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“I accept!” I blurted


Neil seemed confused as he tilt his head slightly to the left.


I sighed and about to roll my eyes for his slow witted brain when he actually gasped.


“You accept my feelings for you?” he asked his eyes open all wide and excited.


“Yes!” I nodded.


Neil quickly rushed over to me and gave me a hug that took my feet off the floor.


“I don’t know… I Don’t know what to say” Neil breathed with a smile looking at me. “I mean you


don’t even like me anymore.”


Yep he’s completely sober.


I smiled. “Well… Neil, life is too short to start thinking if we like this particular person or not and with the case of you and me, why not give it a go, back then I’ve always wondered what it was like to Neil, to date you, and now you have feelings for me, it’s all just so complicated and we have to be calculative, and we’re not teenagers anymore, neither should we act like them…” I paused and the guilty feeling dropped from my chest when Neil smile started to grow even more.


I continued anyways.


“I don’t know how I work Neil! What if, I don’t know, but what if my feelings are not all down the drain what if some are actually clinging to the pipes ready to come back up, I am not sure but it’s just a case of ‘what if’ and ‘maybe’. Right now I’m speaking and accepting your feelings with my mind and I know you understand that, but I do hope my heart wakes up too.”



Neil looked down and then back up at me. “What actually matters right now is that you accepted!” Neil smiled


His smile made me smile. “Okay honestly I haven’t been in a relationship before but I hope this one will be good!”.


Neil grabbed my hands. “Of course it will be!”


“And I do hope some feelings are actually clinging to the pipe!” Neil said and I smiled.


He bent down and gently kissed my cheek.


“Good night!” he smiled.


“Good night” I replied and start to walk inside.


I could tell he was watching me walk in but I didn’t want to turn.






“Yeah I’ll come see you tomorrow and you can’t say no!” I sighed and hanged up. Dropping my phone on my drawer.


Just finished having a conversation with my mom telling her why I didn’t come to the hospital, she didn’t even want me to come, she just wants me to stay home every day and have like tons of siestas.


Adjusting on my bed, I faced up and watched the ceiling fan turn and turn and turn.


I couldn’t stop thinking about what just happened.


To see a guy cry because of you, it’s just something too big of a deal and I couldn’t turn him down when he said all those things about me.


If anyone knew how I felt at that moment they would have done the same thing by accepting Neil’s feelings, he knows I don’t have feelings for him anymore, but still he just wants to be in a relationship with me. That is so sweet.


I hope what I did was okay.? ‘Cause even though the guilty feelings has been taken away from my chest, I felt another thing, I think I felt anger and sympathy.


I am mad at myself for accepting him through sympathy, but what could I do? It was the only way he would stop feeling like a bad version of himself.


I know its eerie of me to, but it was the only way and I’ve always wanted to date Neil… Then.


Well now even though it’s different, it’s still a win-win for the both of us.


I closed my eyes and let everything on my mind fade and little by little, sleep took over my






The morning breeze was unbearable and the scarf I placed around my neck was too friendly with the wind it almost left my neck.


I had to move my hair from my face countlessly.


The front of the hospital which was always filled with people was surprisingly holding few people on grounds today.


I walked in the huge hospital and made it to my mom’s ward.


“What are you doing here?” that was the first thing my mom asked.


“Mom!” I whined.



“I told you to rest, you’re working Elsa you don’t have to stress yourself and come to the hospital every single day!” my mom’s voice was loud.


“Well dad’s here don’t you think he wants someone to take over so he can rest a bit?” I fired back and my Dad smiled at that.


“Okay fine you can both go home and rest!” my mom said sitting up on her own.


Wow okay! She’s getting so much better now.


“And leave you here alone? You’re too much mom!” I rolled my eyes as I sat on the bed beside her.


“Dad you can take all the rest you want I won’t be home until 2:30pm” I smiled and he grinned at me.


My dad left the ward and my mom gave me a look.


“What?” I rolled my eyes and she shook her head with a smile.


We both remained quiet until she said. “Anyways I’ll be getting discharged the day after tomorrow!”


“Wow that’s awesome!”


“I know right? Looks like a healing fairy has been with me for the past days!” my mom joked and we both laughed.


We both remained quiet again but this time, I broke the silence.


“Mom?” I called.


“I have something to tell you!” I said.


“Okay I’m all ears!” she smiled waiting patiently.


“You remember Neil right?”


“Yeah!” my mom tilted her head still wondering on what I would tell her.


“Well Neil and I are going out!” I blurted out.


“Oh!” my mom said with a confused expression.


“What?” I leaned forward. I didn’t understand her confusion.


“Weren’t you guys going out before?” she asked.




I laughed. “No.! We were just friends, did we seem that close to you?”.


“I thought you guys had been in a relationship already!” my laughed.


