, it sounded weak and shaky “Oh hello Elsa!” Mrs Huggins voice sounded so calm.


I sighed remembering how prepared I was to go teach Jason and now this happened.


“Yeah so, I’m sorry about bailing on Jason, something came up… My voice starts to seize and my eyes starts to get wet.


“Are you okay? Why do you sound so–


“I’m not, getting ready for work today, I was called and told my mom got into an accident and now I’m at the hospital with her and I’m really scared cause she’s not waking up and I don’t know what to do!” I ranted, well cried and Mrs Huggins let out an heavy gasp.


“Oh my God honey, I am so sorry about that. Okay so can we come to the hospital like right now?” Mrs Huggins asked.


“I don’t know, I mean it’s late and I think it’s almost an hour drive from there to here, I don’t want to trouble you guys, but you can come tomorrow, thank you very much though!” I expound. “You’re welcome and I understand, what hospital are you?” Mrs Huggins asked. “Ceruse” I said.


Everyone knows ceruse.


“Okay we’ll be there tomorrow, don’t think about anything and just think positive, your mom will be fine okay, I promise!” Mrs Huggins stated and I breathed out calmly. “Okay thank you!” I said.


“Good! You’re welcome now, Good night then!” Mrs Huggins said and we both hung up it is so nice to have someone cheer you up like that.


I shoved my phone inside my bag and when my eyes darts to my mom on the bed, I saw her eyes widely open and I gasped immediately…



I ran out of the room and bumped into the doctor that has been checking on her, and with my expression he already knew what was going on.


The doctor ran into the ward with me and my mom was still looking around not being able to to speak. Or maybe she’s trying to decipher her situation.


“Hello, Mrs. Reina can you see me?” the doctor asked and my mom nodded slightly.


“Can you speak?” The doctor asked.


“Yeah I can” my mom added and her voice didn’t sound strained at all and I was so glad. “Okay good!” the doctor said. “You got into an accident, Incase you’re wondering why you are here, and don’t worry you fine!” The doctor smiled and my mom nodded and let out a “Sure”.


The doctor walked out of the room and quickly rushed up to my mom.


“Oh Mom, I’m so glad you’re awake!” I said and starts to tear up.


“I’m so sorry honey!” my mom apologized.


“Why are you apologizing mom? It’s not your fault!” I stated and placed my hand gently on her arm.


“I hate seeing you like this” she said watching my eyes as it leaked with tears.


I quickly cleaned my tears and sniffed. “Okay look, I’m not crying, not crying anymore, now please don’t blame yourself!” I said and she smiled.


“I didn’t even know when this happened, I was at work I know I couldn’t make transfers with my phone, cause it was acting up and I just had to go to the bank. And on my way there, all this happened!” my mom sighed..


“Well as long as you’re awake and talking I’m kind of relieved!” I said and she smiled. “So you didn’t go to work because of what happened right?” My mom asked…

Why would I?


“Yeah I couldn’t!” I said and my mom sighed.


The door pushed opened and my dad walked in, his eyes dart to my mom and I and he sighed and shook his head.


“Reina… He called softly and walked up to us.


“George, what are you doing here by this time of the day, aren’t you supposed to be working by now?” my mom asked!


“No I took a leave for you, I won’t be going to work tomorrow and next for you, and I also got permitted to come home early!” my dad said.


“What? George, no, I’m fine. You both can’t just stop working, one of you must go to work, I am fine.” my mom tried to be brave.


“Reina look at your left leg and your left arm, look at the band aid on your neck! I’m not going anywhere” my dad sighed and I nodded in agreement.


My mom turned to me “Well, you’re going to work and don’t try to even act like your father!”


“Mom??” I called and she rolled her eyes.


She’s one tough woman.


“And you should start going home it’s getting late!” she said.


“I don’t want to!”


“Go! Your dad will be here with me!” my mom almost yelled.


My dad gave me a look not to argue with her.


“Fine! But I’m coming back here tomorrow morning!” I stated and she smiled.


“Okay then goodnight dear!” She smiled.


“Goodnight,” I said and walked out of the ward




Being home alone was really awkward, couldn’t stop thinking about my mom and I couldn’t stop feeling relieved of how she talks and acts like nothing is going on.


I later fell asleep and set my alarm for the next day.




I woke up the next morning and in no time, I had freshen up, dressed and had hurried to the hospital.


As I made my way to the front door of the hospital, I saw a lady, she was looking pretty familiar from behind. I immediately guessed who it might be and when I got close I could already smell her cologne.


“Mrs. Huggins?” I called and she turned.


“Oh Elsa, oh my, oh thank God I found you here, I was wondering where I would even go, if I walk in through that doors!” Mrs Huggins breathed out, looking fantastic with her fancy style of dressing.


“I’m so glad you could make it Mrs. Huggins thank you for coming!” I tell her. She is really nice.


“It’s nothing, now lead the way!” she smiled.



Mrs. Huggins met my mom and well they vibed as two mothers, my dad was left out during the whole conversation and I could tell he was bored. Cause he’d glance at me recently and give me the -what the hell are they are saying?- look.


And then Mrs Huggins start to tell my mom how good I am when it comes to teaching, she didn’t leave out the strict part about me, and she said she likes how I am to Jason. Well that’s that.


Well since my mom forced me to leave, I left the hospital early and went home to arrange my books for Jason’s lesson.


Well I was happy, for the fact my mom’s happy and fine, seeing that she’s having a good time


with Mrs Huggins and the doctor said the injuries won’t affect her in anyway even when it’s






I was surprised when I got to the Huggins residence cause Jason was standing outside, I think he was waiting for me and seeing me he smiled and walked up to me.


“Were you waiting for me?” I asked.


“I’ve been waiting since yesterday!” He said as he opened the door for the both of us to walk in.


“Well you know what happened right?” I said adjusting my hand bag on my shoulder.


“Yeah I did, sorry about that, let me help you with this!” Jason said taking my bad from my hand. I paused and looked at him. “Did you wake up on the wrong side of your bed this morning?” I asked narrowing my eyes at him.


“What do you mean by that?” He laughed nervously.


“Cause I can clearly remember the first day I got here, you were like so mean, I asked you to help me with my bag but you said we both have limbs, and now helping me with my bag when I didn’t ask you to, is just something you don’t see everyday!” I stated and he grinned.



“Well, I don’t know, the more you’re here the more we’re wasting time come on let’s go up.” he rushed his words and left in light speed.


Or did he take the wrong breakfast, why is he being awkward today?














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