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Episode 8

Combating against the impossible, requires impossible moves.

The monster bat increased it’s pace as it advance towards me with an attack, I stood my ground not moving until it was some feet away from me, I brought out the stone of light which blinded the bat on the spot. And having a bath with the lake water was the last thing the bat will think of, it was only a fossil that remain of it after I was done bathing it with the water. The rest of them look at me with there mouth wide open.

” what the hell just happened? How did you do that? ” Tina asked immediately I finished up with the bat.

” simple… If we want to survive in this forest we must learn to be the predator and those creatures… they gonna be our prey. ” I said then I excuse myself to a silent place.

” oh little monster, where are you? I need your help ” I cried loudly into the air.

” I have told you, am not little anymore, it’s not your fault, you are as blind as a human ” he answered.

A smile appeared on my face when I heard his voice, I knew he is not far away, but my inability to see him makes me call on him. I was about saying something when he quickly cut in

” I know what you are thinking, there’s no need to say anything just listen to me. The stone of light you have can only protect one person, and you are 13 in numbers. To survive, you must not stick together, you need to spread out. Like some meters away from each other, you need to be brave and strong. The lake water you brought cannot kill the snake but it can slow her down. When the snake see the stone of light ,she won’t near the person with it, she will go for another person without the stone, doing this period, the person with the stone will quickly run to the forest exit and trow the stone back to whoever might be the snake target… I must warn you, any mistake and you are gone. I wish you all luck ” he said , then he vanished.

I explained it to the rest and we all draw a map plan . I have two bottles of lake water and I think that will be enough to slow her down for a while. I will go in first with the stone of light, while others will hide behind trees and bushes. I will attack the snake with the lake water and run quickly to the exit, then I will trow the stone back to Vincent, he will do the same still we are all out of the forest. We agreed to this plan and we head to the forest exit. Its took us three days to reach the exit, we encountered a lot of evil creatures, but the stone of light protected us all.

At the forest exit, everywhere seems calm, but I know she must be somewhere around waiting for us. I advance forward slowly while the rest hide behind trees. Not so long, she came out of her evil grace. She make a long hiss, that scare every Bird present on a tree away. I stopped on my track and I listen careful to the hissing, it was just not a hiss, she was actually saying something but it sound more like a hiss. After straining my ear carefully, I was able to process, the hissing into words.

” no one leaves the forest alive!!!” That was actually what she said.

Fear engulfed me, but somehow an unknown courage and boldness bestowed me. I hide the stone of light and the lake water inside my back pocket. Then I shouted at her.


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” hey you motherf**ker !!!, come get me and see if I won’t break one of your teeth with my fist!!! ” I shouted. This angered her and she advance towards me with an unimaginable speed, I stood my ground calculating her moves , when she was about 3 feet away, I brought out the stone of light, on seeing the stone she applied a brake but its seems its doesn’t work effectively as she slide rushing at me, I made a deadly fist and I repel her with it, she collided back on the floor and she wailed in pain. Immediately, I attacked her with the lake water, she wail more loudly in pain, during this period I observed that one of her long evil teeth is missing.

” I told ya” I muttered .

I trow the stone to Vincent and race with all the speed I have to the forest exit. She came after me, but the lake water slow her down, before she could reach me am already out.

” f**k you!!! ” I said after am out of the forest.

Vincent followed my moves and he was out too, he threw the stone back to one of this ladies and she did the same. This go on until it reach the last person which happens to be Tina, the stone was thrown to her but it got blocked by a tree and the stone fell into a deep hole which was not far away from her. On seeing this, my heart skipped a beat, fear floored me completely down, I know that without the stone she won’t be able to make it to the exit. She tried running but the snake caught up with her, I wanted to help but Vincent and the rest hold me down. We watched as she struggle with the snake, after a while she lost to her but she was able to say something before the snake swallow her up.

” am sorry Ayo, i die with this snake” she said and the snake swallowed her up. It was an horrible sight to look, but I caught a glimpse of Tina holding a bottle of the lake water along in with her. Not too long, the snake began rolling badly on the floor, she vomited Tina out, but only her dead came out. A minute after, the snake die to.

I run to Tina hoping to find her alive, I found her still breathing, but it’s certain she’s going to die. She mentioned me closer and whispered closely to me.

” Ayo, the parcel i gave to you…please find him and deliver it to him,and one more thing,tell him that… I love him…forever.” She said then she gave up the ghost. I wept bitterly cos I never think I will lose her.

” she’s dead, but she died like a man” Vincent said.

” am not leaving her corpse behind, she deserved to be buried ” I said.

******* ********* *********** ******

A week later, I was able to deliver her message, I gave him the parcel and also her last word, I couldn’t help but join him in crying. He wept bitterly, if only tears can bring her back from dead.

I got home and narrated my experienced to my parent, but I got the greatest shock from then. They were happy that I made it, but they got a bad news awaiting for me.

My father was the first to talk, but my mother later cut in.

” this gift of eyes was passed, from me to you, only your father know about this. I never tell anyone. The reason why I called you to come home was that… I’ve been seeing your dead around… An omen that you will die” she said.

To be continued….

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