“No we just became a couple last night.” I explained and my mom nodded.


“Well you both have my full support and you’re both the perfect match!” she smiled.


I love my mom!


“Thanks mom!”


She thinks we’re the perfect match. Well that’s a good start.




The day sped up to when I would be leaving the hospital and my mom couldn’t stop telling to send her greetings to Neil and it was just so… I don’t know how to say it, but it was just funny.

Getting home I couldn’t find my dad, and I knew he had already left for the hospital.


I recieved a call from Neil immediately I took out my phone from my purse and the next minute


my phone is on my ear breathing a shy ‘hello’.


“HI” I could feel his smile.



“I’m so sorry for calling you so late, I wanted to call you so early in the morning, but then I realized it would be too early to call you, so I decided to wait till the afternoon sun rises and now I’m calling you, I hope this is not too late!” Neil rushed his words.


laughed. “No it’s fine!”


“Okay good, I almost freaked out!” he laughed.


“And can I tell you a secret too!” Neil said.


“Sure what is it” I asked inquisitively.


“I haven’t been in a relationship either….. Okay this is kind of embarrassing to say!” He laughed.


“No it’s not embarrassing it’s okay, this is new for us both, so I guess we just do what we think is right!” I sighed.


“Thanks!” He breathed out.


“Why are you telling me thank you?” I beamed.


“I don’t know, honestly,” he laughed.


“Okay this is weird!” I laughed too.


“we’re both new to this that’s why we’re both being weird.!” I couldn’t help the laugh that came out of my mouth, he is right we’re both awkward towards each other because we’ve not seen this coming for the both of us.


“Okay… I uhm, I have to go! I’ll call you later!” Neil said.


“Oh okay, talk to you later then!” I smiled.


“Okay bye!” he said and we both hung up.


I went to my room and grabbed my teaching bag, grabbed a bottled water from the fridge and left for the Huggins residence.


Surprisingly the bus was super fast today and I got to the Huggins residence ten minutes before my usual time.


Mrs. Huggins hugged me with a smile as usual and asked Dessera to get me a cup of tea but I declined.


“So Jason isn’t back from school yet right?” I asked.


“Oh Jason skipped school again today, he’s been in his room all day, I haven’t seen him all day, but Dessera told me he came down to the kitchen about four times to grab food and water, I don’t know why he’s being like this though, I’ve knocked on his door couple of times calling out his name but he doesn’t want to talk to me or open the door for me!” Mrs. Huggins sighed looking at her perfectly fixed nails.


“Maybe I should try my luck and see if he opens the door for me.!” I said and adjusted my bag on my body


“Okay then suit yourself!” Mrs Huggins gave a small smile and watch me climb her grand stairs.


I made it in front of Jason’s doorstep and gave in a knock.


Nobody answered.


“Jason it’s me!” I said loud enough for him to hear.


Nobody answered this time but seconds later the door opened.


And goodness he was looking horrible.



His hair was scattered, he was wearing a thick baggy pajamas and a thick sweater. His face was pale and dry and he looked like he could use a day to sleep and wake up again.


“Jason what happened to you?” I asked as i walked into his room and aslo his room smelled like fruit juice. And I saw a lot of juice boxes on his bed.


“What do you mean what happened to me?” he asked as he shut the door.


I turned to him “Look at you, you look like a ghost who just woke up,still yet you look like someone who needs to take a hundred year sleep.


His room was looking neat, well except the juice boxes on his bed.


He moved the juice boxes over to the floor and laid on his bed.


“Sorry but looks like you have to go home today Elsa! I don’t feel good at all!” Jason said as he placed his body under his blanket.


“And you think I do? Do you think it’s easy coming here and then going back just like that?” I asked as I walked over to his study desk to place my bag. “Well sorry but I don’t think I can stand up.” Jason sighed.


“But you stood up just now to get the door for me!” I made it clear to him.


“That’s because it was locked and nobody else was in here to get it, and didn’t you realise the air conditioner was not on today, I’m f**king cold and I don’t think I can do anything cause my body freezes if I leave this bed!” Jason explained.


I walked up to Jason and placed my hand on his head and he was seriously burning up.


“You have a fever!” I tell him.


“Really doctor?” he teased.


“I’m being real here!” I rolled my eyes.


“I know, and I know I have a fever, isn’t it best if it kills me!” he sighed.


“Jason! You and your bizzare words.” I half yelled.


He sighed and sat up placing the blanket over his body. You could tell he was seriously cold. “I’m just saying, I think it was because I was up all night and I developed this on myself!” He sighed.


“Why would you be up all night what the hell were you thinking?” I scoffed.


Is he trying to kill himself last night.


“If you were in my shoes you’d totally be thinking too, yesterday Dessera told me she overheard you and my mom having a conversation about me!” .












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