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Episode 7

Impossible is just a word, there is a possible in impossible.

Killing the evil snake was the craziest thing, we could possibly think of. We’ve seen how powerful and impossible the snake is, so going after it, is more like a suicide mission, not even with a bunch of girls.

I sat down and i began thinking of how to overcome the evil snake when I remember the little girl referring to the snake as a she. I mentioned her closer and i asked her the mystery behind the evil snake. She took her time, then she began narrating the story to me.

“According to what is told from mouth to mouth. Her name is kira She is one the oldest and the powerful creature in this forest. Many years ago, She was once the most beautiful creature in the forest, every other creature admired her beauty and some wishes to have her, but her mind are with the humans, she was created in human form but she’s a spirit of the forest, just like me. Her hassle was pride. In the east of the forest lies the kingdom of the snakes. There was a very powerful snake with the ability to transform into human, he transformed to a human and met with kira. She fell in love with the snake hoping it was a human. Love they say is blind. Love blinded her, until she was destroyed. She lost her beauty and human form, the day she slept with the snake. She turned into a snake, a snake with a horn. After she discovered the truth, she hate the human world and also the snake kingdom. Since she no longer have her beauty, she turned evil.” She narrated.

” then how do you suppose we kill her? ” I asked.

” i dont know. she’s two centuries older than I, she’s very powerful ” she replied.

It’s seems all hope gone, non of us have a clue on how to get rid away with the snake.

I lied down beside a tree and began reminiscing about my childhood days, I remembered how bold and confident I am then. I speak and even play occasionally with spirits and some harmless creature. I remembered having a monster friend then. He used to advise me whenever am in danger or state of confusion. But I don’t have him anymore, when I lost my sight at age 10, I lost him too. I remember the song I use to sing whenever I needed his help. Something told me to sing the song, so I began singing it. I sang the song repeatedly for over 30 minutes, but nothing showed up and I began to lose hope. I was at the edge losing hope completely when I heard a faint voice close to my ears. Immediately, I looked around but I didn’t see anything.

” are you that blind not to have see me since ?” the voice came more loudly.

Immediately, I recognized the voice, it’s my little childhood monster friend.

” I can’t see you, show yourself!!! ” I shouted.



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” am right in front of you, it’s seems you don’t have your vision fully back, you can only see me with your two eye, not with one ” he said.

” I need your help little friend, I’m in danger, read through my thought and tell me what to do” I said with my eyes fixed in the air.

” am not so little anymore, I have grown big. Only if you can see me…reading through your mind is a fight against the impossible. She’s a powerful snake, since you have no power to kill her the only thing you can do is to delude her, outsmart her and trick her. Firstly you need to know her weakness and secondly you need a plan.” He said.

” Roger that ” I replied just as I use to do when am still a little.

” I know of a creature that can help you with something to use against her” the little girl said. I shifted my attentions to her then I asked her of the creature.

” its the creature of light, she have a precious stone that can reflect evils. This stone can protect you, but you have to be smart ” she said.

I felt relieved on hearing that from her.

” so where can we find her?” I asked.

” its a day journey from here, she live under the mountain of light. She has a lot of gold and silver, if you get carried away with it, you may never return. ” she said.

I took a deep breath then I make up my mind to go alone to the creature of light. I know better than anyone that our survival depends on my return with the stone of light .

I packed some dry meat then I head to the mountain of light. I can see the tip of the mountain from afar, but within it laid hundreds of miles with dangerous night creatures.

My first encounter on the journey was a talking lizard. The lizard was as giant as a crocodile. Its looks less evil so I spoke to him.

” can you show me the quickest route to the mountain of light ” I asked.

” take the path by your left, but I must warn you, its a dangerous path ” he said, then he went his way.

I thanked him then I took the path, after walking for some minutes, I began to hear some strange footsteps, then followed by a howled . i sense the presence of evil, so i fasten my pace. I looked ahead only to see a blood thirsty creature. His whole body was covered with blood and his teeth where like that of a wolf .

” this isn’t good” I muttered to myself. I tried to hide but its seems he caught sight of me even before i do. He advanced towards me like a wild deer. I waited not, I didn’t wait a seconds before I pick a race, he was covering up and I know it’s a matter of time before he catch up with me. I saw a lake ahead , and without having a second thought, I jumped in. I expected him to jump in with me but to my suprise, he didn’t. I guessed he’s afraid of water. I splashed some of the water at him and I watched as he wail in pain. I splashed more at him and his skin began peeling. I sense the lake is like an acid on him. I splashed more water on him and right in front of me his flesh burned down and he died an awful death.

“Gottach!!!” I exclaimed loudly. I filled my two bottles with the lake water then I drink my fill. The lake water served as my weapon against the evil creatures, no creature can stand a drop of it. Whenever am being attack by any evil creature, I use the water to defend myself.

And finally I got to the mountain of light, its a very beautiful place to be . every stone and rock present were all shining brightly. I remember the warning giving to me so took my mind off away from the treasures

” anybody home?” I asked foolishly.

” why do you come to the mountain of light ?” Says a female voice within the rock.

” I seek the stone of light” I said confidently.

” you’ve passed the first test, the treasure test. for you to have the stone of light you must pass the second test and if you fail, you will for ever be my servant, are you ready for it” she said.

Fear engulfed me, I knew the important of the stone, but the conditions attached seems very difficult, after a while I made up my mind to go for the second test, luck goes with the brave.

” am ready” I said bravely.

” you’ve passed the second test, its a test of the mind. You can only fail by giving up, but you didn’t so you passed, you can have the stone of light ” she said then the stone disappeare right in my hand. I thanked her then I find my way out.

I got back to the others after two days, they were all suprise to see me, most of them thought I will never return except for Tina and Vincent which believe me strongly.

” I knew you will return ” Tina said.

” me too ” Vincent added.

“Thanks for believing in me, now let get out of this evil forest” I said.

To be continued….

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